Happy Heritage / Braai Day South Africa!

It’s Heritage Day in SA and South Africans all over the country (and the world!) are encouraged to celebrate their cultural heritage and diversity – this is often done by having a braai (or barbeque, for my non-Saffa readers) and so the day has also become known as National Braai Day.

We’re probably NOT going to braai in London this year, and here’s why:

We’ll definitely make up for it with loads of braai’s when our belongings arrive in SA, and next year, we look forward to celebrating our beautiful country and it’s people, in the sunshine!

Three more sleeps until Baby Bird and I touch down on African soil x


3 thoughts on “Happy Heritage / Braai Day South Africa!

  1. rationingrevisited says:

    <— feels doff… I moved to the UK from SA 15 years ago… didn't even know it was braai day :( … Would love to take my little brood back to SA to show them all the places I grew up… but I couldn't live there…. I'd pick perpetual rain over burglar bars any day :)

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