Yellowwood Cafe, KwaZulu Natal Midlands

Last weekend my Aunt was visiting from Jozi and we decided to have breakfast/tea on Saturday morning at Yellowwood Cafe on the Karkloof Road, just outside of Howick.

The main building is a gorgeous old stone house that has been converted into a restaurant/cafe and the property faces Howick Falls, a popular tourist attraction in the area. There are tables and umbrellas set up in the garden, and there’s plenty of space for kiddies to run around and play – in fact, it’s a miniature paradise in more ways than one!

Besides the massive jungle gyms, the main attraction for little people is the little animals – yip, miniature breeds of horses, cows, pigs, rabbits – you name it – CUTE OVERLOAD!

Yellowwood holds a special place in my heart because behind the big stone house is a beautiful purpose built wedding venue where Mr Bird and I held our wedding reception just over three years ago – such a happy and wonderful day ♥

View of old windmill, rolling green fields and Howick Falls to the right…

The old stone house…

Big fat miniature ponies…

Silly old goat…

Look who joined us for tea (not a miniature, unfortunately!)

And these delightful creatures were not at Yellowwood, but thought I would include a pic of them in any case – we spotted them on the driveway up to a friends house just up the road from Yellowwood later that day – love Africa!


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