Natures Purest {cute stuff}

Okay – this is a real ‘mom’ post – I promise I wont bore you with them too often!

As some of you know, hubby and I are expecting a baby Bird in April/May this year (soon, I know!) – we recently caught up with some family visiting London, who gave us some gorgeous gifts from this stunning baby brand, Natures Purest which they picked up from Fortnum & Mason…

{we love our cute little sleep-suit and a knitted Ellie rattle for baby}

As soon as I got home after our lunch, I hopped onto the net to see what else I could find… BAD MOVE!

I love EVERYTHING! Not only are the textures and colours stunning (love knits and cottons, and the beige-cream-neutral colour scheme is exactly our vibe), but I also read up that all NP products are made from natural materials that are soft on baby’s skin, and produced in an environmentally-friendly manner. Price-wise, these items are slightly above average, but hardly what I’d call expensive – I reckon, when you are paying for good quality and great design (packaged beautifully, I might add) that that in itself makes any purchase from Natures Purest totally worth it.

{some pretty stuff from the online shop}

Waiting for pay day now so that I can do what hubby thinks I do best… some shopping ;)


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