A month of being 30…

How quickly does time fly these days? I don’t know if it is because I’m always busy with Baby Bird, or because I have had lots on the go these past few weeks, but it’s really quite frightening…

With each day that goes by, we’re closer to the arrival of Number Two (I feel bad calling her that – we still haven’t decided on a name) and even though I’m quite relaxed about the whole situation (having done it all before SO recently!) I’m still feeling a bit unprepared – totally blaming it on the preggy hormones which seem to be rife at the moment (“co-sign” says the giant pimple on my cheek…)

As the title of this post suggests – today marks a month since I turned 30 – this is a bit of a random round-up…

When I was younger I would always make a big thing in my head about what these ‘milestone ages’ would mean: “when I’m 16, I’ll start dating” “when I’m 25, my acne will be gone” (now the cheek-pimple is laughing wildly!) but it never really worked out the way I imagined it, and the years just come and go without any major fireworks. I mean, stuff happens, but it’s not like I thought it would be.

At 30, I thought I would totally have my shit together. I’d have an amazing family, a killer career, a picturebook house, lots of money and all that jazz! And yes, I do have some of those (well, just the AMAZING little family of 3, soon to be 4) but I’m still working on the rest, and I’m okay with that. Life isn’t so simple and that’s what makes it interesting.

So many people find the whole ‘turning 30’ thing daunting but it’s just another number to me. I honestly feel younger – minus the energy and compulsion to party! – but otherwise, still the same old (young) me…


In the past month I’ve had loads of new work opportunities: some charitable jobs (mainly for The Grace Factory), some favours for friends (weddings!) and other jobs involving some fun new start-up projects (mainly logo and branding/identity work) The extra money, and that feeling of having a purpose has been great for my waning self-esteem.

I’ve spent hours daydreaming about a house move that is sadly not going to happen for us anytime soon. In the meantime, I have become unmotivated in our current abode and cant be bothered with it – hence the main reason poor Number Two doesn’t even have a nursery set up yet!

I’ve been enjoying my Twitter friendships and the amazing online support I get from total strangers, when some of my real life friends/family seem to consistently let me down, or leave hubby and I disappointed. It amazes me how you can find so many wonderful people doing wonderful things on the tinterwebs – I wish we all lived nearby so I could meet you all in person!

My third trimester ‘nesting’ has manifested itself creatively and I’ve been getting my craft on in a big way lately (see here, here, and here for example) – more posts and projects planned for the near future, before Number Two drops and life as I know it comes to a screaming halt for a while! I’ve bought enough washi tape (from Washi Bug, Doolally Daisy and Omiyage) in the last few weeks to start an online shop of my own…

I’ve really been relishing every second with my darling little Baby Bird in our last few weeks together as ‘just us’… She is so sweet and smart and happy. She starts 3 mornings a week at play school from tomorrow. I wont lie, I feel guilty about it in a way but at the same time I know it will be good for us both. I think some time for myself before Number Two arrives, and for me to do my work during the daytime (instead of late into the evenings like I currently do it) will actually make me a better mom in a way, and I suspect she will enjoy the stimulation and socialising aspect of it anyway. (I think I will miss her more than she will miss me to be honest!)

photoOne of my most exciting and recent achievements is learning to crochet (well, some of the basic stitches; a good start) – basically I’m 30 going on 70 right now because I AM OBSESSED ;)


And that’s it in a nutshell. I’m embracing it. Here’s to the rest of the year and all the years ahead!


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