Fat Mum Slim Gift Exchange

You might have heard me mention Chantelle from the Aussie blog Fat Mum Slim before (she of Photo-A-Day fame)? Well here’s another one of her awesome ideas: an international Christmas gift exchange…

THE GIST OF IT: you sign up. You get partnered up (in secret!) You get to know the person you’re giving a gift to via the Facebook group that’s been set up (i.e. stalk them!) You pick out and send them the perfect gift (under $30 [AUD] excl. postage – parcels must be sent by registered post) and you wait to received your own gift!

I think this is such a fun idea and I cannot wait to find out who my person is (and to start shopping!) I’ve advertised this a bit on Facebook already and cant believe that none of my friends have signed up (yet!) – what is better than giving and receiving presents!?

SO SIGN UP HERE: Fat Mum Slim gift exchange And once you’ve done that, head over to the Facebook group

♥ Closing dates for sign-ups is November 1st
♥ Partners will be organised on November 5th. You’ll receive an email with your partners details including address
♥ Gifts should be wrapped and sent by December 7th
♥ Partners will be announced in the Facebook group on December 20th

More info on Chantelle’s blog HERE.

While we are on the subject of gifts – do something special for someone who probably needs a little light in their lives, and sign up for the Santa Shoebox Project too!


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