Beautiful Business Cards { part two }

So, part one of my business card posts displayed some beautiful professionally printed business cards. Not all of us want to spend the kind of money you spend on said cards, so hand crafting your own cards may be the way forward.

Some cost efficient DIY ideas below on how to freshen up existing cards, customise part printed cards, and / or how to make your own cards from scratch…


Ez from Creature Comforts gets one sided cards professionally printed, and then hand illustrates / paints the blank side for that special touch… { link }

bcard_stamp3-550x366Whitney from Paper n Stitch slaps a simple customised stamp onto a blank piece of card, and voila… { link }

altcards-12Oh, Hello Friend‘s Danni uses sticky labels, blank cards, stamps and funky paper clips to make interesting and unique cards… { link }

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 19.19.36Shannon from The Rabbit & The Duck – simple brown card, stamped/printed and stitched up the side, genious… { link }


Love the watercolour vibe created by Kersey from Ardor, so pretty… { link }

IMG_6629eChelsea from The Little Red Chair blog created event-specific cards using plain card, mini pegs, printed info slips and fabric scraps… { link }

01 OVWClever use of washi tape by Debora from Abracadebra – she’s managed to tranfer the type onto the actual tape… { link }

2266691455_c43dba264bSuper clever fabric + label ‘cards’ by Francesca Pasini… { link }

Business Card 11Carolyn from Carolyn’s Homework creates a card and burlap combination that has a brilliant ‘hand crafted’ feel… { link }


Handmade cards by Ellie at Mint,  plain card is dressed up using washi tape and string – very cute… { link }

3587636062_4a6cb78d4fFontok blogger Myf likes the idea of short runs of handmade cards as opposed to batch printed traditional cards – here she uses recycled envelopes and pretty patterned paper… { link }


And last but not least, for the less creative among us, here is a great way to create colourful, inexpensive calling cards for yourself – a free printable! This downloadable pdf from Cottage Industrialist is designed to print eight boldly patterned cards. It’s really just a form – when you type your information in on any of the cards, it updates all the other cards accordingly – once you’ve done that, click print! { link }

Lovely! I think I’m going to hand make calling cards for my blog, and get professional cards printed for my freelance design endeavours – ambitious, I know!



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