DO NOT buy PrinterPix Groupon Vouchers for Leather Bound Photobooks – RIPOFF!

I don’t usually use my blog as a platform for complaints, but I am so outraged by the service of this company, I feel it needs to be shared! PRINTERPIX has no regard for their customers and have not bothered to acknowledge, nevermind respond to, my email complaints.

I am extremely PO’d with the printed photobook I recently received from PrinterPix – on TWO accounts. First of all, it arrived about 5 weeks later than promised and subsequently I wasn’t able to give it to the person it was intended for on my recent trip to South Africa (it was actually a joint gift – a collection of recipes and photos designed in an Alice in Wonderland theme to match the Hens Party – from friends and family for the bride, so not only did I let the bride down, but the other girls too!)

Before I left on my trip, I phoned and spoke to a PrinterPix consultant named Sadhir who ensured me the book would be printed that day (a Monday) and would be with my via Royal Mail by Wednesday (I was leaving Wednesday night and expressed my dismay because I had left ample time for the book to be printed and delivered when I ordered it, but PrinterPix did not fulfill their delivery promise – clearly stated on the website – maximum order and delivery times of 12 days for photobooks in particular.)
Sadhir tried to claim there was some kind of printer problem and that was why the orders were slow, but I confronted him and he admitted that PrinterPix had in fact received more Groupon orders than they could fulfill on time. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

My second problem with PrinterPix: poor product quality.

After my return from SA, the book had finally arrived only for me to discover that the last 6 or so pages of my design had all been printed black – as in, the whole page is black!? Also, some of the actually imagery and text is pixelated and looks terrible! What am I supposed to do with it now? I certainly don’t feel like wasting my money to post something so despicable to my friend in South Africa when it looks as it does, AND when it is already late (because they could not deliver on their promises)… Again, NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Two of the 7-odd offending black pages…

Severely pixelated printing – not cool…

Finally, after emailing PrinterPix early October, I have STILL not received a personal response from them (I got an automated one telling me they will get in touch within ‘a day or two’ – pah! Still waiting!) and I have since emailed them again to ask what is going on? (Haven’t bothered phoning because last time I tried I had to wait about 15 minutes before anyone answered…)

The service I have experienced from PrinterPix is disgusting and I guess it goes to show that not all ‘good deals’ pay off. To Groupon’s credit (I cc’d them in on my original complaint email), they have refunded the money I paid into my Groupon account (but I can only use it for another Groupon purchase so it’s not a proper refund) – I have actually now unsubscribed from their emails anyway because unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve been disappointed by one of their ‘deals’.

So now I sit and wait patiently for a response from PrinterPix… Something tells me I shouldn’t hold my breath…

UPDATE 13 Feb 2012 – Message from PrinterPix:

“We would like to ask that anyone with unresolved issues contact us at We are committed to satisfying our customers and do have customer service waiting to address your needs. Please post your concerns here: so that customer service does see it and can assist you to the best of our ability.”

Please read an update on my PrinterPix experience here (posted 16/11/11)

17/11/11:  I have just been phoned by PrinterPix and asked to remove my original posting (below) which I refuse to do as it is my right express my experiences through my blog…

May I remind all readers that if you have problems or complaints, please direct them to PrinterPix directly and don’t comment on this (or the other) post if you expect to receive help from them – they’ve asked for people to get in touch with them through correct channels. I recommend emailing them directly using both of the following two email addresses: and AND I suggest cc’ing Groupon in Thanks and thanks for reading…



280 thoughts on “DO NOT buy PrinterPix Groupon Vouchers for Leather Bound Photobooks – RIPOFF!

  1. Caron says:

    my voucher not looking a good deal then … but am having a problem even using the voucher as cannot add my finished project to the basket – can you tell me what I am missing or how to do that please ?

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Caron, thanks for reading – afraid I cant be of help, try contacting them maybe?
      Best wishes,
      The Bird

      • Mark Evans says:

        I have had problems with contacting the so called customer service at printerpix. All I want is confirmation of my order. I have e-mailed them 4 times since 2/11/11 with no response.

      • A says:

        hi andrea
        there is a facebook page
        Pinterpix complaints
        if we get enough likes and people on there then we can take it to the news and national papers please help spread the word
        thanks x

      • JN says:

        Have you ever tried contacting them?
        Most of the time they dont bother answering the phone, they dont reply to emails and if you do speak to someone they make promises they dont keep.

        I’ve hung on repeatedly trying to speak to someone and only gave up when the phone battery ran out!!

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Caron,
      We are sorry for the difficulties you are facing.
      Kindly contact us or provide us with a number to call you if you are still facing any problems with completing your order.

      We do regret the inconvenience you are facing.


      • Deborah Emslie says:

        Dear Printerpix

        I am sorry to see these feedback on this blog and would not like to have to complain in this way but I ordered by photosbook on 15th November and am still waiting.
        Your Order Number is 4867002
        Your Order Date is 15/11/2011 22:02:32
        Your Payment Method is Credit/Debit Card

        I sent a query on 2nd December and am still awaiting a reply. This particular item needs to be sent to Frnce before christmas. Can you please help.


        Debbie Emslie

      • ashley says:

        Dear printerpix team
        I am extremely concerned about my order and my 72 pictures of my children! i have emailed about 5 different email addresses and received no response what so ever i have tried ringing 5 times in which having being on hold for at least 40 minutes each time being cut off due to ‘technical difficulties’ i sent my last email tonight and included group-on and trading standards. My next step if i still receive no reply is the north west tv station
        Your Order Number is 4869871
        Your Order Date is 17/11/2011 23:16:21
        my email is
        if i had received contact back from yourselves regarding delays problems ect it wouldn’t be so bad but to just IGNORE your problems is an absolute joke and SO RUDE and i am not happy.

      • claire penter says:

        and me too please. I ordered 5 photobooks of my kids photos for relatives as Christmas presents. I recieved a random couples wedding photos. The name of the couples in the picsare Sophie and Jay Tucker and my order number is 4867907 My name is Claire Penter and im worried about the security of my childrens photos along with their names and other details which i trusted you with to print for family members not to send to strangers. Ive spent hours on the phone on hold to no avail and would like my photobooks and something towards phone bill and trouble caused!

      • Anna Sobolewska says:

        Dear PrinterPix,

        On Wednesday morning (14th of December) I’m off for holiday and I wanted to have my photobook with me, as it is a present for someone very important, unfortunately I still didn’t get any estimated date when photobook is going to arrive, I’ve sent a few mails with complains but you just keep ignoring me, so I never got any reply from you.

        My order details:

        Your Order Number is 4846769
        Your Order Date is 04/11/2011 22:55:12
        Your Payment Method is Credit/Debit Card

        If I don’t have this photobook with me on Wednesday, first thing I’m going to do after coming home from holiday is going to BBC and tell them about it… won’t be hard as I’m working literally on the other side of the street. I think Metro editors will be happy with an extra story as well. So God bless you if I don’t have this photobook with me by Wednesday 14th of December THIS YEAR!!!!!

      • eirian Alford says:

        You can contact me if you like. Ordered 5 photo-books totalling at £55 + 3 weeks ago and now I can’t even get hold of anyone as the phone seems to be not working!
        What has happened to my order?????

      • margaret hyman says:

        My order number is 4887258
        i ordered my print over a month ago you promise a 9-12 day wait I am still waiting!! I have e-mailed every day no-one has got back to me I have rang you numerous times every day and no-one answers. All i want to know is my order complete has it been dispatched? im leaving for my home in ireland on wed will it be here? please just let me know.

      • paul says:

        please will you contect me ( printer pix) as i’m still waiting for you to

    • Myriam says:

      I have a similar problem… whenever I want to enter my voucher I have the error message “Unrecognized Coupon Code”. I really don’t know what to do and my voucher expired on the 17th !!

      • PrinterPix Team says:

        Hi Myriam,
        Please send us an email with the Code details (PDF FIle), and we would make sure that you do not lose out on the offer. Apologies for the difficulties you have faced.


      • Myriam says:

        I already sent you various email with the voucher attached, I never got any reply

      • Myriam says:

        My voucher is expiring tomorrow all I can see is that Printer pix is not willing to solve the situation. I have sent various email that got NO reply at all.
        It’s very easy to answer asking me to send a message ! Could you read the one you received ???

      • David Hurley says:

        I’m surprised at these comments, as I have been very pleased with the product from printerpix, and have encountered only slight delays. However, I’ve just noticed a potential problem with the latest Groupon voucher, as it shows two different expiry dates, 6 Dec 2011 and 7 Dec 2012. I hope I can rely on the latter.

    • juanita says:

      i am having the same problem did you find any answers ? i tried ringing them on 08445678228 as shown on their website and it says the no. is not in use ??? looking a bit dodgy

      • Ceri P says:

        Hi Juanita!

        I’ve STILL heard NOTHING from Printerpix in response to my email and I am not willing to ring a local/national rate number as I will get charged by my phone provider and I don’t want to incur any further expense (time as well as money).
        Groupon UK have contacted me as a result of Tweeting my situation – still being totally IGNORED by Printerpix. Such a shame as being a freelance photographer I would have done a lot of repeat business.
        If these company’s cant deal with the high volume of ordered owing to having an offer on Groupon then they shouldn’t offer them in the first place, or limit the offer to an amount they KNOW they can handle. It’s simply unacceptable and poor practice in business and if I dealt with my clients in this way I would not have a business!


      • PrinterPix Team says:

        Hi Juanita,
        Please email us on the address mentioned below with your query and we would get back to you at the earliest. We do regret the inconvenience caused.


      • anne says:

        I have had that message as well when I phoned yesterday and today, when I put the code in it doesn’t take the money off. still trying to charge me full price and I have 2 vouchers, not good !!

      • KATRINA says:


    • Mike says:

      Its been 5 weeks since my order and reading the comments below tells me that PrinterPix are either incompetent or incapable (or both) of running their business.
      PrinterPix, your telephone number is not connecting. Your email address is not responding and basic courtesy is to at least provide some form of communication to manage my expectations.

