Update: PrinterPix Groupon Voucher Issues

UPDATE 30/10/14: PrinterPix has requested that I supply you with their new email address social@printerpix.co.uk which is “new social-media-specific account which is monitored daily by a team of 3 who will be responding the same day to anyone who contacts them”

UPDATE 17/11/11:  I have just been phoned by PrinterPix and asked to remove my original posting which I refuse to do as it is my right express my experiences through my blog…

May I remind all readers that if you have problems or complaints, please direct them to PrinterPix directly and don’t comment on this (or the other) post if you expect to receive help from them – they’ve asked for people to get in touch with them through correct channels. I recommend emailing them directly using both of the following two email addresses: sudhir.bhasin@syncoms.co.uk and sudhir.bhasin@printerinks.com AND I suggest cc’ing Groupon in support@service.groupon.co.uk. Thanks and thanks for reading…


A quick follow up post since my last post on the subject, (DO NOT buy PrinterPix Groupon Vouchers for Leather Bound Photobooks – RIPOFF!) which seems to have attracted quite a lot of internet interest from other disgruntled PrinterPix/Groupon users…

Printerpix eventually got in touch with me – probably because I sent them the link to my blog and they saw how popular it’s been (and how unpopular they’ve been!) and they reprinted my book and I received it about 10 days later… Looks fine, all the original problems were fixed but they sent me two copies which seems a bit of a waste (I’m not going to bother sending both to my friend, it will cost me enough just to send one…) To their credit, they offered me a free book or printed canvas which I declined, not having need for either.

I’m glad to finally have the book (considering I ordered it at the end of August/beginning of September, and it is now midway through November) but the main thing that I’m still a bothered by is that all I kept getting, over and over, was the bog standard “we’re sorry for the inconvenience” response from them, and no real acceptance of the problem and that they have a major issue on their hands!

Here are a few of the comments my previous blog post received from others who have also experienced bad service from PrinterPix:

After spending literally hours on your website this weekend organising my photos for a photo book that I purchased off Groupon, when I went to check out, the photo book wouldn’t appear in my basket. I tried multiple browsers and followed all the instructions on your help page to no avail. Today I called up an 0800 number which I assumed would be free, only to be notified that I would be charged 7p per minute, and then [their] automated telephone answering service informed me that my call would be answered in 21 minutes, all the while being reminded how important customer service is to you and how important my call is. I do not have 21 minutes to wait for you to answer my call.”

I am too finding it hard to call you, as no one answers your phones! I am trying to finish my Groupon order with you but having issues. Today is the dead line and I need to sort this. Your answer phone says it is 0 mins till someone answers your call…. and still holding 30 mins now???? What type of business are you running here?

Argh my voucher expires today i have spent all week working on a book for my nana and now i can’t purchase i am getting very frustrated…

Surely Printerpix need to get their act together and realise that such bad customer service only gives them a bad name. All they do is stend silly sorry emails and it is frustrating. I do alot of photography and am always using photobook websites and printerpix is by farthe worst service I have received. I will never use them again after this because they just do not seem to realise how important photos can be for someone!

With all these problems everyone is having it seems strange that PrinterPix are running the same offer on Groupon again. Are they more interested in getting orders than dealing with the ones they have!… Once bitten, twice shy!

I have waited 40 days for my leather bound photo books 5 phone calls and 6 unreplied emails later I am still waiting.

DO NOT ORDER FROM PRINTERPIX I have had a similar experience of a badly printed book and very poor customer service! I have over 10 years experience as a Graphic Designer and have never seen any digital print as bad as the book I received. Somehow they have turned all my pictures green! I have tried contacting customer services by email and phone but always get empty promises by phone and no replies to my emails.

I’ve just tried calling again and the current wait time for customer service is 51 minutes. Still no response to original enquiry or follow-up e-mail. I’m really appalled by the behaviour of this company.

I tried on three seperate occasions to redeam my groupon voucher with printerpix. Each time I went throught the entire process of placing pictures and writing captions. Unfortunately each attempt ended in failure with printerpix accepting the voucher but making no reduction.

With all these sorts of comments, how is PrinterPix NOT doing more to create a better customer service experience?


