Little Bird baby/kids clothing range by Jools Oliver

One of the first friends I made in London, the lovely Chloe (a work colleague at my first/third/fifth job – long story!) spoiled Addi just before we left with a gorgeous pajama set from Jools Oliver’s baby clothing collection, Little Bird

She’s just fitting into it now and it looks gorgeous. Love the attention to detail (perfect little pleats at the bottom of each leg, and buttons down the back) and soft flannel fabric – divine! Chloe said the little embroidered deer reminded her of some clothes she had as a youngster ♥

Apparently the collection was inspired by Jools’ own childhood memories of growing up in the Seventies and is described as “an eclectic mix of iconic, timeless pieces” – have to agree there, wish I could get my hands on more of it (wonder if they come in adult sizes?!)

Despite the beautiful clothes themselves, I love the branding (obviously!) and the packaging is beautiful too.

Check it all out for yourself HERE – makes a great treat for your own little sprog, or a perfect baby shower gift (exclusive to Mothercare – sorry Saffa mommies – get your friends to buy and send though, definitely worth it!)


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