      Order nos: 4863428 & 4863061

      Please, before I take further action elsewhere, tell me whether my order will be fulfilled and before Xmas.

      • Ceri P says:

        Well… My photobook arrived yesterday, hooray you might think – NO! The photobook is dire. I’m a freelance photographer do I know my photo’s are a good quality. I always shoot in RAW and I also know how to edit. The book however shows underexposed photo’s, odd colours, even cropped edges and some of the images join in the middle even though it didn’t show that or mention anything about spacing when I put the book together. I just give up now. I wish I had never bought the Groupon voucher and will be sticking to my trusty PhotoBox in future as every photobook I’ve had from them has been far superior in EVERY way!

    • Clive Myhill says:

      Just received my 20×30 canvas ordered via Groupon on 30/11/11 and I must say it’s exactly as I ordered so don’t give up and well done to printerpix

      • lisa says:

        there is hope then, ordered my canvas the same day as you so maybe mine will be here this week in time for christmas

      • Louise says:

        I finally managed to order my canvas on dec 6th and have just received an email to say it has been dispatched.There is hope! Fingers crossed!!! ill let you all know if it arrives and what its like. this is starting to feel like a printerpix support group!

    • emmacork says:

      Emma Cork, Dec-21 17:27 (GMT):
      Sudhir, Sonia, I am now extremly concerned as the promised Tue delivery has not arrived. In trying to resolve , I have come across a link to millions of complaints re your company and it looks very much like I will not be recieving my canvas’s for Xmas. Please have the decency to let me know the truth. I can then ask for a refund and purchase other gifts for Christmas. I am so dissapointed as I am sure many of your other customers are. Unfortunatly for you this service means more to people than the usual gift as it is such a personal present and to not be able to give is very upsetting. Please let me know either way, good or bad news Emma CorkFrom:

      • Louise says:

        Well i have semi good news. I ordered my canvas on 6th Dec. I got an email on monday night to say it was dispatched and it arrived today. The print quality is ok but the canvas has been attached to the frame like a badly wrapped present with corners sticking out everywhere.
        Better than nothing but not worth even the offer price.

    • Karla says:

      I had the same problem. I had to try around 30 times for it to go through to checkout over the course of a week and even then after paying for delivery I had no confirmation that my order had been accepted.When I went back to use it again to make sure,it said that the groupon code had been used so I dont know if I am going to receive my order. I have telephoned PrinterPix customer services but they dont accept any calls!

    • Marla says:

      The same thing is happening to me. I have spent hours, days and weeks putting together to book. Now, that time is wasted big time. I will dispute this fraudulent company with groupon

  2. Christine says:

    I disagree. I have been ordering from Printerpix since August. All my orders have been fulfilled on time. Except 2 orders in late August which were late by a few days. (Seems they had genuine issues with their printer). One of books had a page missing, but they sent me a whole new book for that. I have even bought vouchers for Calendars and Canvases from them. I am sure I am not going to have a problem.
    I don’t think it is fair to drag names, specially when he/she cannot defend himself/herself.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Christine,

      Glad to hear you seem to have had a better experience with PrinterPix than I.

      I am not “dragging names” anywhere, merely revisiting my experience with them (although I should point out that I am entitled to my opinion and to display it on my blog as I wish) and I would LOVE them to stand up for themselves and get in touch with me! I have tried contacting them and have sent them this link twice so they can see for themselves what I have written – they just cant seem to be bothered to get back to me…

      Genuine issues with their printer – well, I dont know, as I mentioned the person I spoke to initially admitted that they just couldn’t handle the amount of orders that had come through, but we’ll never really know will we!

      Anyway, good luck with the rest of your orders, thanks for reading –
      The Bird

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your comments. We aim to deliver the best, and hope to continue providing you with better service.

      We appreciate your sharing your experience on this blog and thank you again for your custom.


      • margaret hyman says:

        Printerpix Team…

        Stop taking us for fools!! you are asking us to contact you by e-mail or phone however you can see from most of the posts here you are not answering to both… Get your finger out you caused this situation stop hiding and at least get back to people so they are not waiting every day for the post to arrive…

  3. Duncan says:

    Similar issues. Received an email saying my Photobook had been despatch on 18/10. Still not arrived. Chased with emails and had no response. Made three very long calls (30 minutes plus) and only got answered once. They blame Royal Mail who can’t defend themselves, but this would be the only package that I haven’t received, and I have done a lot of online ordering recently with no other issues. Printerpix Facebook page is full of similar issues.

    • Andrea says:

      Sorry to hear that Duncan :(

      I’m just disappointed that it’s so hard for them to even respond to customer queries and problems – isn’t that Customer Service 101?!

      Good luck, hope it arrives!
      The Bird

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Duncan,
      We do regret the difficulty you have faced. If your order has stll not been delivered, please contact us, verifying your address. Alternatively, provide us with an order number so as to enable us to contact you.

      Thank you.


  4. simoncooteSimon says:


    I have been waiting for articles like this to appear. My name is Simon and we launched a family business late September, aimed at preserving memories, using photos, scans and text. The launch collided with the great push by the above company and others and our hearts melted as there is no way we could compete with these prices.
    I wrote a long article on our blog this weekend about this sort of offer, but have been advised not to post it. I have put it up for you to view with a password if you are interested let me know. Obviously being in the industry we dissect these offers and the blog details our analysis of this offer.


    • Andrea says:

      Hi Simon,

      Definitely interested, please email password to ands.barras {at}

      Thanks for reading and for getting in touch –

  5. PrinterPix Team says:

    Hi Andrea,
    We at Printerpix do regret the inconvenience you have faced. Please provide us with an order number so as to enable us to get in touch with you. If I am not mistaken with the name, this was to be your second order with us.
    You could also send me your email ticket numbers (the unanswered ones), your contact number and a good time to call. I would get in touch with you at the earliest.
    Apologies again for having missed out on an opportunity to serve you better.


    • Andrea says:

      Finally a reply! Thank you – I will be in touch shortly with a list of ALL my emails, their respective ticket numbers and my details (which you should have already as I’m sure they would have been supplied with my order?)

      Many thanks,

  6. Nicola says:

    I am now very worried… I have already started the process of trying to get in contact with these people, sending emails, calling etc and nothing. I am starting on the social media route and I hope that moves them into action. Here is my email to them:

    After spending literally hours on your website this weekend organising my photos for a photo book that I purchased off Groupon, when I went to check out, the photo book wouldn’t appear in my basket. I tried multiple browsers and followed all the instructions on your help page to no avail. Today I called up an 0800 number which I assumed would be free, only to be notified that I would be charged 7p per minute, and then your automated telephone answering service informed me that my call would be answered in 21 minutes, all the while being reminded how important customer service is to you and how important my call is. I do not have 21 minutes to wait for you to answer my call.

    The whole experience which has taken up at least 6 hours of my life has left me no closer to being able to place my order, and unbelievably I still have to go through this whole process two more times as I purchased three Groupons.

    My telephone number is xxxxxxx and my email address is xxxxx. That is also the email address that I used to create an account on your site.

    I would VERY much appreciate a swift and hassle free resolution to my issue so that I may go onto to complete the £39 pre-paid order on your site without any further hassle.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Nicola – it’s not a great feeling to be ignored is it! I would suggest copying and posting the above comment on their facebook page and also sending it directly to “” (got his email address when he posted the comment above – first I have heard from anyone at PrinterPix in a month!)
      GOOD LUCK!

      • Nicola says:

        Thanks Andrea! I too have got the *clever* idea of sending nice photo books back to SA… they are so expensive to do over there. Thanks for the email address! What a mess… the worst part is how they repeatedly state how important customer service is on their waiting message! Its irony to a very disgraceful level!

  7. Nicola says:

    Still nothing back from Sudhir… The voucher’s expire on Friday and if it takes as long to do the next two as it did the first one, I am going to have to take a day off work!

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Nicola,
      Your details have been received. We attempted a call to your mobile number you have provided, but unfortunately didn’t get through. One of our team members would get in touch with you tomorrow morning.
      Thank you for your interest and patience.


  8. kim says:

    I also have a groupon voucher that expires on friday ive been trying for days to do my pic album but the site does not work can you please help it says
    some server side error occurred if you see this message contact your web master .
    there are quite alot of people on twitter and facebook that are having the same problem
    i have bought many vouchers in the past on groupon and this is the first problem i have had with them .

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Kim,

      We are sorry for the difficulty you are facing. Please provide us with an order umber/telephone number or email us. We would getin touch with you within 24 hours.

      Thank you.


      • michele says:


        I am too finding it hard to call you, as no one answers your phones!

        I am trying to finish my Groupon order with you but having issues.

        Today is the dead line and I need to sort this. Your answer phone says it is 0 mins till someone answers your call…. and still holding 30 mins now???? What type of business are you running here?


  9. Lonnie says:

    I’m gonna have to second this.
    I have a Groupon code which I’m trying to enter into the checkout, but it will not recognise it.
    I tried calling them, but the number is disconnected. I then emailed them but am yet to receive a reply. As a last resort I left a message on their Facebook wall – which was instantly deleted.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Lonnie,

      Sorry to hear that :( I also left a message on their wall which has been deleted!

      See my reply to Kim (above your comment) – try emailing them on those addresses and cc Groupon in (they refunded the cost of the voucher and I also think its important that they know how bad the service is from one of their clients)

      GOOD LUCK!

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Lonnie,

      We do regret the inconvenience you have faced. Kindly provide us with an order number/telephone number to enable us to contact you. You could also email us to the address in the above posts.
      Thank you for our patience,

  10. Lonnie says:

    Cheers Andrea, I will do.
    The phone number is now working again, but expected waiting time is 35 mins.
    Should have stuck with Snapfish

  11. Amanda Couzens says:

    Argh my voucher expires today i have spent all week working on a book for my nana and now i can’t purchase i am getting very frustrated if anyone can help please mail me many thanks

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Amanda,
      We are sorry for the difficulty you have faced. One of our team member would get in touch with you.
      Thank you for your interest and your patience.


