Coloured Pencils

A friend of mine posted these pictures and the link below them on Facebook a few days ago…



It reminds me of my first job in London – well, not exactly of the actual job, but rather the route I walked to work from the tube station at London Bridge, and what I saw along the way…

Every day I would pass by this architectural firm with huge glass windows that a nosy parker like me could easily see through – the studio was filled with gorgeous big Macs, and along the walls and window ledges were shelves filled with jars and jars of colour-coded pencils. I loved that. I always thought that I would like to do that in a design/craft studio of my own some day…

glass-jars-storage{ image source }

So simple and so pretty!


One thought on “Coloured Pencils

  1. ayesha kola says:

    wow! wow! i love this idea , so simple yet so artistic. just discovered your blog and im in heaven!! being a mum too i can totally relate and the creative in me is so inspired with ideas :) huge fan xx

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