2013 Resolutions

I realize that I’m a day late with this, but I kind of feel like the new year has only really begun today, seeing as yesterday was a holiday (excuses already!)

I”m keeping it simple when it comes to resolutions for 2013 because, if I’m honest, my track record is pretty sketchy.

Basically, I have two goals for this year – the first is that I want to get my craft on and and I want to make time to work on all my creative ideas. I don’t want to just be ‘pinning’, I want to be DOING! Where possible, any gift that I’m giving is going to be hand made (a warning to friends and family!) and I’ll be blogging about it all to share the fun.

The second is more of a blanket resolution – I want to make myself happy and proud in all that I do. This means I have to persevere and work harder for the things that I want from life. And there’s a lot that I want to achieve so it’s time to get organized and to get started! No more waiting for the ‘right time’ or for things to be perfectly lined up – chances are, it’s never going to happen! The right time is NOW (I’ve already been to gym this morning – one point to me!)

So that’s it really – would love to hear about other people’s resolutions too – how are YOU going to cake 2013 work for you?


4 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions

  1. Sarah-Faye says:

    Excellent resolutions…..mine are to resolve to give myself an extra week to think about what they will be as I have not yet had time to think about them ;) I am thinking that they will have something to do with health, career and most importantly my wonderful half SA half Pom boy ;)

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