No longer a Threading virgin!

Had some time to kill on Monday before an appointment and was walking past a beauty salon in Earlsfield where my friend often goes to get her eyebrows “threaded” – what is that you may ask – read here… I’ve seen people doing it in the middle of shopping centres before (cringe), but haven’t quite gotten round to trying it myself, so I thought “why not”…


WOW! Can’t even tell you how amazing the end result was! Admittedly, it was quite painful but I’m told that it gets better and that the first time is the worst – even so, the speed, accuracy and cost of it far outweigh the mere seconds of pain you have to endure for perfectly groomed brows.

Anyone in the SW London vicinity keen to give it a whirl, Sahana Hair & Beauty on Garratt Lane in Earlsfield requires no appointments for their eyebrow threading, so just walk in – AND it only costs ยฃ3.00 a pop!

I’m a convert – no more plucking for this Bird :)


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