SA Freelancers Association – Typical Rates 2013

Really interesting for any creative freelancers out there (including designers, writers, photographers etc)…

** Click Here Download PDF with Typical Rate Info **


“The rates indicated herein are provided as a transparent pricing guideline only. These are made public as such and do not constitute any form of control or pricing policy. Pricing is at all times agreed directly between freelancers and their customers, in line with the freelancerโ€™s experience and qualifications.

The rates tabled, typically indicate the lower, or MINIMUM RATES within the industry and are believed to represent fair and equitable industry standards. These have been compiled from information received from a general survey amongst Safrea members and other industry participants.

Safrea works to raise the professional standing of freelancers in the media field, and promotes professional standards and ethical conduct by both freelancers and their clients. To avoid any misunderstandings, Safrea recommends that a written agreement stating full terms and conditions, is entered into prior to commencement of all work. For examples of such agreements, please follow this link:”

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