  12. Nadiya says:

    You can add me to your group of very disheartened customer. I purchased the groupon deal for precious holiday photos which I cannot get back from my pc which died. I made whole photobook of 60 pages and ready to pay for the extra but my groupon code is not being recognised. They respond to your emails after a week after telling you they will respond within 48 hours – what a joke!

    Surely Printerpix need to get their act together and realise that such bad customer service only gives them a bad name. All they do is stend silly sorry emails and it is frustrating. I do alot of photography and am always using photobook websites and printerpix is by farthe worst service I have received.

    I will never use them again after this because they just do not seem to realise how important photos can be for someone! And I will never recommend then to friends and fasmily.

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Nadiya,

      We do regret the difficulties you have faced with your order. Please provide an email address, or email us directly to the address given above, and we would contact you.


  13. Chloe says:

    Same issues as Nicola, I go to checkout and it says there is nothing in my basket. Cookies all sorted 6 have tried it on several browsers but still the same problem. Nightmare! Hoping customer services will reply to my email asap as this is for a gift.

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Chloe,
      We regret the difficulties faced by you. Please email me on the email address given above your telephone numbers and we would get in touch with you. No issues are currently being reported about the website.

      • Harry says:

        I’m afraid you do have some issues. Either your servers clearly cannot cope with the demand you have created for yourselves, or you have a serious software/hardware malfunction preventing products from appearing in the basket! I spent a good hour tonight trying to add a calendar to my basket with no success whatsoever. My experience is exactly the same as Chloe’s above and others mentioned on this site.

  14. Alison says:

    With all these problems everyone is having it seems strange that PrinterPix are running the same offer on Groupon again. Are they more interested in getting orders than dealing with the ones they have!

    Only sold 18 with 5 hours to go, perhaps people are reading this as religiously as I,
    once bitten, twice shy!!!!

    Thanks Andrea, it appears you have become the complaints depart for these people, wasn’t theirs working, or did they even have one?

  15. elaine says:

    I have waited 40 days for my leather bound photo books 5 phone calls and 6 unreplied emails later I am still waiting. I was promised a refund of p and p charges 7 days ago and guess what its still not been refunded. This was bought as a gift for a birthday which is now long past……avoid at all costs

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Elaine,
      We do apologise for the inconvenience you have faced. Please provide us with your order number or email us to the address given above and we would ensure a quick resolution to your query.


  16. Gavin says:


    I have had a similar experience of a badly printed book and very poor customer service! I have over 10 years experience as a Graphic Designer and have never seen any digital print as bad as the book I received. Somehow they have turned all my pictures green! I have tried contacting customer services by email and phone but always get empty promises by phone and no replies to my emails. They have issued me a Reference number: LTK5250811699X which is totally useless since they don’t follow up any previous correspondence. Avoid PrinterPix or be prepared to be let down.

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Gavin,
      We do apologise for the difficulties you are facing. Thank you for including your reference number. We would get in touch with you tomorrow morning.


      • Gavin says:

        Still no solution despite the above promise! DO NOT USE THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY.

      • PrinterPix Team says:

        Hi Gavin,
        We have tried to call you and have sent an email today. Please reply back with your instructions. We do regret the inconvenience you have faced.


  17. Anna says:

    I have exactly same problem with pronterpix. It was supposed to be joint gift from all grandchildren to my grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary, but it has not been delivered yet. I have ordered a photobook over a month ago, called them 8 times, first they said its printed and will be send same day, after few days they said its not printed due to printer problems and will be fixed next day. Same day they send me email that its dispatched and since then they keep telling that will be with me next day. And the party was last weekend, so I let my family down. They told me couple of time that they will check with logistic and call me back within 15 min, but never did! I absolutely hate dealing with pronterpix.

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Anna,

      We do regret the problems you have faced with the order. Please provide us with your order number or email us to the address given above and we would ensure a quick resolution to your query.


  18. Angi says:

    Similar problems here – half way through uploading the photos the process just stopped and said there was a server problem. All the photos have previously been uploaded to Albelli and Asda for prints and albums, so I know there’s no problem with the files. We tried all evening and eventually gave up when we realised that even if we DID get them uploaded, we wouldn’t have time to make a decent album before bedtime!

    I saved screendumps of the process problems and sent in a customer service comment asking for help uploading the remaining photos and an extension to the voucher period since it was clearly a problem at their end.

    Since when…. nothing. I’ve e-mailed this morning, so fingers crossed!

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Angi,
      Please email us to the address given above if your query has not yet been resolved. We do regret the difficulty you have faced.


  19. Laura Cook says:

    i don’t normally do this type of thing but I am absolutely appalled with Printerpix.
    I ordered my photo book from groupon on the 24th October for my book to arrive on 3rd November, when I opened my book it was intact someone elses book and not mine! I tried to call them straight away but the wait time was 26 minutes so I emailed instead, by the following monday I still hadn’t received a response! So I had to call them and wait for 22 minutes on the phone, I was told I had to send the book back and they would look into my order and receive an email with return address etc. Funnily enough I never received the email so again I had to call them and wait nearly 20 minutes again, same man I spoke to ‘Toufeeq’ who wouldn’t listen to me and kept speaking over me, he sent the email whilst I was on the phone and said he would again look for my book. About twenty minutes later I received another email saying thankyou for my order etc and my book would be with me in 8-10 days!! As you can imagined I was fuming by this point, again tried to email and had no response so yesterday I had to phone them again and wait another 15 minutes on the phone. Apparently my book is on the priority list, the amount of times I’ve told them I need it by tomorrow is getting ridiculous! Immeant to be either having my book dispatched today or I’ll be receiving a phonecall, I am not holding my breath for either!
    I will also be emailing Groupon!
    Do anyone do not use printerpix if you want to buy a present!!!!

      • Olivia says:

        Hi, i’ve had similar problems with this company. when i get to the checkout page and enter my Groupon voucher codes it keeps teling me that they are not recognised. i’ve emailed printer pix and but still waitign a reply , my ticket no. is Ticket# LTK5250872227X. I’m now very worried from what i’ve read here. I cannot believe that this is allowed to happen, surely Groupon have to take some responsibiltiy for associating with this company…

      • Laura Cook says:

        And surprise I have heard nothing today and I’ve emailed them 4 times as I can’t sit on the phone waiting getting angrier and angrier! So thank you printer pix you’ve messed up my best friends 30th present!!!
        The photo book that belongs to me will not be sent back until I receive mine so sorry to whoever’s book it is!

  20. Andy says:

    Had a problem with Calendar offer – Paid £17 for 5 and got 1. Won’t respond to Phone or Email.

  21. Angi says:

    I’ve just tried calling again and the current wait time for customer service is 51 minutes. Still no response to original enquiry or follow-up e-mail. I’m really appalled by the behaviour of this company.

  22. Fiona Crompton says:

    This company is a disgrace. DO NOT USE THEM.I have ordered calendars from them. They have not arrived despite 3 phone calls and an e mail which has not been replied to. I can only assume their staff are trained to be evasive or frankly disshonest to customers who are trying to get sattisfaction. The phone call from them to me, promised today did not happen. I have wasted a lot of money, time and stress trying to get a sattisfactory result to no avail. Groupon seem less than interested when contacted.STEAR WELL CLEAR.

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Fiona,
      We do apologise for the inconvenience caused. Your order was dispatched on 12/11/11. Please feel free to email us on the address given above if yu have any further queries.


  23. Lucy Tipper says:

    Sadly I have had the same problems, I ordered 3 photo books and then two days later 4 calendars, I am still waiting for the photo books but the calendars arrived and the quality was beyond a joke. I went on and cancelled the photo books and requested a refund and three days later they decided to dispatch my order. Phoning is a waste of time and I do not have the money to go somewhere else, total shambles!

  24. Ana Hughes says:

    Oh dear .. absolutely horrified by what I have read here. I guess I should have started reading before I created my book. I have not been able to submit my order as on checkout it tells me my Voucher code has expired – which it does not until 22/11.
    I have called Groupon and they have told me they will be sending the voucher code directly to Printerpix and for me to try again in a couple of days. I am hoping that this will be resolved as it is a 40th BD present … Next time I will go to Photobox or Jessops – they have never let me down :(

    • PrinterPix Team says:

      Hi Ana,

      We do regret the inconvenience you have faced. Please email us your Voucher Code details to the email address given above and we would get in touch with you at the earliest. Please also include your email address you would have used to register on our website.


  25. try2write says:

    I would think long and hard before you go ahead with this. I still can’t get through to Printerpix and am taking the view that I’ll get off lightly by only losing £8. Lots of other people have lost much more as they’ve bought multiple vouchers, upgraded by adding extra features, added extra pages and then paid postage. If it’s for a gift you’ll want to quality to be better than some people have described, both here and on moneysavingexpert (search forum for printerpix to find the thread). Personally, I’d go somewhere else, especially if you’ve got a birthday deadline. Good luck!

  26. Alison says:

    I gave up and went to for my photo book, similar photo software, but excellent service, book was printed and delivered in 7 days. Product was great quality, excellent print quality, excellent paper and it even came pre-wrapped. They even gave me a 20% discount after I sent them an email detailing the problems i had had with other suppliers, It may still work as they said it was vaild until the end of november code was Benjoy20.
    What ever you decide I wish you the best of luck.

  27. angi says:

    I’ve had an excellent album from Albelli and I’ve heard good things about Photobox, although no personal experience of their product or customer service.

    Thanks for the bathtubadmiral suggestion. Off to have a look…… :)

    • Anna says:

      I have been using albelli previously. No problems. Easy software. Book was with me within a week and very nice print. Printerpix is just a joke of a company. I ordered my photobook on 5th of October and after 8 calls still nothing…

      • Angi says:

        Albelli came out top on the gadget show tests, too – I’ve posted the link below.

