Inspirational Craft Rooms and Organising Craft Supplies

With my creative juices already flowing this year, a new years resolution involving only handmade gifts, and loads of fun ideas in the pipeline, I find myself wishing I had a more dedicated space to do all my crafting and work, and to organise all my ‘stuff’! A girl can dream…

210332245066883467_TOA5idcv_cVintage inspired { image }

247346204504864468_o0jbzZ3g_cSpace efficient hangers { image }

170433167118429216_G36FVbqH_cClever cupboard storage { image }

260505159667642092_GwcUYZiJ_cSomething to hold all those ribbons and rolls of tape { image }

103512491405502146_91FhVhVV_cNeat shelves { image }

88453580150845772_nnuUMQwd_cKeeping it tidy with a door hanging unit { image }

43347215132992829_QoHDzr3Q_c Like the use of the cake stand { image }

108930884708767954_UKHgj2nf_cFunctional { image }

155866837074674662_cKAPtOEZ_cCraft room in a cupboard! { image }

228768856041708656_fHO62bHy_cTin buckets… { image }

63894888434862900_pxvVpRJ3_cLight and airy { image }

23292123042472462_lhfRtdjN_cNeat little cabinet { image }

211247038740825400_YNUK07G8_cBeautifully arranged { image }

66709638202200768_HEdUuMeE_cPretty { image }

116741815310261255_8JPbfGw3_cOld school… { image }



2 thoughts on “Inspirational Craft Rooms and Organising Craft Supplies

  1. Sarah-Faye says:

    Oh wow, what stunning stunning ideas! Love the buckets, you could also use that to store other stuff even if you are not the crafty type. Thanks for sharing :)

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