Geninne’s Art

I’ve recently been begging the Twittersphere for recommendations of new blogs to check out and had what turned out to be a stunning suggestion from fellow Twit, Cleo (@the_cleof) Have literally fallen in love with this blog and the works of it’s author – if you appreciate beautiful artwork and nature, be warned – you will too!

Check Gennine Zlatkis and her blog out for yourself: (It’s made me feel completely inadequate as a creative – how I wish I had this amazing talent – art classes as soon as I get back to SA!)

Much of Geninne’s work includes pictures of beautiful birds and plants…

She takes inspiration from the natural surrounds of a forest near Mexico City where she lives in with her hubby, two sons and border collie, Turbo.

Geninne works in a variety of media, including watercolor, ink, and pencil. She alsoย  sews, embroiders, loves to hand carve rubber stamps and sells prints of her watercolors at her online Etsy Shop
This is Geninne’s new book – Making an Impression: Designing and Creating Artful Stamps (not yet released in the UK but coming soon! Might have to make a plan to get a copy of this sent to SA for me somehow!)
La Casa Azul – Geninne’s beautiful home (and Turbo!) – seriously, this lady has style – do yourself a favour and stalk her Flickr stream
Her studio… this is where she WORKS! Jealous… just look at that organisation – the whole thing is inspiration in itself!
What are you still doing here?! Just go look at her blog already! If you want to go the whole hog and stalk Geninne completely, she is also on Facebook and Twitter… Happy reading (and thanks again Cleo!) x
{all pics featured here are from Geninne’s blog}

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