Restaurant Recommendation: SKETCH (London)

Since I first arrived in London and heard about it from a work colleague, I’ve wanted to visit the ultra-trendy Mayfair restaurant Sketch – six and a half years later, I finally got round to doing it…

First of all – a trip to the toilets alone is enough of a reason to go – think huge egg-shaped pods filled with the sounds of amazon tree frogs – wild!

The whole building is filled with amazing decor and intriguing art/sculptures; the food was brilliant, the staff lovely, and the atmosphere overall was brilliant – do yourself a flavour and just GO!

Some of my pics from our fabulous experience below – totally worth the wait!

Sketch is located on Conduit Street, just of Regent Street – nearest Tube stations: Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street & Bond Street

The entrance…

My lovely date – an old school friend – Kerry

The Gallery – a “gastro-brasserie” and the main dining room out of five different visitor areas in the building

View from our table

The amazing menu – in terms of both design and what is on offer… Check it out HERE

Lunch – we both just had starters so that we could save room for jam, cream and scones afterwards but even so, I was pleasantly surprised with my portion of leek quiche and salad which was simple but divine (although not as adventurous as some of the other items on the menu!)

Yes – these are the insane toilets!

The Glade – another one of the beautiful rooms at Sketch

Read more on the Sketch website (I have to say though, the site and even my pictures above don’t do it justice – you have to experience it for yourself!)


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