Things to do when I’m back In SA

Have been thinking of a few things I’d like to achieve or tick off my to-do list when I get back to the Motherland. Hoping they’ll help with the transition and give me something to focus on while Mr Bird is still here and waiting for his passport application to be approved.

He’s applied for British citizenship like I did – it’s a given that he’ll get it, but it’s just a case of when. For now it’s a waiting game, but he should be home around late November/early December at the latest – fingers crossed it’s sooner though!

So here they are, some goals/to-do’s for my new beginning (in no particular order):

1. Start fixing up/decorating our new house

Repaint, recarpet, build a wall or two, buy some furniture! Need to start looking at all the pictures I’ve pinned to my “One Day Home” (home decor) board on Pinterest – must have stripes somewhere, loving them! {image source}

2. Learn to “think in Rands” again

I’m all pounds and pence after nearly 7 years in the UK – need to adjust my thinking to understand the value of een rondsteen again (as far as een rondsteen goes, I don’t think one rand will get me very much these days in any case, right?!)

3. Buy something from Body Thrills

I’ve been waiting to try something gorgeous from Body Thrills for months now! I was originally going to get some shipped here but then we decided to move home, so thought I’d wait – can’t wait any longer :)

4. Learn Zulu – okay, so this is not exactly a short term goal but I’d love to learn some of the lingo to help me to communicate better with some of the locals in Natal.

5. Eradicate “pommy-talk” from my vocabulary – goodbye “mobile”, hello “cell phone” – ditto for “trousers”, “texting”, “trainers” etc – yay to being back in the land of where people understand what I mean when I say “robots”, “naartjie” and “just now”!

6. Sample one of Meg Pascoe’s / The Counter’s famous brownies!Will probably need to get up to Jozi to do so, but it will be done as soon as humanly possible! And definitely need to give their salted caramel sauce a try too!

7. Get on my bike – first, I’ll need to actually get a bike – but yes, very keen to get back into some cycling, I’ve really missed it.

8. Build this:Not on my own, but with help from a wood-worky-family-friend – or might just commission someone to do it if it doesn’t cost the earth! Either way, I want it. Found it on Pinterest and love it – we think it’ll work beautifully in our new home (filled with lots of wine of course!) {image source}

9. Get creativeIn so many ways! I want to paint and craft and sketch, and I also want to work on all my creative business ideas! {image source}

10. Rediscover homeI can’t wait to meet new people, make new connections and find new places to shop, eat, visit and blog about! I left SA as a young, single and wildly naive adventurer searching for my place in the world. I’m returning as a mother and a wife, confident in who I am and in what I expect from life – great things, and no less! I’m looking forward to showing Baby Bird why South Africa is an amazing and beautiful country, and to sharing experiences (even the smallest of things) with her in a whole new way. VIVA LA HOMECOMING ♥ {image source}


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