42 thoughts on “Update: PrinterPix Groupon Voucher Issues

  1. Angi says:

    Good on you for refusing to remove your blog thread. You’ve allowed a lot of other disgruntled customers to realise they’re not alone. Combined with a similar thread on moneysavingexpert I’m sure it’s resulted in positive responses from both Groupon and Printerpix. I doubt I would have had such a speedy refund had I not included links to both in my e-mail. So from me at least, thanks. xx

    • lucy hennessy says:

      DO NOT BUY FROM PRINTERPIX.PRINTERPIX IS A WASTE OF TIME im so glad ive seen this today i place an order with these at the end of october but havent recieved it what a rip off ive emailed them and phoned no answer to both they shouldnt be allowed to trade and groupon should stop promoting them in there wedsite

  2. Sylvia Timoney says:

    hi ,i just got groupon to cancel my voucher and give me refund.what kind of scam is going on there ????thry take your money and more if your not careful .they are like abd friend.they never answeremails promise you evreything dont return your calls and they dont listen.icouldnt even get to the stage of ordering because the site wouldnt accept the code .groupon tried to remedy and got nowhere .i just cant understand why they use this company ,were not the only ones!!its like a lottery to see who actually gets what they ordered .im really annoyed that they have so little regard for their customers.thanks for your blog cos their dosent seem to be anywhere else to go.

  3. Simon Button says:

    Having spent in excess of one and a half hours on 3 seperate occassions waiting for someone to answer, I have been palmed off with promises to deliver, promises to call back and promises to deliver.
    What a scam Printerpix are. I cannot believe Groupon are still involved with such a bunch of unprofessional ……..

    I shall be contacting Printerpix again using the suggested emails, copying in Trading Standards, and if I don’t get any joy, I think it might require a visit to their premises in Ruislip.

  4. Maria says:

    I have spent over 10 hours easily uploading pictures and finalising 10 calendars! Items failed to show in the basket and I contacted Customer Service twice by email weeks ago and have still had no response. I have attempted to contact them however I have never actually heard a voice on the end of a phone line. I finally did receive my calendars however some were dark and others were okay. The quality isn’t great although the photographs uploaded were actually of a good quality. One of my calendars is containing two pictures belonging to another customer. Do they not quality check their products before sending these back?
    I am disappointed because it is a Christmas present. Are they likely to send me another in time for Christmas or at all? I have emailed the company again today. I have attempted to call three times! I will be contacting Groupon in relation to this. I will also setup a Facebook page if not already setup. I think anyone who has had a bad experience with this company should reply and help in either changing their ways or ensuring others don’t have to deal with poor quality service and products by Printerpix!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Maria,

      Sorry to see you have also experience the ‘service of doom’ from PrinterPix!

      Please send us a link to the Facebook page if you do set one up! Many thanks –


  5. Lauren says:

    Printerpix are disgraceful.No response to 3 emails.Numerous phonecalls wherein a have been lied to and promised my 5 calenders only for them to still not arrive,ordered on the 17th Oct,still not arrived to date (6th Dec).I am furious with this company and groupon,this should not be allowed.I am not able to get a refund still despite my disastrous experience.I can’t believe so many people have been ripped off by this company and yet still they continue to scam people!

  6. Richard Collins says:

    My wife also had the same experience with printerpix. It does bear weight to the emails that say they had taken on too much and had know idea how to cope with the demand. We will not bother trying to chase the company up as it seems a timely and expensive business but will contact Groupon and the Credit Card company for refunds.

    Richard Collins

  7. Tracy says:

    I agree with all comments. I am having major problems contacting Printerpix over a photobook I have not yet received. They are not replying to emails and when I try to call it is saying they have a system failure and cannot take the call. Yesterday it said my call would be answered in 13 minutes & then I was redirected to another recorded message that said they were closed for the day!! Don’t think many businesses like this would be taking a day off this close to Christmas. I will not be purchasing another groupon deal from them!!

  8. Emma says:

    Another one waiting for calendars. Phoned this morning and the number has been disconnected. I am so angry as they were xmas presents, dont know what to do now!

  9. michele says:

    PRINTERPIX – BEWARE WARNING DO NOT USE THEM! My order for my calendars with my Groupon voucher is still not received. They lie to you over the phone saying it will be there by next week. I order this one the 10th Nov 11. It is now 09th Dec….they say your delivery time is 8-10 working days. What a joke! I even spoke to one of the so called managers Sudhir Bhasin, he took my order and promised me it will be on time as I told him I need this for Christmas gifts for my family in South Africa. They don’t care that it is Christmas time and many of these orders are for gifts. It is now too late to send them, which is heart breaking. I have called again and again waiting 30 + mins on the phone waiting for someone to answer (the tel is an 0844 which costs me money). Yesterday 08/12 and today 09/12 I get a message when calling saying ‘we currently experiencing system problems’….. now we can’t even phone them and they don’t even respond to your calls. Surely they should not be operating in business and this is not the UK standards of selling? What can be done? They should be dealt with in a legal manner and doors shut, so that no-one else suffers? NO FAIR!