  28. Ana Hughes says:

    Thanks .. problem is the time I have spent doing the album … a good 3-4 nights work :( .. I will have a look at those suggestions thank you

  29. Ceri P says:

    I’ve also had a nightmare with this company. Bought a Groupon voucher for a photobook as I wanted to have a portfolio for my freelance photography business. Well after spending hours editing together my photo’s and designing it as a portfolio when I went to check out it just kept reverting to a page that said there was nothing in my basket even though there was!! There was a link to click if you had reached the page in error so I clicked the link and brought up a whole load of mumbo jumbo about cookie settings! Made no sense whatsoever and never have ANY problem using PhotoBox!! Well I emailed the company and had no reply so forwarded the email to the addresses you mention in your blog. Three times I have emailed them now with not even an acknowledgement!! Yesterday I Tweeted about it and Groupon have come back and I’ve forwarded my email to them at – at least Groupon have noted it (I also copied sudhir in on this email, just to keep him in the “loop”)
    Just remains to be seen now what happens next. What bothers me is not so much the cost but the time and effort I put into this photobook as it represents my work/business. I will update if I hear more. Thanks for blogging on this though. Much appreciate it!


    • juanita says:

      hi ceri i am very interested to hear how you got on your story is the very same as mine !! very frustrating to say the least

      • Ceri P says:

        Hi Juanita and everyone!

        I have an update on my situation. Since I got no reply to any email I sent to PrinterPix I decided to Tweet about it. Groupon replied and asked my to forward emails to them which it did. They contacted PrinterPix on my behalf – then last night I added my photobook to my basket again and checked out – added my Groupon code (which expired 7th November) and hey presto it actually deducted the voucher and I was able to pay the £4.50 p&p and recieved confirmation that my photobook purchase was complete.
        Today I missed a call from Sudhir from PrinterPix (I was in a meeting so couldn’t take call) He left a voicemail apologising for not replying sooner and confirmed my photobook was being processed. I’m starting to think that Sudhir is the only person who actually deals with complaints in this company and I do pity him having to deal with all our problems. I think PrinterPix took on more than they could handle with this offer.
        Remains to be seen now on how the photobook will turn out and how long it will take. I will update again when I recieve it!
        Good luck everyone!
        Ceri x

  30. Liz Fleming says:

    I tried on three seperate occasions to redeam my groupon voucher with printerpix. Each time I went throught the entire process of placing pictures and writing captions. Unfortunately each attempt ended in failure with printerpix accepting the voucher but making no reduction. On further investigation I relised that the only reduction was on second and subsequent copies ordered. This is not mentioned on the groupon voucher.

  31. Perdy says:

    Ceri P,

    I am also having the same problem! After days of waiting for the site to work-I finally completed my project (It took another few days and frustration) only to find that upon completion would not add to cart. Tried this in 3 browsers. I have come back to this refreshed and ready to start trying again this morning only to find that everything has been wiped!!! All my photos, and my finished project!!!! I would be quicker hand drawing portraits of my family! Have tried to call again, good news phone lines are working this time but there is a wait time of 21 minutes for my call to be answered! So I have emailed and copied in poor Sudhir and hoping to get this sorted before the calendar runs out!

  32. Angi says:

    Fair play to Groupon. I e-mailed them and added the links for both this page and the moneysavingexpert thread on the same topic to show that it was a common problem, not just me being incapable! I’ve had a pleasant and apologetic response from Groupon and credit added to my account. Ok, not quite as good as a refund, but an acceptable compromise.

  33. Lisa says:

    I too am having issues with printerpix.
    I am posting my complaint here in the hope that printerpix is listening and will respond.

    I have had the same experience –
    my photo books have still not arrived – “due to machine fault”.
    I have emailed 4 times – still waiting for a reply.

    PLEASE contact me printerpix!!!

  34. Pat says:

    I have a groupon deal which expires today. I can’t add anything to my basket though. I have been emailing for days now and this still hasn’t been sorted out for me, they sent one reply which didn’t help and nothing since. Massively frustrating!!!!!!! Printerpix people, any chance of a reply through here?? And please don’t tell me to email again – that’s been getting me nowhere!

  35. Bubula says:

    Hello everyone.

    After reading your comments Iam glad Iam not the only one who has such problems. I think it is very clear now that we can all forget about what we bought and what we were looking for (making gifts for our friends, families, ourselves, etc …).

    I do not care about 50euros lost (however I wouldn´t mind to get them back), but Iam terribly dissapointed and pissed off what happened. I have look that the great photo book offer was bought by 3000 people in Ireland and 18000 people in UK … multiplied by Euros / Pounds 10 on average the Printerpix company has earned Euros / Pounds 210000!!! What are they going to do with those money? Travel around the world? … They can not just keep the money and dont supply the products we have bought. The Printerpix robbed us all!

    Hope so there will be some remedy and punishment of the Printerpix company soon done!! And moreover unfortunately Iam not getting any reply / explanation / apology from customers support team of Groupon city deal neither …. which is very sad

  36. ren says:

    i spent hours the other night completing my photobook and it just wont let me add to my basket. does anyone know what i am doing wrong

    • Perdy says:

      Ren, I think quite a few people are having the same problems-this is what happened to me, then when returning to the project the next day it had dissapeared and I am no longer able to create an album……frustrating. I have emailed twice, if you get a response let me know what they say!!

  37. Amanda says:


    I’ve had the misfortune of ordering 2 calenders from the useless company known as Printerpix. They are rude, unhelpful, lying scumbags.

    I have now been waiting 40 days for my products, even though they state it will arrive between 8-10 days. They took the money from my account just 2 days after the transaction. 4 phonecalls, 2 e-mails and 1 hand written letter later, I still have NO explanation as to where my purchase is, or when they will arrive, and will they even arrive?!

    Printerpix idea of customer service is to keep you waiting for 30 mins plus on the phone whilst they tell you that your purchase will arrive in 3 days… liars.

    I would appreciate a reply PrinterPix, as no one seems to pick up your phone or read you e-mail…


  38. Daphne says:

    I also cannot access my basket (project)and my voucher is about to expire! Totally not cool as I am afraid I will lose out! Please get in touch and advise me what I should do!!

  39. Dr Anastasia Bem Haehnelt says:

    DO NOT USE PRINTERPIX GROUPON vouchers ! It is a fraud!

    I have bought 3 x* pound vouchers and spent two week ends creating “Early Christmas presents” but could not check out, so lost my time and my money. Needless to say, heard nothing from the company ever since!


  40. Dave says:

    I’ve had similar problems. Been waiting 7 weeks for my calendar and still no sign of it. Tried emailing Printerpix 3 times – no response other than an email confirming receipt of my email. Tried to call them as well, gave up after 20 minutes of waiting in their queue which just keeps repeating that the estimated time is only 2 minutes.
    Very poor service from these cowboys, I’ve contacted my bank to retrieve my money from these con artists. Avoid this company at all costs – If they have taken your money I suggest you shouldn’t waste your time trying to contact them after my experiences, just call your bank and retrieve your money through your bank, DON’T LET THEM RIP YOU OFF!!

  41. jess says:

    my orders a bit late aswell , i was just about to email printerpix but saw this.
    i ordered my book for my photography exhibition wich is in few weeks, i’m getting a bit worried now :/

    • Ceri P says:

      Hi Jess

      I’ve had problems with them too and have mentioned it here. Still waiting for mine as a portfolio of my work as I’m a freelance photographer and I wanted it to show my clients. At first I couldn’t even buy it as it wouldn’t add to my basket – try tweeting your problem and add @PrinterPix – mine is apparently on the way… We shall see! I’m sticking with PhotoBox in future as I’ve never had any problems with them.

      Good luck!

      Ceri :0)

  42. lesley says:

    I totally agree printerpix has the worst customer service I have ever come across I have emailed and rang several times. emails are firstly answered with an automated response saying they will get back to you. I have sent two got half a response from one. A phone call answered once and the person that answered hadn’t a clue and asked me to ring back , each time I rang back waited 30 mins and still kept on hold. Terrible , terrible company to deal with, Lesley

  43. holly t says:

    my photobook still has not arrived, despite being ordered weeks ago. I have emailed Printerpix and still have not received a reply, nor did any of my calls get answered. My order number is 4847788 and my email address is

  44. Anna says:

    I have ordered my photobook on the 5th of october and still did not get it. I was wondering if there is anyone who actually managed to sort out the problem with printerpix?? I called them 9 times already and still nothing. Maybe it is the time to report them to national Consumer Agency.

  45. Chloe says:


    Finally received my photobook after all the issues with it not showing in the basket at checkout, and it’s absolute rubbish: Thin, cheap & plasticky hardcover and a red tint to all the photos so we all look like we’ve got hideous sunburn. Dull image quality and random white borders to some photos. A total waste of the hours it took to put it together, & the money spent on the Groupon offer.

  46. Michael says:

    One problem with Groupon is that sometimes firms offering a discount to improve their customer base are simply overwhelmed by the response – this recently happened to a small company making cupcakes – the response was so overwhelming they were almost put out of business, having to take on extra staff – and drop quality – to fulfill orders, all of which were at a loss.
    I think you have to roll with the punch – I have had some stupendous deals – which is why Groupon is popular – but now and again (three in my case) one goes belly-up and you need to demand and settle for a refund. A Groupon credit is fine – there will be another along soon, like a 23 bus/
    But never rely on a Groupon for anything important like a serious gift – pay the full price elsewhere!

    • Angi says:

      I fully understand your point Michael, but that simply shows a level of naivety on the part of the businesses involved. Groupon offers don’t just ‘run for the day’ – they can be capped at a certain number, after which the offer is flagged as ‘sold out’. If a cupcake company is overwhelmed, that’s their fault for taking on more orders than they could possibly fulfill. Similarly hotels and restaurants that offer weekend breaks or meals should realise that the take-up will inevitably be heavier at the end of the voucher period – another problem area for Groupon customers.
      And yes, I’ve had some great deal too, so was OK with a credit as I’ll use it up soon.

