Do What You Love & Do It Often

A few days ago, someone close to me tried to tell me that that I care too much about what other people think, and that they don’t understand why I blog when no one probably cares about it. It sounds harsh, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant as badly as I took it, but it got me thinking…

It may be so on both counts – but in the first instance – I can’t help caring what other people think. I like to please people (not to say that I’m a walkover) and help people and share the things I’ve learned if it means someone else avoiding the mistakes I’ve made. My work (graphic design) involves communicating messages – I need feedback and validation to succeed with it – I need to hear what others take from it. Of course I care what people think, it’s natural.

Maybe I do care a little more than I should, but hey, we all have flaws and as I get older (erk!)  I’m learning to pick and choose whose opinion counts.

On the blogging – I considered throwing in the towel after this conversation happened, but soon after came to my senses when I received a well-timed tweet from someone telling me to “keep the creativity going” – I also covered my thoughts on it in this recent post.

The crux of it is that I enjoy blogging – if you find something that you enjoy doing, something that isn’t harmful to others or yourself, something that cultivates your creativity and means something to you – you stick with it and you don’t let other people take that joy away from you. Lesson learnt!


That’s all. Happy Thursday people x



4 thoughts on “Do What You Love & Do It Often

  1. Maree Gecks says:

    Here here!

    I love your blog, so please don’t stop writing.

    I’ve just launched my own business & in the beginning it’s really hard. There’s been so many times when friends have asked why I gave up my career to follow a far fetched dream & sometimes I’ve asked myself the same question. However, the long & short of it is, if something makes you happy, do it & do much more of it, regardless of what anyone thinks.

    Maree x

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Maree – sorry for the slow reply, only saw your comment now (went to spam by mistake) – really appreciate the support xxx

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