Variation on my Carrot Cake + Cream Cheese icing recipe

Not the greatest photography ever but OHMYWORD! this cake was amazing! Made it in celebration of a work colleagues birthday, and needless to say, there is not a crumb left!

Original recipe HERE – to make the cake pictured above, adapt the recipe as follows:

– add half a cup of pumpkin seeds
– use pecans instead of walnuts (Sainsbury’s had no pecans, can you handle!)
– add half a cup of toasted almonds slices
–  add extra icing sugar to make the cream cheese icing thicker (I used Billingtons Natural Golden Icing Sugar (only one I could find) – it is not naturally bright-white like the normal icing sugar varieties I usually buy, but I actually like how it came out looking all caramel-y in colour)
– drizzle some icing/syrups over the top to decorate and finish off with some extra walnuts


(And oh so yum! Not one for those watching their waistlines!)


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