      • Gray says:

        I think you are confusing naivety with greed. Even with the mass of unhappy customers (have you seen there facebook wall) this company continues to do deal-of-the-day offers – Alison comment 06/11/2011 and they continued to run offers after that. Getting more and more orders in on top of what they could not produce and therefore adding more and more unsuspecting customers to the queue of their already proven woefully inadequate customer services.
        Surely some acceptance of guilt has to fall at Groupon’s feet as they must be aware of the above issues yet they continue to run offers with printerpix. I received an email offer 40% off all photo products from printerpix today which rubs salt into the wounds somewhat!

      • Myriam says:

        I agree with you 100% Gray. I also received this email today, and could not believe it.

      • Angi says:

        With respect to Groupon, I agree with you totally too. However, I think some businesses, such as the cupcake company underestimate the volume and others such as some of the hotels and restaurants, don’t think through the scheduling of take-up. That I think is naivety, or inexperience. Where companies continue to offer new Groupon deals without satisfying the existing customers, yes, greed. Or if they are deliberately setting out with the intention of not completing orders, then maybe fraud wouldn’t be too strong a word.

  47. Moomoo says:

    My brother-in-law are having problems with them at the moment. Their order has taken 6 weeks up until now. What has really made me angry on their behalf is the fact that this useless company will not allow negative comments on their facebook page. Any negative wall posts get deleted immediately. The only way to correspond with them via that page is to put your enquiry under one of their happy customer quotations. The only positive is that I now know to avoid this company at all costs!!!

    • Wendy says:

      I, too am very annoyed with Printerpix as I feel they have wasted my time and stopped me receiving a photo book to send to my family abroad in time for Christmas.
      I,found it took significantly longer to make a personalised album than on equivalent sites such as Photobox – very difficult to move photos around.
      When I finally completed it, I found they had added VAT to my bill. I decided not to order it, but speak to them on Monday, however, the person who dealt with my call could not help me at all. she said someone would ring me back, but they didn’t. I then rang Groupon who told me that you were aware of this, but the problem was being sorted. I tried going online a few more times, but somehow the album seemed to have moved to landscape, although I definitely put in the Groupon square album in initially. This also increased the price. Yesterday I finally got to speak to someone and, after being kept waiting ages, on my phone bill, I was told that they couldn’t help and that I will need to re-order and, in effect, redo the album after which they claim I won’t be charged VAT. They told me that there was nothing else they could do to help me or to get the album to me in less than 15 days. I am extremely annoyed about this as it was due to be a Christmas present for my family in New Zealand and I wil not now get it in time to send on to them. When I asked to speak to a manager they said that they were busy, and, when I asked for them to get back to me, was told that they were unlikely to ting me back!
      As such I am both extremely disappointed and very annoyed at a) the lack of album for my family, b) the attitude of the company c) their
      inefficiency and d) the cost of calls I have had to make!!
      In conclusion – ANOTHER very dissatisfied customer – and that’s without seeing an end-product!

  48. Alison says:

    There is not VAT on Photo books:
    “A tax court has ruled that HM Revenue & Customs should not have charged photo-processing firm Truprint £545,800 in VAT for selling the printed and bound books of favourite pictures which can be ordered online.

    The albums have now been classified as books – meaning they should have been zero-rated.”

    Read more:

  49. Cloris Long says:

    I have unfortunately had a terrible experience with Printerpix.
    I still have an order from September that is not received. At first, I received responses from customer service, but now it is just unresponsive.
    I would not recommend doing business with this company.

  50. dave says:

    Finally had my photo calendar turn up, 6 weeks after ordering it. The calendar itself was ok. I will still never be using printerpix again, mainly due to the rubbish customer services. How difficult is it to reply to an email?? or pick up the phone???

  51. Alex says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Printerpix is THE worset company I’ve ever had to deal with. I also received a faulty photobook and 3 months later after many many calls and emails I still haven’t received a replacement.
    I have had every excuse in the book when calling. From:
    “My computer has crashed, can I call you back” (never did)
    “The people you need to speak to have gone home, can I call you back tomorrow” (never did)
    “I don’t know what to do, can I get someone to call you back” (never did)

    I have also been told several times that the problem was sorted and i’d been sent a replacement (never received one)

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I am so angry at the time and effort i put into my photobook, which was supposed to be a present, only to have wasted my time and my money.

    I will be making sure no-one I know uses Printerpix and telling as many people as possible to stay away!

    PS – tried calling a few times recently and every time I am told there is a 20 minute wait. This never used to be the case. Basically they are trying to make people hang up before they even get through. Disgusting!

  52. Ceri P says:

    Still waiting for my photobook and I notice on Groupon that PrinterPix are doing ANOTHER DEAL – this time for canvas prints. I feel really frustrated by this as they STILL haven’t cleared up the backlog/mess from the photobooks!! To think, if my experience had gone smoothly I’d be purchasing several canvas prints for by clients (as a freelance photographer). Thanks all the same but I need a fast turnaround – I find this keeps my clients happy, repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals… Hmmm who’d have guessed it?! :0\

  53. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for this, thankfully I noticed this when I googled printerpix. I have downloaded my photos but will not waste my time making the book. You have saved me hours of work and phonecalls by the looks of it !!!!!!!!!!!! I used a groupon voucher for 2M photobooks, they were brilliant. Received a beautiful book in just over 1 week.

    • Andrea says:

      Brilliant Charlotte – glad to see my post is making a difference :) Thanks and good luck!

  54. Leigh says:

    I am absolutely outraged with PRINTERPIX I order a calendar 31st october and 5 phone calls later having waiting over 30mins each time, unresponded emails and still no calendar!!!! Iv been told that iv been put on the priority list 4 times and my order will be sent out within 72 hours……..yeah right!!!! Iv also rung today was on hold for 32 mins before I was able to speak to a very rude lady who told me there was no manager available to speak to me, first there was no manager in the office and then they where in a meeting!!! What is the truth….. that PRINTERPIX are unable to give me an answer as to when my order will arrive Becouse they dont care!!! I’m due to move house next week and had ordered the calendar as a present do I think my order will arrive in time…… I think I would have more chance of a pig flying

    • Anna says:

      I understand very well. I am planning to complain to UK consumer agency. I have ordered my photobook 5th of October, called 12 times. Was put on priority list many times as well.
      It was supposed to be present which did not arrive on time obviously. Many times they were supposed to confirm whats happening and call me back and never ever anything from them! And manager was never there neither. They even say that the book was dispatched but lost in post. I will definitely make sure that no one I know will ever use Printerpix!

      • Andrea says:

        Anna – feel free to give them a link to all the comments on this blog post when you complain! Seems to be getting out of hand!

  55. claire says:

    so angry with priterpix . i bought voucher for 5 x canvas’s for my mum for xmas .

    wont take code when its time to enter it .

    i have emailed them 7 times no reply

    such a disgrace esp when i would of done a lot of ordering with them .

    im emailing from australia so find my self up late trying to contact them ‘gropon cant fix prob either

    such a waste of my time and energy .

    im writing this in hope they see this and reply

    dont ask me to call you unless you can give me a different number then the freecall one because i cant call that from australia

    dont ask me to email you as I have 7 times ..

    get your act together and stop making fool of us honest people

    its not fair

    i spent 50 euro on gifts for my mother for xmas and now i have fear she wont get them it was of pics of my wedding something very special to me .. thanks for upseting me at xmas .

    ye can contact me …. ( i wont hold my breath though)

    has anyone another number for them ?????

  56. Perdy says:

    Is anyone having problems getting a response from Groupon? I have sent then a few emails asking if there is anything they can do (Although I understand they are not responsible for a third party) I have yet to have any response at all from them? I did get a response from Printerpix via email stating that my calendar would be sent midweek-but I am doubtful that this will happen as my project has dissapeared and I was unable to add to cart. I also ordered 5 (DOH) so I am gutted:(

    • Angi says:

      I got my Printerpix charge credited to my Groupon account – not as good as a refund, but better than nowt! I sent Groupon an e-mail on detailing the problems I’d had. I pointed out that many other people were having the same issues, and I included links to both this thread and the one on moneysavingexpert.
      You say “they are not responsible for a third party” but in fact you have bought a ‘product’ in the form of a redeemable coupon from Groupon, and it is only Groupon who can refund you.

  57. Angi says:

    A couple of interesting articles about Groupon – one from the Guardian, and the follow-up a week later. One from the Beeb.

    “Groupon holds on to all the funds until the voucher has been used and redeemed. Thousands of vouchers do not get redeemed, and if the use-by date has passed we understand Groupon retains the funds”

  58. Gail says:

    Yet another dissatisfied customer, spent hours putting my calender together, intended as a Christmas Gift. Guess what, it didn’t arrive, its only a about 3 weeks late, phoned and got through quickly to be told it would be sent the following Monday, that was two weeks ago, emails have not been responded too. I think an email to Watchdog is in order now, from what I have read it would seem pointless wasting my energy contacting Printerdix.

  59. R says:

    Unfortunately I have had a similar experience to many of the writers on this post – ordered 3 photobooks, still not delivered one month later. Emailed to find out delivery date- email auto-acknowledged but no response, called the customer service number, waited 11 minutes on the phone to get through to someone – who promised to call back the same day but didn’t call back….

    Will update if I get a resolution but otherwise will be taking it up with Groupon

  60. James says:


    I placed my order with Printerpix for 3 books on September 27th and I still have not received my books.

    This is utterly ridiculous. I must have called them at least 10 times between my order and now to figure out the problem. It is a total disgrace that they can continue to conduct business in this way and it is even more appalling that companies like groupon continue to offer their services.

    Each time I call, I am fobbed off with a “broken machine”, “technical problem”, “postal error” message. Also, because I am based in Ireland, they will not telephone me back as they cannot call International number from their call centre. Farcical!

    Quite unsure as to what to do as my total order was in excess of £100.

    It really is shocking that one must rely on a random, relevant blog post to gain the attention of this nasty little scamming company.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for the comment James, sorry to hear about your troubles – as you can see, you are not alone!

