Book: The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha

When I first got my Kindle, I went a bit crazy buying and downloading loads of cheap/free books and this was one of them (cant remember what it cost, but it was like £4 max…)

It’s been sitting on my device for a couple of months now (okay, nearly a year) and I finally got round to reading it thanks to the long bus rides (to and from my current temp job) that I’ve endured for the past few weeks, and will (hopefully!) keep on surviving for the next few weeks to come. Moaning aside, I am secretly grateful for the 30 minute (sometimes-1-hour-depending-on-traffic!) bus rides because I love reading while traveling and to be honest, it’s generally the only time I do actually have time to read.

Back to the book: LOVED IT – had never heard of it before I downloaded it. Had never had it recommended to me. Cant remember why I chose it at all. I obviously liked something about it’s ‘jacket blurb’ though, because there it was, waiting patiently for me to give it a try…

Basically, it’s the story of a family dealing with the tragic loss of their son/brother and their feelings towards the accused, a young local mechanic, who, after almost 20 years on death row, is finally given ‘the date‘. It focuses especially on the murdered boy’s mother and her way of coping with the unthinkable. It also shares the story of the prison warden whose experiences are brought to the fore by his imminent role in preparing the prisoner for death.

The whole way through it, you know there is some sort of twist coming – the anticipation keeps the pages turning – and when it comes, you will probably remember having suspected something like it at some stage or another, but even so, the reveal is great – and bittersweetly, the stories in the book come to an end, with peace of mind for some and new beginnings for others…



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