  10. Nicola says:

    I have similar problems. I ordered a calandar for my grandparents in New Zealand. I placed the order on the 2nd November and inspite of 2 calls and 2 emails there is still no calandar. I have just spent 40 minutes in a queue waiting to speak to them but after 40 minutes I just gave up

  11. Mandy says:

    I have also been having problems with Printerpix.
    Having already received on album which I was quite happy with, I then ordered two more using Groupon mid November. I have received confirmation of the order but as yet neither of the ablbums has arrived.
    I then ordered a calendar at the beginning of December. I did not receive a confirmation of order but the voucher shows as being used.
    I have emailed several time…………..no response
    Telephoned about 100 times………………always a ‘technical problem’ or ‘busy’
    Sent letter today recorded delivery.
    As all 3 of these items are for Christmas gifts and the calendar , using photos of all family members,for my daughter who is emigrating to New Zealand in January, I will be gutted and extremely angry if they do not arrive in time.
    Perhaps if we all complain to Groupon and Trading Standards………..it may not help us get our items but might stop others from falling into the same trap

  12. terry bamforth says:

    Same problem. Three faulty pages which (eventually) Fathima Riyaza asked to see photos off. Photos promptly sent. No response. Three more emails to her, one to Sudhir Bhasin and a couple to the support department and still no response! Very poor.


  13. Clare Evans says:

    DO NOT BOTHER with Printerpix. I placed my order 30 days ago and no sign of it. I’ve sent four emails and given up phoning due to getting the “techincal problem” response everytime. I’ve just emailed the Sudhir Basin email address so will see if I get in response….to be honest though, I’ve given up. What sort of company is this? Groupon should be careful who they associate their name with. Waste of time!

  14. Barbara Shalet says:

    I have been reassured time after time by printerpix that my photobooks (yes, I ordered two – silly me) are about to be dispatched. I waited and waited but alas in vain. I compiled, ordered & paid for the said photobooks in September for my step daughter’s birthday which of course has long passed. I am so angry – even more so when I see that Printerpix are still offering vouchers via Groupon when so many people,including myself, are still waiting for orders placed months ago my! How can this be??

  15. Julie Shaw says:

    Well it looks like we’re all in the same boat with this shower of CRAP from printerpix. Ordered 5 calendars with Groupon vouchers. Received one calendar which is fine, just waiting for the remaining 4. Lost count how many times I’ve telephoned, Emailed etc. Spoken to Groupon 3 times about this each time I’m told they will get onto them and get the order out. Its just sooo frustrating as like all of us its for christmas presents. Also cant believe Groupon have put more than one offer on with this absolutely CRAP company and feel Groupon are partly to blame, think we should all get compensated for our time wasted, phone calls etc. If I lived near Ruislip which I think is where Printerpix are I would most definately be knocking on their door!!!

  16. Barbara says:

    Maybe we should get a coach up to politely ask where our carefully compiled photobooks are – and the money we paid for them!

    • michele says:

      Hi again all….Ag, still no luck now they emailed me and said they will be sending it at the end of this week…. what a joke! This is the email they sent me today….

      ”Dear Michele

      We are very sorry for the delay. Your order is awaiting dispatch and it is with finishing department. Please allow time until the end of week for the delivery. Due to huge number of Christmas orders it is taking a bit longer to dispatch the orders on time.

      I have forwarded this issue to the printing department also.


      Toufeeq Hyder

      Customer Services Executive”

      I don’t trust them, I think they are making us wait as they take our money and run! My opinion is this company must be shutting their doors and used us via Groupon to make a quick buck! There was 16729 orders via Groupon for the calendar orders alone and even if every single order was only one calendar @ £4.00 that is almost £67 000. A nice little Christmas bonus! I really think Groupon should be doing something about this as Groupon are the ones that allowed this company to sell to us. Groupon should carefully verify their customers (Printerpix) before putting them on their website for us to purchase from and be the losers. We should all get our money back from Groupon!

  17. Bryan Taylor says:

    Jaysus – if only id read this before buyin a so called good deal from Groupon! Been tryin for days to get in touch with printerpix because i cant even get their uploader to work on my mac! No reply to e-mails and bin holdin on phone for at least half an hour! Think my only recourse is to go back to Groupon and ask for refund!

  18. Elaine says:

    Unbelievable . I tried ordering a photo canvas for a christmas present also and my Groupon voucher wouldn’t work . I have sent an email which has not been replied to , tried ringing and was told i’d be waiting 59 minutes for an answer and I’m ringing from Ireland so that’d be way too expensive hung up after 22 minutes. i left a facebook comment explaining the problem I was having and the deleted it.