      I dont actually think printerpix are looking at or responding to comments on this post any more as they have stopped replying completely to people here, so I wouldnt hold your breath if you expect to hear from them :(

      Hopefully people come through with their complaints to various ‘watch dogs’ because this company really needs to sort out their existing problems before trying to take on even more orders through Groupon…

      Good luck with your books, I hope by some miracle they arrive soon!


    • bigmax says:

      see big max note below – look into if Groupon are jouinly liable as they sold the original vouchers (like credit card purchases) – even better if you paid by credit card

  61. Penny Ford says:

    My Groupon code is not recognised called twice and they said they they would activate it but nothing has happened yet please activate so I can get this over and done with!

  62. Gurpreet says:

    2 days on…still can’t submit my photos. It has taken me in the region of 6 hours to try and upload photos and submit. I have bought 6 photo books and cannot seem to upload and submit payment. It has taken absolutely ages. I have e-mailed Printerpix and called them numerous time but cannot seem to speak to a human individual. This is ridiculous. Groupon should vet companies before taking them on to advertise. I have now got in touch with Groupon to get a refund on 5 out of 6 of my purchases. I hope to receive this payment back.

    • harkin says:

      I know I should have checked the company out first but I didn’t (pure laziness) – I did have some issues tonight placing my order – the site ran very, very slowly and I experienced the same problem as other people whereby the finished article wouldn’t go into the basket. Having said this I did manage to place the order (4900868) and the preview looked very good.

      Despite all of the negative comments I’m going to keep my positive head on that the order will come before christmas and will look as good as it did in the preview.

      Positive thoughts :)

      • Angi says:

        I hope the finished article lives up to expectations. Let us know if (sorry, when!) it arrives. Keep positive! :)

      • Claire Harkin says:

        Arrived today :) it looks exactly like it did on the preview – positive thoughts obviously work :)

  63. Gez says:

    I’ve also got a groupon vocher which expires tomorrow, I’ve spent the past week putting together my photobook, it took so long because the system was so slow and then would randomly crash. Then despite the claim that your work will be saved that didn’t happen for me and I had to redo my book from the beginning – very annoying! Anyway i finally got it finished after another 5hrs (I’m not kidding) and when I got to the payment page it just went into a constant loop and never finalised the order. i checked my basket and it said there was nothing in there so I guess I’m in the same boat as a lot of others on here. I checked the contact details and the phones will not be answered tomorrow 6th Dec due to a holiday so as my voucher expires on 6th and I can’t get any assistance I have probably lost out completely on my book. I will be complaining to Groupon about this company as there is obviously a problem here.

  64. Heather McDonagh says:

    Hi everyone,
    Well after experiencing the same problems as everyone else – unanswered emails and long waits on the phone – I decided to find out if anyone else had had problems with Printerpix and found this blog. I have to say my heart sank. After spending hours and hours creating a photo book for my son, recalling a holiday to Disney World which will never be repeated, I was worried that I had wasted my time and money.

    Yesterday I sent an email to the two email addresses given above (and copied in groupon and bbc watchdog for good measure).

    A couple of hours later I got an email from printerpix telling me that my order had been dispatched. I took it a pinch of salt and thought that it must have been sent as a measure to make me think all was in order.

    I actually received the book today, much to my surprise, and am very pleased with it.

    Nevertheless, I agree wholeheartedly with everyone else here with regard to their appalling customer service.

    I hope everyone else gets their issues resolved as soon as possible, dont give up!!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for the comment Heather – glad your book arrived safely and that you are happy :) It would be great to hear some more success stories, hopefully PP will get their bums into gear and starts sorting everyone’s issues out! Best wishes,

  65. zaidia says:

    After reading all the comments on here I was really worried about my order and rightly so. I have emailed pp and recieved no reply cant seem to find out anything about my order either on the website or by email. Emailed over a week ago And nothing so I decided to call just to be on the phone for ages to be cut off. No idea of the progress of the order. Not to mention the amount of time it took to use the voucher.
    If printerpix are reading this my order number is: 4874587 please can you sort it out.
    Starting to wish I would have asked for my voucher to be refunded by groupon. Wish pp would sort out there customer service its cost me more than the voucher to call them to only be cut off.

  66. Diane Barry says:

    I purchased the Groupon deal last week and cannot redeem my voucher code on PrinterPix website. I called their helpline yesterday and waited on the phone for 36 minutes before i had to leave the house. I tried again today and according to their website, the phonelines are closed due to today being a religious celebration. I have now missed the 21 day deadline to have my order in time for Christmas. No point now so am awaiting an e mail from Groupon, hopefully with a refund. Wish I had seen this blog last week. Ah well, lesson learned!

  67. Gareth says:

    My order also has not arrived on time and I have emailed Printerpix on three seperate occasions with no response. Very disheartening. Awful customer service.

    • Ceri P says:

      Mine Either Gareth. I’ve emailed them today and copied in Groupon and advised them that unless I get a reply by 10.30am
      Thursday (as the phone lines were closed today due to Ascher or something of a similar name) that I would forward to BBC Watchdog. Maybe we should ALL contact BBC Watchdog as this is unacceptable – what angers me even more is Groupon are now OFFERING YET ANOTHER DEAL WITH PRINTERPIX! Guess all they see is the pounf signs too… We need to spread the word and warn people against using PrinterPix!


      • Ceri P says:

        Mine Either Gareth. I’ve emailed them today and copied in Groupon and advised them that unless I get a reply by 10.30am
        Thursday (as the phone lines were closed today due to Ascher or something of a similar name) that I would forward to BBC Watchdog. Maybe we should ALL contact BBC Watchdog as this is unacceptable – what angers me even more is Groupon are now OFFERING YET ANOTHER DEAL WITH PRINTERPIX! Guess all they see is the pound signs too… We need to spread the word and warn people against using PrinterPix!


      • A.S. says:

        I absolutely support this idea. I told them as well that I will report them to watchdog and still nothing. Over 2 months already.

      • Diane Barry says:

        Yeah, i m annoyed that Groupon have offered the deal that I bought last week, after having all these complaints outstanding from a deal offered 3 months ago. I m now having all the same problems (not able to redeem my voucher code, nobody answering the phone, e mails being ignored). I m in agreement with you about Watchdog being the way forward. I know Groupon can t be responsible for the vendors integrity but surely it can t be right to offer more deals from a company who have clearly proved themselves unsatisfactory!!

  68. Colleen. says:

    I have purchased the Groupon offer voucher and registered my account wbout 4 weeks ago, I proceeded to collect photos from over the years for muy in laws to make a special Christmas photo album – I have spent 2 days trying to uplaod my photo’s and the website keeps crashing! Not amused at the time and effort I have put in and my voucher expires tommorow meaning in hindsight I am an Xmas present down and have lost out!

    Ive given up trying to get on to the site as even when I do it comes up as error cannott refresh…..or boots me out…..not a happy bunnt :/

  69. Jonathan Yow says:

    If only I found this site before buying a Groupon!

    I’ve just spent the last 3 days trying to complete my order for a canvas photo print!

    Each time the site keeps timing out or hanging. Every stage of the process is an absolute chore, whether its waiting for canvas design page to load, or the payment process to move to the next stage.

    Having recreated my design more than 5 times, I still haven’t managed to get the site to load up to the final payment page.

    After reading about the print quality, I’m not even sure I want this canvas print now, but having bought the groupon I’m kind of committed to slogging though this.

    If printerpix are after (bad) publicity from groupon, they’re certainly starting to get it!

  70. Charlotte says:

    Printerpix are an absolute joke!!!!! DO NOT USE THEM.
    I’ve been waiting for weeks for my book to arrive and no-one ever calls me back. The customer services number isn’t even working today………
    Worst customer services I have ever received in my life!

  71. Tracey says:

    One word – awful!
    I have sent 2 emails to this company with no reply and spoke with ‘Nargis’ twice (I Persevered on the hold line!) to try and respolve my problems and with my order. Like many other commments on here, my album kept crashing while trying to process after only 20 pages were completed. So, I decided to create a new one (full 40 pages) which I completed and paid for. However upon arrival, which was pretty quick, I discovered they processed the inclomplete one which means I have 20 blank black pages!!! What use is that to me?? And to top it off, they took the delivery charge twice which I didn’t authorise…isn’t that fraud??!!! I asked for this to be refunded immediately which I was promised it would be and that they would get the completed book sent out to me within 10 working days . . . I’m still waiting! Printerpix, if you read this my order number was 4852940. All I want is my completed book and refund!

  72. Louise says:

    I purchased a voucher for a printer pix canvas.
    When i enter my groupon code it says unrecognized.
    I have tried calling and get an out of service message.
    I tried caling groupon and after holding for 30 mins i gave up.
    I wanted the canvas as a christmas gift but having read your comments i fear i will be dissapointed.
    It seems to be a scam to take your money and then ignore you.
    Both my time and money wasted which i can not afford.
    If printerpix are reading this then please contact me directly on
    I have already sent emails but they have been ignored.
    Maybe you can solve one of the problems for the many people here and redeem yourselves.

    • ashley says:

      I am not only contacting watchdog i have today emailed Granada reports so that the problems can be made aware so other people do not make the same mistake that so many of us have in using this company. I do not care about the money i care about the 72 pictures of the children i have sent and to hear random people are recieving random books scares me. i have documented 6 years of our childrens lives in this book as a tribute to their grandad on his 50th birthday and am livid that groupon continues to work with this company

  73. Louise says:

    within 5 mins of posting a comment on here i recieved a very helpful email from Printer pix. I responded and my voucher code has now been activated.
    I really hope my canvas arrives before christmas now.
    Fingers crossed you all get a positive result too!!!

    • claire says:

      they also contacted me and activted my voucher

      so yes hope it gets to my mum for xmas

      but i have emailed them twice about postage cost etc but once again Im being ignored

      if ye read his its … ( sudhair was the consultant who was helpful )

      I really hope it ends on a happy note for me and everyone else

    • Hannah Davies says:

      Printerpix – your contact number is not working. I really would like to know if my canvasses will be delivered for Christmas.

