RIP My Old Friend

I am heartbroken. Mourning, in fact. I’ve lost someone dear to me – an old friend who I took for granted: Sleep.

Baby Bird has decided that it’s time to show her parents up. All those months spent proudly telling everyone about how easy she’s been, and how well she eats and sleeps – down the drain.

Everyone says the first few weeks are the toughest – not for us. We seemed to sail through those, right into a predictable sleep pattern by 8 weeks or so (sleeping right through from 7pm to 5am with no breaks!) gaining weight on track, eating like a champ… and all of a sudden things have regressed, resulting in very little sleep for Mommy Bird and Daddy Bird these days :(

Who was it that said this whole baby thing was meant to get easier?!

To my good friend, Sleep – I miss you already – in tribute (but mostly because I’m really just having a bad day) I’ll remain in my pajamas today… In the words of Gotye:



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