Bill’s Cafe, Wimbledon

Met up with a friend, Ange, for coffee and a catch up this morning at Bill’s Cafe in Wimbledon (opposite Morrison’s, next to the Odeon) – not sure how long it’s been there (with Baby Bird in the mix, I’m not on top of things like I used to be!) but had to blog about it because I really liked the place…

The menu is great and I love, love, love the ‘urban deli decor’ – whitewashed brick walls, giant steel lampshades, huge bunches of chillies hanging down all over the place – very funky! Their menus are displayed simply and legibly, and the table decor is minimal (hate ‘restaurant-table-clutter’!) High ceilings and large windows lend to the feeling of space and there’s a very chilled vibe about the place in general. It’s baby-friendly and has plenty of room to maneuver buggies around the tables etc – an important factor Im finding, when taking Baby Bird out an about with me ;)

Our waiter was obviously in training and made a few faux pas but we won’t hold that against them – we’ve all been there right ;) The staff were friendly and attentive, our food was timely, tasty and reasonably priced – everything as it should be. Ange and I both sampled the recommended chocolate brownie milkshake (yum – a bit too much cream on top for my liking though) and I indulged in scones with cream and jam, while Ange had a bacon toastie of sorts (can’t remember exactly what was on it but I definitely had food envy!)

All in all, a great experience. The Bird recommends… We shall definitely be going back!

Having done some research, I’ve discovered that Bill’s has a couple of other branches in London and around the UK, check out their website for more deets. They also have a range of Own Brand products – something I love – and sell great looking hampers in store and on their site…

Chocolate Brownie Milkshake {image from Bill’s website}


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