      Please contact me ASAP

      Won’t be doing groupon deals anymore. Groupon why do you persist on repeating offers with third parties that cannot cope with the orders.

      Printerpix- if you really want to look after your customers- stop running discount/voucher deals- they are a no win situation if cannot meet the capacity as customers will never return. Provide a proper service.

      Pls contact me

  74. bigmax says:

    I also had problems with actually using the Printerpix site after buying the Groupon voucher – I am an experienced Photobox user – the layouts were limited and I could only get around what I wanted to do by freehand – then not all the photos were exactly the same size. some came back with white borders and others not – I hadn’t asked for these.

    the printing wasn’t too bad though and they sent me another offer for £9 book so I have used this for my “odds & sods” – but……..have now been waiting over 15 days and no sign of the book – and you can’#t check the progress online like you can with Photobox – shan’t be ruching to use them again – I recommend Photobx – service good and results good.

  75. bigmax says:

    Have just tired to ring sales and support at Printerpix wait time 22 – 26 minutes so rung off – as I noted above order already overdue.

    A suggestion to all you who are unhappy with the orders – I suspect there may be some legal tie in with Groupon such as with a credit card that makes them jointly liable for items they sell ! – it might be worth pursuing this line of enquiry and chasing Groupon for refunds if Printerpix are not forthcomiong.

    With this second order (and the last I might say) I paid by credit card so if they don’t come up with the goods soon I shall be taking the very same route

    Best of luck to you all

  76. Benita says:

    I order my leather bound book early November and I’m still waiting. I’ve sent three emails with no response and I’ve phone 11 times to be told each time, by an annoying American Recorded message, that they are experieincing technical difficulties. It all sounds extremely dodgy to me. Whats more annoying is that on their website they were still taking orders when they cant fill the ones they have already. I think anyone will be lucky to receive goods from this company before christmas – they obviously dont give a monkeys about customers and are just there to take the money. I’m going to contact Trading Standards and Watch Dog even though I dont hold out much hope.

    • A.S. says:

      I m waiting for over 2 months now and called 13 times. I am contacting watchdog as well because this is just out of order.

  77. Yan says:

    PRINTERPIX is rubbish!!!! they don’t care about the costumers, no one pick up the costumer service phone line, neither reply e-mails.

    When you don’t get your product and you have paid that’s stealing, also if you don’t get the product they say that’s called deceptive advertising.

    printerpix service is unaceptabble, im still waiting to get the photo album, the 10 working days……that’s a big lie , trying to contact them on the phone, e-mail, but nothing happened.


  78. vunhappy says:

    Below are the comments just deleted from their Facebook wall, in response to their post this morning, “Could I remind anyone who needs my help to email me on and please include your order number. I will reply in 2 working days to any emails.” Like • Comment • 2 hours ago via mobile •Lynda Moore ‎2 working days?? Are you serious?? What about the 14 emails and 4 phone calls I HAVE SENT ALREADY? I WILL POST HERE ALL DAY UNTIL I GET AN ANSWER.2 hours ago •  8Amanda Spaull two working days is not quick enough, you have taken 1 month already to get my order dispatched2 hours ago •  5Angelika Krause THIS IS PATHETIC!!!! well….. maybe I do get an answer this time! lets see… anyway.. I just reported them to groupon. And I think everyone should do that!!!2 hours ago •  4Denise Cunningham I did that Angelika, didn’t get far there either!2 hours ago •  1Lynda Moore Yes me too….it’s a bloody disgrace and if you have enough time to delete messages from a facebook page, you have enough time to answer an email.2 hours ago •  2Lynda Moore So many posts being deleted….2 hours ago •  3Lonica Churchill yep iv emailed groupon twice but no reply- have also put in complaint to watchdog and also took advice from citizens advice which was to do the whole write a letter, give it 2 weeks etc etc which may seem like the only documented way to do it but it shouldnt come to this and its also painstaking2 hours ago •  1Angelika Krause the best thing now is that I ordered early enough… and nothing happened… and I need my book as a birthday present THIS friday.. meaning in 2 days! I want it brought to my house now, otherwise I have to explain why I’m showing up without a present!!!!!! I’m very tempted to try name calling here now… cheers.2 hours agoLynda Moore It is Lorna, I CANNOT believe how many people are affected…..I am shocked to be honest…how can they still be advertising looking for business and they cannot process the orders they have??2 hours ago •  4Lisa Schofield It is shocking. I too have no gifts that I needed by yetesterday!2 hours agoJoyce O’Connell Bateman They don’t answer there phones either!!!!2 hours ago •  1Lonica Churchill i jsut wish i had spotted all this before buying the groupon voucher! I have emailed Soraya, i did this on monday and again today as by their post, i would receive a reply in 2 days, not crossing my fingers as id have arthiritus by the time it all got sorted2 hours ago •  2Linda Lehane My Order Number is 4872257 – can you please let me know when it will be dispatched.2 hours agoDenise Cunningham Soraya I emailed you last week and am still waiting to hear if my order was despatched! Order No 48556712 hours agoNichola Wallace I received an email from soraya today to say she didn’t delete my post, which quite frankly is insulting but then again she knows I’m pissed off anyway and can’t prove it. I don’t envy her job tbh but it would appear she is creating my problems and frustration by her deceitf approach . A simple apology and accurate dispatch info would have been suffice.2 hours ago •  4Hayley Sheridan OMG, I thought it was just me that hadnt received my ordesr or had any of my emails replied too, but glad to see that it aint! Posted on the wall yesterday and its now been deleted, funny how only the comments praising the company are still on their wall hmm!! Wonder how long before all theses comments get deleted! Was finishing one book before the deadline yesterday and the website was unbelieveable, so slow and then kept logging me out when trying to upload photos and then trying to buy was a nightmare, could not cope with the capacity of visiters obviously, doing a deal with groupon they SHOULD have bee prepared!! Wish I had known before as would never had delt with this company and certainly wont be after I get my Photobooks IF I EVER GET THEM!!!about an hour agoZoe Skevington Coward I have now been waiting 38 days (29th October) for my order – 4838608. I have called customer services numerous times (waiting on hold for between 20mins and an hour each time), each time I was told my order would be despatched on “Tues”, “next week”, “very soon”… And I am still waiting. I have sent emails and posted on here (posts always removed), but no one has got back to me to tell me when (or indeed, if) my order will be posted to me. I am a patient person but my patience is wearing very thin now! Please can send me my calendars.about an hour agoJoyce O’Connell Bateman SORAYA MY ORDER NUMBER IS 4876773 can you please advise when I will receive my order pleaseabout an hour agoKaren McLean And once again you delete my email posts. This is awful behaviour! I did get a reply to an email this morning saying that they would try to process my order by Saturday. I have ordered Christmas presents and plan to reorder them from a trustworthy company and get a full refund from here. It really annoys me given all the time it took to process the order- their website technology left a lot to be desired! You live and learn ps. Have any of you tried ringing the customer service number for their sister site printer ink? May well be worth a try!about an hour agoPrinterPix I am not customer services and I still have my day job to attend to. I am just trying to help so I ask everyone emailing me to please bear with me. You can still email customer services if you prefer but they unfortunatley have so many emails to reply to that the response time is slow. Im afraid up until the 25th of November when we changed our delivery times our customers have sent us thousands of emails more than once. Customer services are trying their best to answer as many as they can and we are hiring new staff as quick as possible to attend to our customers. – Sorayaabout an hour agoKaren McLean why delete posts on here though? And why keep advertising when your company is struggling?about an hour ago •  2Hayley Sheridan ‎’unfortunatley have so many emails to reply’ Hmmmmm I wonder why, because the company is shockingly POOR!!!about an hour ago •  1Lynda Moore What about orders in BEFORE 25th Nov, I don’t envy you Soraya but they are letting you take the flak…about an hour ago •  3Hayley Sheridan Exactly Lynda, and why say if you need help email me and then moan that loads of people are emailing??about an hour ago •  2Lonica Churchill according to the lady i spoke to today on the phone, Soraya is the production manager?? i dont know if this is true or not but it should be the whole company dealing with this, not just letting one person try and sort out a million problems? and my order was on Sep 23rd……about an hour agoLynda Moore SEP???? you serious???about an hour agoTara Jane Fennelly I wondered why u hadn’t got an email to say my two photo books were dispatched. I ordered on 22nd November, is there any hope in getting them for Christmas???about an hour agoLynda Moore You have 2 hops Tara…Bob and None.about an hour ago •  1Lynda Moore Hopes even…see/? ya haven’t a hope!about an hour ago •  1George Graham One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with,I have e-mailed customer services 7 times since Saturday and still await a reply.I will be warning evryone I can about this terrible company!!about an hour ago •  3Karen Hindmarch I have emailed already but don’t have an order number – my order was placed on 10 November & didn’t get an email confirmation (& yes ive checked my spam emails As well) P&p has been charged to my credit card so I know order has been received.about an hour ago •  1Natalie Loulabelle Barnes i am utterly disgusted and dissapointed at the ignorance of my queries both via phone and your email service you seem to disregard my order which i purchased and apparently sent a month a go when you said it would be with me in 8 days maximum and very dissapointed as i trusted your company when i purchased items for xmas gifts and now i dont think i will ever recieve them !!!! your customer service is a disgrace !!!!!!!about an hour ago •  1Karyn Milligan I have tried emailing that address today and last night and both times it is coming back as failed permanantly, my order number is 4874771 and is for 4 photobooks that are Christmas presents for family in Spain and Australia!!!56 minutes agoNatalie Loulabelle Barnes ‎4860206 + 4860217 are my order numbers but i will not be holding my breath !!!54 minutes agoVictoria Tyler Order number is 4856214, ordered on 9th Nov. I have e-mailed several times, tried to get in touch by phone…. An absolute joke, no response anywhere. My order, too, is for Christmas presents. As I said in my other post, I have reported you to Groupon and have been in touch with Trading Standards. I am disgusted.49 minutes ago •  1Richard Salt Ah, I’m not alone here then!!! What a surprise! Sadly I only posted my order a few days ago so this does not bode well. Screen hung on payment details and although i got an email I can’t be certain it went through and certainly dont trust Printerpix. Strangely now, the phone number says their experiencing technical difficulties and sods you off. No replies to emials either! if you need emials to another address no use posting that on Facebook when I’m looking at your goddamn webpage is there!!!38 minutes ago •  2Lisa Schofield My 1st order arrived within 3 days. Heaven knows why the outstanding ones are taking so long. Way outside 9-12 day delivery. Have had to buy replacement gifts at extra cost to myself but would rather this than have no gifts! Interestingly I’ve used Photobox and U2 Canvas. All orders dispatched in less than 5 days!28 minutes agoLisa Schofield You are constantly told ‘order will be dispatched on fri/Tues/wed/be there by the date you need. Everytime, no order! Disgusting!27 minutes agoLynda Moore Where’s Esther Ranzen when you need her?26 minutes agoTríona O’ Sullivan ‎2 have got to be joking!10 minutes agoJay Madden is this a scam??2 minutes agoJay Madden my friend has been waiting for his order for ages, and everytime he calls he cant get through and also everytime he comments on here it gets deleted. People like u shouldnt have a business!!! JokeBottom of Form

