My favourite photo from 2012

For the past two years, I’ve posted pictures that I’ve taken at some stage during each year, which have been my ‘favourite photo’ for that year. (Here’s 2010’s one and 2011’s one)

It might seem hard to whittle the millions of pics I take daily down to one overall favourite, but they are usually pics that I find myself looking at repeatedly, and I can easily say they have stood out for me for one reason or another…

Here’s my favourite pic of 2012 – I took it using my iPhone and there are some filters on it although I cant remember which app I used – but who cares anyway! Isn’t it just the most beautiful picture of a moment shared between a father and his new baby girl?!

The two loves of my life ♥

Murray & baby Addison

(You might actually recognise this picture from a post I have did around Fathers day last year…)

I love the composition – the way Addi is holding onto Dad’s finger while she sleeps, the way Dad is tenderly kissing his little baba – it’s so beautiful (if I do say so myself!)
Not only is it my favourite picture of 2012, but it symbolises the epic change that happened, the gift of new life, much happiness and overwhelming love ♥


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