Pop-Up London book – by Jennie Maizels

Along with the other recent online shopping I’ve been doing, I’ve been searching for something special to buy for Addi – something to commemorate her (brief) stay in London – something to remind her of her birthplace…

A few weekends ago I went shopping in Kingston with a friend and came across a beautiful London- themed pop-up book, illustrated by Jennie Maizels – no better gift than a book that can be cherished and enjoyed for years, and what child doesnt love a pop-up!

The one I saw was slightly damaged so I left it behind, but I looked it up online, ordered it from Amazon and here’s what arrived today…

Not only is it perfectly beautiful, but it was very reasonably priced. I really hope Addi inherits my love for books and beautiful illustrations – if so, this will be right up her alley (and if not, I’m keeping this for myself!)

If this is something you’d be interested in, get one for yourself here on Amazon for only £10.50 + free delivery (a steal!)


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