Wahaca Restaurants (London)

After a tiring trawl around a show/exhibition at the ExCel Centre on Saturday in East London, hubby and I made our way to Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford (didn’t even know this one existed!) to visit the Scoin shop (long story!) We got there just after 2pm and we were starving by then (shopping is exhausting I tell you!), so headed for the restuarant section near the one entrance to the mall: they had a couple of places to choose from but this place caught my eye, not only for it’s awesome decor and design, but because the menu looked amazing and Mexican food is always a winner! Introducing Wahaca – if you are London-based and havent heard about it or been, DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR & GO!

Using ethically and locally-sourced ingredients, Wahaca offers up fresh, honest and delicious Mexican-Market-inspired dishes. Think tacos, burritos, quesadillas, delicious salads, and of course: tequila!

We sampled a selection of the smaller dishes – the street food types – and we were basically in food heaven: pork pibil tacos, chicken mole tacos, chicken guajill toastadas, black bean & cheese quesadillas, and spicy chicken wings… Washed down with Hibiscus water for me (home-made, cranberry flavoured Mexican flower juice served in a recycled hand-blown glass) and a delicious Mexican beer for Mr Bird (served in a glass with lime juice and a salt rim – had a sip – it was amazing, possibly the first time I have ever liked the taste of beer!)

Check out the full menu HERE – salivating just thinking about it!

As mentioned above, the actual restaurant decor as well as menu design, overall branding etc is great – very funky, modern, bright – fits in with the idea of a vibrant street market culture – love it! Each table is simply set and has a beautifully designed ‘house publication’ called Ola London! – check it out in PDF version HERE. Upon paying the bill, we were issued with a really cool grow-your-own-chili ‘matchbook’ – different and fun in comparison to the usual after-dinner mint!

Can’t rave about this place enough – already thinking about when we can go again and which branch to try out (somewhere closer to home for sure!) – pick from Canary Wharf, Soho, Covent Garden, White City, Stratford and Blue Water branches…


5 thoughts on “Wahaca Restaurants (London)

      • Andrea says:

        For the record, we had a great experience with Jason and Jackie there (I think her name was Jackie, she’s visiting from SA?) – they were great and really helpful :)

      • Susann says:

        Please let me know next time you are planning to visit The Scoin Shop either in Bluewater, Westfield or Stratford – we would like to reward you with one of our Mandela tokens. Just email susannd@scoinshop.com and I will email the relevant shop you are planning to visit :)

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