BOOK: These Things Hidden, by Heather Gudenkauf

Another ‘book post’ (see previous one here) – I’m enjoying the reading at the moment, it definitely goes through phases… Finished this one in less than two days:


I cannot actually explain how tragic this story is (especially if you are a mother!) – I cried A LOT – read it if ‘high emotion’ is your vibe.

It’s well written (alternating chapters from the view of the main characters), terribly sad, frustrating, intriguing and quite mysterious -until the end where the truth is revealed… Basically you’ll be wondering what the hell really happened the whole way through, but it’s definitely worth the emotional upheaval!

More about the actual storyline on the author’s website HERE. I’ve already started on another of her books – The Weight of Silence – which looks promising so far and has me turning pages (or, in my case, clicking the buttons on my Kindle) at a rate of knots!

It’s a pleasure :)


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