The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

After recent changes in Baby Bird’s sleeping patterns (read over-dramatic post about it here) I’ve been trying out some sleep training and it’s going really well, partly because I bought her this Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear which I think is amazing.

Basically, it’s a white noise maker – but you can also choose to play music, ‘ocean sounds’, ‘womb sounds’, or even record something yourself if you so wish! We’ve always been pro-white noise and have up til now been using a free app that we have on our iPhones, but the problem is that you have to manually turn it off (plus your phone is essentially ‘out of action’ while its playing!)

The quality of the bear and blankie itself is nothing exciting, but it’s the little soundbox that makes it so useful! It’s sound and movement activated, so as soon as baby stirs or makes a peep, the chosen noise plays immediately for a couple of minutes before it turns itself off.

Addi is definitely sleeping better already and often in the night, or during her day time naps, she’ll wake when she’s not quite ready and Prince Lionheart over here puts her right back to sleep. Incredible. (It just happened right now while I was writing this post!)

I think this is such a great gift idea for a baby shower – something different and sanity-saving for mom-to-be – I really wish I’d had one for Addi from when she was born. It also comes in gender-specific colours and the bear can be used separately to the sound box and vice versa – so clever!

We got our Prince Lionheart bear from Amazon for £25.95, but Im sure if you do some hunting on the net you’ll find they are widely available in the UK.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s available in SA but a friend of mine has recommended a similar product called “Cloud-B Sleep Sheep” which I believe you can find at Baby City.

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One thought on “The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

  1. miche17 says:

    Ava is going to start sleeping in her own room at night from next month, so I just ordered one of these on Amazon to make the transition easier. Her sleeping has also been erratic the last few days, but I put it down to teething – hopefully the magical bear will soothe that as well. ;) thanks for the tip. (PS the one I just ordered on Amazon was only $18 – hope it’s the same as yours!).

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