Beautiful KZN Weddings

Some iPhone snaps from the three beautiful weddings I recently attended… Sadly, I didn’t take enough photos at any of them, but they were all stunning and hubby and I had a great time catching up with old friends, eating good food and toasting to the happiness of special friends!

Kate & Andrew – 23 March – Hilton Country Estate & Spa







An urban chic feel to this one – the actual venue was an old shed that had been fixed up for the event. Draping was hung on all four walls, exposed lights hung low from the high ceiling, and long beautifully decorated tables finished off the look, with amazing flower arrangements by the bride’s mom. Colour pallet included mushroom pink, black, white, grey and a dusty subtle red. Our wedding favours (potted herbs) doubled as table seating aids – we were on the ‘rocket table’ and got to take our rocket plant home with us!

Carla & Glydd – 30 March – Cranford Country Lodge








The beautiful bride arrived by horse and carriage – nothing more fitting for horse-obsessed Carla ;) I love Cranford and think it’s a great setting for a wedding. Drinks and (delicious) cake at the boma overlooking the dam before entering the splendidly decked out reception hall… The French country style decor was stunning (no pics, boo hoo!) and the food was divine – it was a cool and wet evening so warm butternut soup and a hearty roast did all the guests well. Highlight of the evening was watching the kids on the dance floor – have you ever seen a couple of under 12’s doing Gangnam Style – HILLAIR! Such a great evening. Loved the cute little ‘promise pot’ favours too, so different.

Che & Warren – 6 April – Netherwood











WOW! This wedding was like nothing I have ever seen (in a good way, obviously) – exactly what I expected from the creative little Miss Indieberries! Traditional, yet nontraditional – a myriad of colours and styles – it was amazing! I loved how the couple’s love story was told throughout the evening – each item on the menu chosen to represent an aspect of their life together. Che loves paper and stationery (as do I) and did an incredible job with the decor and details. Was so much fun catching up with old school and university friends. (So much so, that even as a sober cobra, I got onto the wrong highway home at 2am in the morning!) LOVED the Photo booth that they had at the reception, so clever – you could pick up your strip of photos a few seconds after pulling your pose – fabulous!

A BIG CONGRATS TO YOU ALL AGAIN and thank you for sharing your special days with us! xxx


3 thoughts on “Beautiful KZN Weddings

  1. Kim (The Flower Shed) says:

    What a pleasure to have been involved in two of the three weddings mentioned! We loved Kate’s urban sumptuous and chic feel as much as we enjoyed creating Carla’s special cake. Thanks for some lovely pictures of the two events :)

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