DIY baby girl headband

I wanted a nice girly headband for Baby Bird and searched myself silly for something online and in the local shops, but just couldn’t find anything I really liked. Turned to my trusty source of inspiration – Pinterest – and decided that it would be quicker, cheaper and easier to make something myself with the bits and pieces of craft stuff I had around the house. This was the end product…

Admittedly, I made the flowers/rosettes a bit too big and if I had to do it over, I would definitely shrink them down a bit – for now, the headband will do and I still like it despite it being slightly on the large side – baby girl can just “grow into it”…

Here’s a quick breakdown of how I made it – there really are no hard and fast rules – “wing it” as I always say ;)

1. Use t-shirt material (aka jersey knit fabric, or any other light stretchy material) to create the actual band. I cut three strands of white fabric and plaited it. Then measure it roughly around baby’s head and sew the two ends together with a needle and thread. Don’t worry if it looks ugly, this is where you’ll attach the flowers, so the seam and stitching will be covered.

2. Using fabric scraps, buttons and beads to make some fabric flowers/rosettes – rolled fabric flower tutorial (similar to how I made mine except I tacked the flower together instead of using glue). You can basically do whatever you fancy and you can get really creative! Here are some other DIY flower ideas courtesy of Pinterest…

3. As previously mentioned, position your rosettes/flowers over the part of the band where the two ends meet. You can either glue them in place, or tack them on as I did (I find glue messy and always think that using a needle and thread is stronger). In some cases, depending on what flowers you’ve created, and once they are positioned – you might want to cut out some circular pieces of soft felt that are slightly smaller than the size of the base of each flower or rosette, and glue them to the underside of the flower and band – see image below – to create a backing and barrier between potentially scratchy bits and baby’s head.

And that’s that! Voila – a precious headband lovingly made for your baby girl…


2 thoughts on “DIY baby girl headband

  1. Sarah-Faye says:

    I think that the big flowers looked really awesome on Addi :) So impressed that you made that yourself, it was one of the first things (besides miss cuty pants herself) that I noticed when looking at the pics. xxx

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