Plascon Paint Colours Picked!

Choosing paint is not an easy task, but I’ve finally picked my colours, it’s all been mixed (no turning back!) and it’s ready to go – I’m hoping like hell that I’ve made the right choices!

My dad dropped Elias the painter at our house this morning (couldn’t do it myself, courtesy of newly acquired and most inconvenient broken ankle…) and he’s starting with the ceilings throughout and then going to do the walls in the main bedroom – very exciting!

Here’s what I’ve chosen… Any guesses as to what colour is going where?!

Lovely neutral “Landing E15-2” (not going in baby room even though example pic features a cot!)

Stone Wash Y2-D2-2 – a warm greige brown…

Glistening O6-A2-2 – this is the one I’m most concerned about, peachy colours can go wrong in so many ways!

Hot-n-Spicy R6-B1-1 – a very bold and bright red, eek!


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