Healthy & filling Bean, Tuna & Pepper Salad (today’s lunch!)

Bean making this for years (bean, geddit? Haha!) – an old housemate gave me the basic idea and have adapted it to taste… Not only is it healthy, nutritious and delicious, but it’s also really cheap and makes a big bowl full which can last a couple of days (or feed a couple of mouths in one go!) It’s great for work lunches, especially because it’s high in healthy carbs and protein and keeps you full for longer, releasing energy slowly to keep you going all day. Admittedly, it’s more of a summer dish, but I make it year round especially when I need a bit of a boost/detox health-wise (or when I’m trying to save cash!)… Recipe as follows (I use the term ‘recipe’ loosely – there really isn’t much to do here except throw it all together and enjoy!)

– half a green pepper, diced
– half a yellow pepper, diced
– half a red pepper, diced
– one tin of tune chunks, drained
– approx. 100g feta
– 1 tin of mixed pulses in water, drained
– 1 tin of butter beans in water, drained
– 1 tin of chickpeas in water, drained
– 1 tin of green lentils in water, drained

1. mix together tinned beans/pulses and chopped peppers
2. crumble feta and tuna over the mixture, stir in thoroughly
3. serve, or store in a sealed tupperware in the fridge (you can store this for 3/4 days easily, probably more – if it lasts that long!)

You could adapt it according to your own preferences, adding other goodies like cous cous, freshly chopped mint, edamame beans, sweetcorn (never met a Brit who hated a bit o’ sweetcorn with their tuna) – ย anything really!

Enjoy x


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