Charlie Bighams – Dinners Perfect for Two

With the arrival of Baby Bird, hubby and I have taken a slightly lazy approach to meals over the past two weeks opting for convenience over all else now that time is minimal, and while we get used to our new bundle of joy. We’ve indulged in a few ‘ready-meals’ picked up from the local Sainsbury’s, and have discovered a delicious and beautifully presented brand of meals-for-two from Charlie Bigham’s…

So far we have sampled the Lasagne, the Macaroni Cheese (both oven cooked) and the Moroccan Chicken Tagine (pan fried) and were equally impressed by all three – have a look HERE for the full list of what’s on offer.

Good portion size, stunning packaging and design (I cant help but to judge a meal by it’s packaging!) and full of flavour (something I find ready-meals often lack), plus it doesn’t cost the earth…

Now that we are a bit more used to the changes that a baby brings about, we’ll soon be returning to our normal cooking habits (well, we’ll try!) and these sorts of dishes will be more of a treat than an every day occurrence, but I definitely think they are worth trying out if you are short on time and looking for a quick-fix dinner – ENJOY :)


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