Twitter, Blogs and Blogging

Last night while I was in bed trying to fall asleep after a marathon blogging session (see previous post!) I mentally wrote this blog post word for word – but as with all my good ideas and planned writings, I seemed to have forgotten most of what I wanted to say by the time morning had come round! The gist of it was something along the lines of this…

I love Twitter. I really do. Without it, I never would have been inspired to blog. I would never have come across many of the amazing blogs I now follow with intrigue, and I certainly wouldn’t have ‘met’ some of the cool people I now call friends, some of whom I haven’t even met IRL (that’s geek speak for in real life  in case you dont know!)

I love how South Africans have embraced Twitter and even though I am UK based (not for much longer!), most of the people I follow are the interesting Saffa’s who do social media so well. Since Baby Bird has become part of my life, my own tweeting and twit-watching has come to an almost complete stand-still (out of pure lack of time) but I’m hoping now that we’re more used to each other, and now that she’s settled into more of a routine, I can throw myself back into it :)

Che (the creative talent behind the Indieberries blog) recently did a blog post on why she blogs and it kind of got me thinking about my own motivations.

I started blogging as creative release – Clever Bird Banter became my little online diary where I could record my findings, document my adventures and just generally ‘share the love’. At first I didn’t care whether anyone read my posts or not, but my views on that have changed – we all want to feel validated, dont we?! We want to share information, our thoughts and our discoveries with anyone willing to listen, even if it is just with our bestie’s or families who are obliged to read our writings out of love and loyalty ;)

I don’t expect I will ever be the winner of blogging, or that my blog will ever hit **amazeballs blogging status** (for various reasons, mostly because it’s not focused/niche enough), and I’m fine with that – I really just enjoy coming up with content, and love hearing feedback from others who have found my posts useful or interesting. If my random blogging changes a moment in time for one person – if it makes someone smile, inspires someone, or even helps someone in the smallest way – then I’m smiling ;)

So here’s a quick thank you to everyone who does read/follow, it makes me a very happy Bird x

Indieberries (of course!) – cool cartoons and a random mix of fun, interesting stuff by the lovely @cheKershaw (who was in SoKo, but then she was in SA, but now she is in London – and yes, she quite possibly has the most romantic fiance ever!)

Inspire, by Paula & Ashley – American bloggers posting about fashion and home decor – lots of pretty pictures!

Made In Pretoria – awesome fashion/crafty blog by Pretorian creative Anna Banana…

My Bundle – a mommy blog by Capetonian and ex-Rhodent @MicheChelle – our bebes were born weeks apart so love hearing about Ava’s development and knowing what’s in store for Addi next!

Never a dull moment – beautiful photographs by @kvolive

Life is Savage – by self-proclaimed “Daddy – #nowplaying with your mom.You can’t control the happiness so just embrace the good times and hug somebody.Pick me.

Blindside Rugby – I’m not even a sports fan but I just love the way Keith writes – very amusing!

Diaries of a white mom raising a black baby – beautiful and sometimes amusing posts by an inspiring South African mom

SaffaKate – a South African in New York (also a crafty/mommy/travel/random/adventure blog)

PS. please, please, please share links to any other cool blogs – dying to find some new ones to sign up for!

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4 thoughts on “Twitter, Blogs and Blogging

  1. miche17 says:

    It’s so nice to know that My Bundle makes a difference to you. Thanks so much for the mention. I agree with you – if my blog helps/inspires/amuses even one person, I am happy. Mine is so personal, and is mostly for family who live far away – and I think it’ll be great to be able to print out the posts and bind them in a book (how retro!) for Ava when she is older.

    A blog I am loving at the moment is The Flick ( – ‘The ladyblog for women who don’t do ladyblogs’.

  2. Keith says:

    Ah Ands so nice of you to give me a mention. Absolutely love blogging for the exact same reasons; like-minded people who feed off the communal creativity. The more I read your blog and others, the more inspired I am to write. Without forgetting that you’ve been a great teacher for me too! Thanks again for the mention.

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