DIY: cute hand-carved pencil eraser stamp

I made this cute fishy-themed wrapping paper for a Father’s Day gift hubby bought for his dad…



My little fish shapes were hand-stamped using a stamp I carved out of a pencil eraser – been wanting to try this for ages but have only just gotten round to it! Super easy and fun…


All you need is a pencil, an eraser (preferably a new one with a clean, straight edge) and a sharp pointed blade/knife…


Draw a simple shape onto the flat, short edge of your eraser – I did a fish because my Father-In-Law loves fishing – hearts, stars, mustaches, stripes, dots etc work well too (anything relatively simple/solid really…)

Using your blade, carve away at the rubber around the shape to a depth of about 3-4mm or more if possible… If the shape is too shallow, the edges of the eraser will get ink on them too and produce an unwanted border around your shape when stamping…

If you can find larger blocks of rubber, you can achieve a similar effect but probably with a more intricate design – I need to find a source for some so I can try it out for myself (especially after reading THIS BOOK about stamp-making, by Geninne Zlatkis, one of my fav artists!)

Simple and effective :)


As you can see, I also put my alphabet stamps through their paces…




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