My OMIYAGE order (from Canada!) arrived yesterday…

I got some money for my birthday recently and, of course, I have already squandered it all, but not before I put in an order with Marisa from Omiyage (who I also wrote about here) for some fancy washi tape all the way from Canada!

I’m usually all about supporting local, but there is something about receiving a parcel from abroad (and from one of the online shops/blogs synonymous with washi tape!) that made me decide to treat myself.

I cannot describe my pleasure in opening what I received! These photos will give you a glimpse at all of my treasures – as I said on Twitter today, “OMG” is not enough – it needs to be OMiyaGe!

photo 2photo 4unwrapped 1surprise-2 surprise-4omiyage-clever-bird-banter2MTomiyage-clever-bird-banter omiyage-clever-bird-banter3

Cannot wait to find something to use it all on! SO PRETTY!
(and yes, I am a total washi tape ADDICT!)



10 thoughts on “My OMIYAGE order (from Canada!) arrived yesterday…

    • Andrea says:

      That was a surprise one – you choose a number and get a lucky dip packet :) I got REALLY lucky it seems because I love it too :)

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