First post from South Africa

In the past week since we left the UK for (literally) greener pastures in SA…

♥ I’ve survived a long-haul flight (plus short domestic one straight after) with a very active 5 month old (I didn’t eat or sleep but otherwise no major issues!)

♥ Baby Bird has met her grandparents, cousin Josh, and all of her aunties and uncles bar one (hurry home in November Ca!)

♥ I’ve been back behind the wheel and have successfully navigated the grid of streets that is central Maritzburg – some of you might catch me cruising around Hilton one of these days in my new old merc as soon as our new house is ready for inhabitants…

♥ We’ve caught the sun and kept our cool in temperatures in the region of mid-to-late thirties – JOY! Traveling between Underberg and Howick/Hilton, we’ve experienced beautiful landscapes and amazing weather…

♥ I’ve marveled at the positive change in the country and have had a taste of some of the exciting new places/shops/restaurants all around us.

♥ I’ve visited the local Municipality (of Doom) to set up an electricity account for our new abode (it was a mess – some things don’t change!)

♥ A special old school friend and her lovely hubby have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world – yay for a new friend for Baby Bird!

♥ I’ve found a new show on the Food Network that I really like – Charlys Cake Angels about an awesome bakery in CT that I’d heard about before on The Twitter (I think this actually aired in SA a while a go and I’m just catching reruns, but anyway, it’s good and makes early mornings bearable!)

♥ I fell off the wagon with my September Photo-A-Day challenge (maybe I’ll try again in November…)

♥ Baby Bird has been spoilt with some hand-me-downs from cousin Josh and some new stuff from Baby City! She’s in her new walking ring (and loving it) as I type! (No actual walking yet, obviously, but she loves being upright and supported, with lots of toys to keep her busy!)

♥ I’ve eaten delicious home cooked food and havent had to do any of the cooking myself ;)

And last but not least – not a minute has gone by where I haven’t missed and thought about my darling Mr Bird – I feel ‘in limbo’ without him – hopefully he’ll be home with his girls soon x


4 thoughts on “First post from South Africa

  1. Tam van Wyk says:

    Ahh so happy that you’re loving being back! Missing you this side! Bumped into Mr Bird last weekend and he’s missing Mrs and Baby Bird terribly. Lots of love xx

  2. Hogan scarpe says:

    Bindra said he was questioned with the ICC members around the executive board meeting in Dubai earlier this week “for half an hour” while he said the 2011 World Cup, if stored in the subcontinent, would generate USD 400 million more. “I said the fact that ICC makes USD two million at a match day whereas we make USD 8.77 million, and that is greater than 4 times. The ICC sold the telly rights [of 2003 WC] to India for USD 250 million and then for seven-eight million USD to Australia.”.

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