Where has this month gone?

It feels like yesterday that I wrote the post November, November and I can’t quite get my head around the fact that we are nearing the end of the month already!

Much has happened in the past few weeks:

♥ I’ve been to see the new Twilight flick (see Che from indieBerries post about it HERE) – a guilty pleasure that I thoroughly enjoyed, although have to say the book was better (as is most often the case…)

♥ Baby Bird’s gorgeous curtains arrived – the house painting is 95% complete and we had the carpets professionally cleaned yesterday so just waiting for those to dry before we can start moving some of our stuff in (currently taking over an entire double garage and that doesn’t even include the huge corner couch and king bed that are are arriving on Tuesday!)

♥ Our shipment from the UK is late – it landed in CT on the 3 November apparently so cant really blame the shipping company but rather the SA based delivery company who seem to be taking their sweet time with things. I’ve been promised it will be here on Monday (much to Mr Bird’s delight because he’s set up our DSTV but we’ve no telly to watch on!) Cant wait to just move in!

♥ It’s been great having Murr back to help with Addi and the house admin. He’s spoilt me completely with a new car (old merc was giving major hassles and we worried about safety/reliability seeing as I would mostly always be carting Baby Bird around with me…) We’ve been super busy setting things up for our house and getting things sorted. Our amazing domestic lady started 2 weeks ago and we love her already – she’s a cleaning machine and so good with Baby Bird – it makes me happy to know she’s in good hands.

♥ I’ve been toying with new website ideas for my freelancing but having some challenges when it comes to deciding on a name to work under (should I stick with Clever Bird even though it seems to be over used these days by other wannabes, or should I start afresh and go with something new that coincides with our new start here in SA?) Any ideas!?

♥ My sister arrives home from her final stint at Rhodes / in Grahamstown tomorrow and she’ll meet Addi for the first time – I cannot wait to see the interaction and how Ca will be with her – very sweet I’m sure!

♥ Both Rubybox and Gemboxes arrived (the Rubybox was extremely late which put a dampener on the experience from the start) and I have to say I was a bit disappointed with them both… Not even going to bother writing posts about them because they were that inconsequential…

♥ I now have my partners for both gift exchanges that I’m taking part in (FatMumSlim gift exchange and Boggers Secret Santa) and have merrily begun buying gifts and praying like hell that my ‘people’ like them!

Life is good.

{  TIME FLIES – Illustration by Kathy Hare  }


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