Our cleverly concealed baby changing table

Baby Bird’s room in our new house is palatial compared to the box room she had in our rented UK home. Now that we own our own place, sprucing it up has been a priority and regular readers will know that I’ve had much fun over the past few months choosing paint colours etc and setting up in general…

The room we’ve probably spent the most time and money on so far is Addison’s – I want everything to be perfect and beautiful for our little monkey who bring me so much joy every day!

I’m still working on bits of it so wont post any pics of it now, but will give you a sneak peak at one of the features I’m particularly pleased with… I came up with an idea that I think works quite well for one of the two massive double built-in cupboards – a concealed changing table, everything you need for baby at arms reach…



Instead of having a free-standing changing unit, we built a shelf into the one of the the cupboards and stuck a rail in underneath for all her cute little baby clothes to hang from. I’ve used white baskets to keep all the other ‘stuff’ in the cupboards neat and organised.

We painted the inside of the cupboards to match the wall colour (Plascon Glistening) and I hung three white vintage style framed pictures inside for decoration – something for the little princess to look at while we are busy with her business end I guess!

For night time changes, we added a battery operated push-light to the one wall – a handmade nappy sack on the other wall in matching fabric to her curtains and bedding ♥

So happy with how it turned out – what do you think?



5 thoughts on “Our cleverly concealed baby changing table

  1. Suzie Davis says:

    I absolutely love it, nothing better than a bit of well thought through organisation, especially when it looks as stunning as this. Well done A* x

  2. weloveafrica says:

    This post has stuck with me since you wrote it so when hubby and I started talking about a baby room, I looked it up to show him this clever idea and he loves it as much as I do!

    We’re thinking of doing the same as we live in a flat and the nursery cum spare room cum home office is pretty small. How practical was this to actually use? Any advice or things you’d do differently? What specs are yours and are they sufficient and necessary?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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