  19. Ginge says:

    Absolutely horrendous company!!!!!!!

    I havent had any repies from anybody at Printerpix…aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Bryan says:

    UPDATE – Still no word back from Printerpix but am determined not to let them away with this! It may only be a small amount but the principle of the “scam” is HUGE!! Its about time Trading Standards and Watchdog got involved!
    I have written to Groupon for their comments and advice but havent even had a reply from them!VERY Disappointed!!!

  21. Portia says:

    I too have been bitten on the bum by this company. Their “it only takes 5 minutes to load your photos” took me several days to do 4 calendars (I couldn’t be bothered with the fifth). Then, like many others, my basket emptied and I had to start again.

    Nothing received, several emails sent both before and after managing to finally upload the pictures but no response. Same old ‘system fault’ message and 48mins in queue (which now doesnt even get to that stage).

    I contacted Groupon and sent them all the details and they are looking into it for me (hmmm). These too were xmas presents – one for my daughter who has moved to America and its now too late to get there on time. I am cross that I fell for this scam as I usually just take a disc into my chemist and get them done in less than a week!!!

    Groupon may have sold their last ‘dud’ to me. I will never order anything again from them as its not the first time that I have had problems.

    Still, in the grand scheme of things its not the worst thing that can happen and I am thankful that I am here to rant about it :)

    Merry Christmas one and all (apart from Printerpix of course)

    • Becky says:

      Another very unhappy customer here.

      Ordered a photobook a month ago for a Christmas gift. Still no sign of it. Have emailed Printerpix twice, got the usual automated ‘we will get back to you within one business day’… of course that never happens. Also emailed both the addresses for Sudhir posted on this blog but got a reply from neither.

      Obviously i am not going to get my book in time for Christmas, if at all. It’s not just the fact you’ve wasted your money, it’s also the hours spent putting the book together and the fact i now have to go out and find an alternative present as i cannot give the person what i wanted.

      I don’t understand how and why these people set up businesses when they cannot fulfill the most fundamental aspect of running one .. providing your customers with the service or product you are selling!

  22. Hana says:

    Is there a way to get refund? Did anyone get a refund from this company?
    I had the same problem, I spend hours of making a calendar for my boyfriend to give him for christmas, then one day they all disappeared so I had to do everything again and by time I finished my group on voucher expired. Then I kept emailing them but no reply, so I had to pay whole price because I spend all this time and effort to do it for my boyfriend. Well I have still not received anything and it looks like I wont receive anything after seeing so many people having problem with it. It is a christmas present for my boyfriend, I spent days to make him this calendar, and I still have not received anything. They never reply to my emails. What kind a service is this? I am very disappointed and I cant believe I dealt with a company like printerpix especially for christmas. They not just making the cutomers unhappy, but also those who suppose get the presents. Why do they promise if they cant keep the promise? Just unfair and horrible. I am very very disappointed. I dont even know if there is a way to refund my money. I am a student and spent all the money I had on this calendar to give to my boyfriend now I wont even receive it for christmas and I wont even be able buy him something else. Its just horrible what printerpix are doing here. :@

    • michele says:

      Hi Hana

      I have the same issues with this company. Try emailing this guy at Printerpix. Toufeeq Hyder – toufeeq.hyder@printerinks.com

      Also get hold of Groupon regarding your initial order with them complaining about the fact that you could not finish the calendar due to there useless software on their website.

      You have the right to get a refund from printerpix as you have not received your order on the expected delivery time. But don’t hold your breath to get your refund before Christmas either.

      Groupon should give you your monies back and more so fight for it. Ask for a MANAGER from Groupon to contact you ASAP! Don’t take no for an answer and blame them as they should of NEVER used this company to promote their business!


      Good luck Hana….

  23. Portia says:

    Update on my issue. Groupon must have got in touch with them as I had an email yesterday to say that they would be dispatching my calendars first class. So, lets see what happens and what the quality is like. It is well worth chasing with Groupon. Incidentally, I was informed by a friend that the companies get nothing from Groupon and that they keep all the voucher money. The money the companies make is based on ‘extras’ – in this case, better paper etc. Not sure how true that is, but would go some way to explaining their lack of committment to our orders.

  24. Clare Evans says:

    I finally received ONE of my Printerpix calender today – six weeks after ordering it and the other FOUR i was meant to have are no where to be seen. I’ve just emailed Groupon demanding a refund. I am sick to death of trying to get in touch with Printerpix. What an absoulte bloody shambles!

