Baby Bird is ONE!

I can’t believe that my tiny little baby is now ONE – walking around, laughing, learning, playing – developing an amazing personality. I’m so proud of her and every day she brings me more and more joy, what a gift!


540422_10150794108652881_763978582_nLess than 24 hours old (born 6 May 2012, 9:36pm, London)

540527_10150872251462881_1571247211_n 546279_10150872250252881_292856597_n2 weeks old

319356_10150997010822881_16740901_n 306844_10151001079282881_349815468_n11 weeks old

427274_10151039682512881_1392181442_n 404072_10151039685102881_605869239_n3 months old – first swim

217020_10151083405312881_1651727750_n 540113_10151083405367881_2040436612_n17 weeks old

302614_10151135850022881_1580311682_n5 and a half months – crawling around our new house in SA before we moved in

291717_10151194745122881_1472304956_n 483427_10151217987372881_1677603962_n6 months old – fun in the summer sun

61032_10151237134932881_458035317_nChristmas Angel…

487725_10151332426057881_1112563209_n9 months old – enjoying her first ice cream (courtesy of a naughty grandmother!) with cousin Josh

557901_10151325184302881_142824511_n9 months – fun at Top Tots

563101_10151338906632881_123650890_n10 months – playing with the ugliest clown doll ever (a Top Tots toy that kids just seem to love!)

549853_10151403030782881_1833515894_n11 months – apple noshing

46266_10151450716322881_1693506486_n11 and a half months – ” I know where dad hides his iPad, you guys cant fool me”

935442_10151472340432881_1014720777_nToday – one year old!


  • anything that mom has (!)
  • books (and chewing them!)
  • other kids and babies
  • going out and about
  • her secret “hiding place” in the lounge
  • all food (literally!)
  • the xylophone app on my iPhone
  • the giggle gang app on dad’s iPad
  • keys – preferably sets with remote controls on them
  • dogs – especially Nana’s standard poodles
  • playing catchers and “where’s Addi?”
  • carboard boxes/ paper/ toilet paper (anything she can shred up and make a mess with really)
  • bathtime
  • and her mom and dad of course :)


  • having her nappy changed
  • when dad goes to work
  • not being allowed to play in the cupboards and draws
  • having her nose wiped
  • getting dressed after a bath
  • when mommy takes the iPad/ iPhone/ Macbook away from her (yip, we’re Apple people clearly)

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