DIY: Old Cot, New Look

Just after Baby Bird and I got back to SA, I found a second hand cot on Gumtree that I loved the shape of (I’m fussy when it comes to cot styles apparently!) and I picked it up from from the seller in Durban one weekend with the help of a friend.

Amusingly, the cot is from the UK and the seller had shipped it over when she herself had made the big move back… It was also white. I had sworn we would buy dark wood furniture for Addi’s new room but after choosing her gorgeous curtain fabric and wall paint, I realised white would work better.

I had an idea in mind of how I wanted to give the old cot a facelift and this was the inspiration:cot inspiration clever bird banter

{ Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios }

Here’s my (far more subtle) version – cot bars and header/footer panels painted to match the wall colour in Baby Bird’s room (Plascon Glistening):

finished-cot-1While I was still on crutches a few weeks ago, I asked my dad (who owns a hardware store, lucky me!) to mix up some gloss in the same colour I’d chosen for Addi’s room. I taped up the areas I wanted to ‘colourise’, lightly sanded them (to help the paint stick) and set to work in the garage – a nice little sitting-down-type project for tres immobile moi! 2-3 coats later, the cot was done and ready for assembly…

Really happy with how it has turned out :)



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