My Best Moments of the 2012 Olympics (in pictures)

The Opening Ceremony in general (except for the part about the NHS – wtf was that!?){image}

When the Queen turned around and it was ACTUALLY her! (As opposed to a look-a-like!)

Mr Bean’s appearance…{image}

Chad snaking the Gold from Phelps – AmaZing!{image}

Chad’s Dad (nuff said!)

Farah and Bolt paying tribute to each other (Lolzapalooza – Usain is too much for me, love it!){image}

Britain’s Andy Murray winning “at Wimbledon” (finally!) and Scotland’s Andy Murray winning Silver in the mixed doubles!
(I was there to catch the action, great vibe!){image}

Kirani James swapping name tags with Oscar Pistorious after the semi-final heat for the Men’s 400m – so touching!

BoJo’s zip line FAIL (love this guy!)


Our rowing boys in green and gold – singing the national anthem (not quite looking like they know all the words, but we’ll forgive them)

Yohan Blake – signature move (whats up with these Jamaicans?!)

Incredible to be in London and to experience the vibe – so lucky!


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