Moroccan Oil – hair care heaven!

Went for my obligatory trip to the hairdresser this Saturday to cover up my dark roots (oh, to be a natural blonde – if only!) and to have a trim, fringe getting too long to bear… Tried out a new salon because my usual mobile hairdresser and friend, Aga, has moved back to Poland (curse!) and I’d heard that Adam’s in Southfields was a decent place to get some no-frills colour at a price that wouldn’t leave me destitute right before Christmas… Very happy with how my hair turned out, and with the lovely Donna who didn’t leave me bored/stranded in my chair for hours (pretty much my worst part of visiting the hairdresser) BUT, most importantly, I am super excited about my new hair-care discovery!

After Donna had washed the bleach out and before she began drying – I noticed that she’d squirted some sort of product into her hands and then ran them through my wet hair. Upon asking, I discovered it was called Moroccan Oil.

Was very interested to see how it affected my locks because a) my hair is pretty dry from the harsh water in the UK as well as the continuous blonde-ifying, and b) I hate putting “leave-in” products in my hair because I can always feel the residue, and I just find that it feels dirty all the time…

The results?

AMAZING – I love it! My hair feels smooth and moisturised two days on, AND it feels clean! No residue at all. Donna mentioned that it also decreases drying time somehow, and is great as a pre-treatment for those of us who use GHDs/similar on a regular basis (I have found that other spray-on pre-heat-treatments make my hair dry and stiff, eg. TreSeme – blegh…)

It’s not exactly cheap (I paid £30 for a 100ml bottle) but it’s definitely worth it and you use only use a little at a time (a £1/R1 coin sized squirt into the palm of your hand will be enough)… For more info and to see other products available, visit:

Its quite widely available in the UK, and for my South African readers and friends – according to the tinterweb, it has recently been launched in SA (I’d recommend contacting a local salon to find out how you can lay your hand on some of this liquid gold)

Spoil yourself now, or at least hint to your partner, family or friends that this would make an excellent Christmas gift ;) Can’t recommend this enough!


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