  25. Nicola Ford says:

    I wish I would have seen this blog before placing an order for 2 30 x 20 canvas printer pix :-(( The numbers don’t work, emailing doesn’t seem to work (ive tried the names given above). Ive complained to groupon and yet to received a reply. The next step is trading standards, surely??? I feel that strongly to contact the police :-((((

  26. Ayesha says:

    Well, this is my experience; Bought two Printerpix vouchers from Livingsocial for a 26 page photobook. I’ve designed my first book and paid an extra £1.99 for a better paper quality, when I placed my order I got a message saying that my order hasn’t gone through, I tried to re-order the same book but it wouldn’t accept my voucher code and says that this code has already been used! I then receive an email saying that my order has been placed, and after checking my bank balance the £1.99 has been taken out of my account. That was on the 6th December and now it’s 22nd December, there’s still no sign of my book and I have emailed them twice with no response and every time I called them I get a message “ I’m sorry we’re having a system problems at the moment, please call back…..”. I have also emailed livingsocial (where I have purchased my vouchers from) explaining this and even they still haven’t bothered responding to me either. My second voucher runs out on the 27th December, so I thought since I don’t have a choice I may as well start designing my second book before it expires and place the order and wait patiently (god knows for how long!) until it arrives, BUT now Printerpix website won’t even allow me to upload any photos!
    Their service is absolutely degrading!!!!

    • michele says:

      Hi all. Just another update. Received a email saying my order has left last week and SUPRISING I received them all 10 calendars. So if you have received this email you should maybe ‘expect’ your delivery in the next few working days.

      I am happy with the quality for all my hard work I put into it! It is too late to send these as Christmas gifts for my family in South Africa. Even though I am happy about my buy, I WILL NEVER BUY FROM PRINTERPIX AGAIN!!!! AND ALL BEWARNED THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS! USING THIS COMPANY & GROUPON HAS CAUSED ME UNNECESSARY STRESS & LOTS OF EXTRA MONEY FOR ALL THE PHONE CALLS TO THEIR 0844 TEL NO!!!!!

  27. Ayesha says:

    By the way, this is now logged with Trading Standards and if need be I will take it to court!

  28. Portia says:

    Crikey! they actually arrived today! Not the best quality paper it has to be said even though I upgraded.
    Missed the post to USA to send to my daughter and even missed UK post now!
    In my case, all is kind of well that ends well, as the pictures have turned out relatively good.
    I would never use this company again. I will stick to my local Chemist where they are bigger and much better quality.
    Hope everyone else gets sorted. I suspect mine got done as I got Groupon to chase on my behalf.
    Merry Christmas

  29. Emma says:

    I ended up with 2 deliveries of them today too!! Very surprised that i know have 10 and not the 5 i ordered. Totally not worth the hassle though and they are not great quality but there is hope that you guys will receive something!

  30. Hannah says:

    I want to thank you for highlighting this – I also had problems. I ordered a book end Sept 11, it was delivered Oct 11 with a damaged cover, I had paid quite a lot on top of the amount from a groupon voucher so naturally complained. After numerous calls & emails I got a new book in DECEMBER 11!!! Twice I asked for an email to confirm a promise they had made, both time I was promised this and did not get it either time. I asked to speak to a manager and was told the manager was out but would ring me back – they never did. I asked for written apologies on many occaisions – never got one. They kept promising the replacement book would be a week or two, it never was.
    At least I got a replacement in the end, but the service was dsigusting, I’m still waiting for an apology, I reported them ti watchdog as well but never heard back. I’m now telling eveyone I know to avoid this company like the plague – they are awful. i’ll never buy anything from them again.

  31. annie says:

    Groupon should be ashamed of themselves, affiliating and promoting Printerpix. Printerpix cannot deliver and really dont care. I ordered a photo book months ago and have had similar experiences as everyone else. NOTHING happens! I still havent received my book.

  32. lynne robinson says:

    Oh my! I am now worried if i’ll recieve my 40 page leather bound photobook which i ordered this week using groupon voucher. I did have trouble ordering online but got through quickly to someone who did it over the phone. I then emailed a few days later to say payment hadn’t been taken and to make sure my order had gone through. Again they replied promptly to ensure it was being printed and would be 7-10 days.
    I hope it’s ok when it comes (it’s a mothers day gift) I will be back here if i have any problems.
    I’m guessing they just couldn’t cope with the run up to Xmas so hopefully they will have got their act together!

    • Barbara says:

      I ordered a photobook from this scam company last September thinking it would arrrive in plenty of time for my step daughter’s birthday in October. How naive I was – I am still waiting!! Not only that but I bought add ons on top of the voucher so they have fleeced me for more than £55. No number of pleading phone calls have made one iota of a difference and I am so angry that they seem to be able to get away with this. Groupon get your act together!!

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