  79. Lesley says:

    Sorry people but I had a really good experience. Web site took a bit of working out but once I had it was fine, my product arrived on time and was great. I think the lady with the pixel problem maybe was poor quality on her document although it does tell you if it is poor quality.
    Mine were gift wedding albums and they are lovely.
    Sorry to disagree but my experience was good. You know when you buy a groupon the order volumn is going to be high so be patient.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Lesley,

      Glad to hear you had a good experience!

      If by “lady with the pixel problem” you mean me (author of this blog) then I have to point out that the image that came out pixelated was actually a stock-photo from the PrinterPix online design programme and not an image of my own, which makes it even worse! Also I am a qualified/experienced graphic designer so I’m quite big on making sure I use good quality images etc in everything I do so – again this points to bad work on their part :)


      • Ceri P says:

        Hi Andrea

        I don’t know about you but I find it odd that ur blog gets a couple of very positive posts from people the same day. Maybe it’s my suspicious nature of this company but after all our negative posts about them I’m smelling a fish… Anyone else think these positive “oh how amazing” posts are rather dodgy??? :S


  80. Sara says:

    I have had the same problem with trying to contact them or get a response.
    I ordered 2 of these photo books as a Xmas gift. It’s been a month now and still nothing sent them 3 emails and tried to call I get sorry won’t let you call or just waiting for ages never using again.

  81. Disappointed! says:

    Hi all,

    Like everyone else above I too am suffering from the printerpix/groupon fate and am disappointed to hear that it is a regular problem. I found this website when trying in desperation to get onto their website to send yet another email! The amount of time I have invested already is such a waste.

    Appaling service, website and fulfillment.

    Good luck everyone in getting your goods or your money back.

    Regards to all

  82. Helen J says:

    I agree that this is a dreadful company.

    I ordered a photobook back in August 2011 that did not arrive. I phoned on numerous occasions and emailed and the last communication I had from them was on November 10th. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ORDER.

    They sent this email:

    We have generated a support ticket to help us track your inquiry. Your ticket code is LTK5250805609X. Please use this code in any further communication.
    Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Your order will be redispatched with invoice RED57222 via Royal mail which should be with you shortly. Please kindly wait until then.

    So they are obviously a poor company to do business with. I have given up because they say they will send my order but I have received NOTHING.

  83. Michael says:

    I to have the same issue but with their canvas offer “unrecognized Groupon Code”

    It’s such a waste of time, I will not be using anymore of their services..

    Hopefully this issue will be resolved or I receive a refund, Although previous comments make this sound unlikely!

    • paul holbrook says:

      Same ordered the canvas groupon and the code isnt recognized, called them and the phone says “system problems, call later”. This was ordered for a christmas present which obviously isnt going to happen now reading all these comments….groupon should not be allowing this company to offer “deals” as its a pure and utter rip off/scam. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. we should email watchdog with details of this thread.

  84. Karen says:

    Im very very very annoyed with Printerpix, been trying to contact them everyday since last week. Theyve ripped me off and owe me 4 calendars. These were meant to be part of my family’s christmas presents. Ive tried to contact them on their 2 telephone numbers. Last week I was getting a waiting time of 47 minutes! Now they are having system problems and cannot speak to me! Disgraceful.
    ive also emailed them everyday – and guess what, no reply.
    Im desperate for my calendars to be delivered by xmas, especially when i placed the order at the end of october. Theyve sent me one calendar but not the rest.
    Im going to keep trying and then take it further. Im also going to ask that the money Ive spent on phone calls is refunded.
    I agree – Watchdog here we come…

  85. Kellie says:

    I also have had weeks of problems with this company. My order was placed via a groupon on 10/10/11 and still I await my order! I have sent 10 emails only 2 have been answered and tell me my order is on its way soon. Still not here. I have also spent over 1.5 hrs on hold to this company on to be told my order is on its way and will b with me by next week again still waiting!! I will not be using them again that’s for sure. Theirs service is utter pants

  86. Emma Robinson says:

    I placed an order (5 personalised calendars) on the 31st October, I then emailed on the 15th Nov asking where my order was, I got a reply on the 19th Nov to say my order would be dispatched that week, I then sent a further email on 2nd December stating I was not happy with the service, and have had no reply.

    I tried to call today, but it says wait time is approx 10minutes I am not going to have a huge phone bill for printerpix’s incompetence. I have emailed again yesterday (7th Dec) and still no reply.

    I have emailed groupon and even they cannot be bothered to reply, who can I complain to now?

    4840612 Confirmation (LTK5250900545X)‏‏

    • Ceri P says:

      I mentioned them on Twitter and got a reply. They are “looking into it” apparently, although I don’t know how long it will take. Their Twitter name is @Printerpix


      • Emma Robinson says:


        Just found them, have replied on FB and twitter.

        Thank you

  87. Louise says:

    I got my coupon through Livingsocial. I ordered my book on the 10th November and I have still not received it.

    I have e-mailed three times and had no response.

    I telephoned and was told I would be put on hold for nine minutes, seventeen minutes later still no answer and I had to hang up.

    This book is a Christmas present and it looks like I may not get it in time!


  88. lucy says:

    Well so far I have purchased the printerpix groupon deal for the 20 X 30 canvas. Firstly the voucher activated at 8pm in the evening which I thought was odd but anyway I went online to create the canvas to find that the link was not working so my canvas couldn’t be created till days after! When I finally managed to purchase the postage as stated on the groupon advert and on my coupon said excluded 5.95 postage which is fine although I have been charged 7.95 postage. So I emailed the contact us link and explained and hey that was over a week ago and no reply!

    I’m guessing this is some new business that appear to be taking on more orders than they can cope with! I’m just waiting now to see if my canvas comes before xmas as postage says it will do…

    It BETTER or I will be complaining AGAIN and wanting a refund

  89. Stacey says:


    Not sure if everyone knows but if you have purchased one of these scam printerpix vouchers off groupon if it was purchased within 7days you can cancel the transaction, and get your money back off groupon as there is a 7 day cancellation period so I would advise everyone to do this

    Also when ever you buy something I would always use Paypal- you are protected against receiving faulty goods, items that are not as described when received, damaged etc and if they don’t arrive you can get a no quibble refund.

    Much more piece of mind

  90. Anna says:

    I am so glad I have come across all these comments, I used a groupon voucher (who I am in talks with and have been very helpful), this book was fine, it was the voucher they sent with that book I used to order a further two albums, one was fine although not the quality of the first one but the other was printed all out of sink, I have tried calling but with up to an hour wait in a premium number it isnt an option to be able to hold on that long and my emails are left forever before being answered and each time it gets more fustrating. Firstly the albums where about 6 weeks late, I was told there where machine issues, it takes this long, we are sorry it will be with your soon, after several promised and laspsed deadlines they finally arrived and since then I have got NO WHERE with them, all I want is a correct album and they cant seem to get themselves in gear, I have emailed and forwarded in a letter print outs of how the book looks and how it should look and im being totally ignored, to add insult I was sent a separate email with a voucher code for calenders because my calender were wrong, I emailed back to say I didnt want or order calenders I just wanted my album to be recified because its no use the way it is and to pay all that money only to wait that long and it not even have our holiday in any order. FUMING. I symperthise with everyone out there, I stillhavnt given up on getting my album reprinted but I just understand the deal with this company and why they cant provide decent customer service, if they carry on like this I dont see how they could stay in business.

    • Anna says:

      In desperation I I have now contacted trading standards although I am not confident this will help but my hope is that if other people have reported problems it will be enough for something to be done and its for first for me but watchdog.

      • Anna says:

        I have today signed for a parcel from printerpix which had both my re-printed albums in. The quality is much better this time and in order. My reaction when they called me back eventually earlier on in the week was to laugh and I didnt hold my breath however they have refunded what I paid and sent not one but two copies of each album. I am grateful and have to admit not even reading some of the more positive posts before hand gave me hope. I do however believe the letter I sent following trading standards advice was the key to solving this complaint and hope that everyone else can achieve on outcome.

  91. Gez says:

    I already posted on here to say that I spent ALL of Monday night uploading my book THREE TIMES cos the stupid system kept timing out and not saving my work (despite telling me it was) Anyway, I got as far as the payment screen and entered all my details but again it ‘hung’ for ever before crashing so I never received an order no. or an e-mail to confirm my purchase. As my voucher expired on Tuesday I contacted Groupon to express my displeasure and they responded straight away and agreed to apply a credit to my groupon account. I was still pee’d off that I wouldn’t get my photobook but resigned to the fact that the issue was now closed. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my bank statement yesterday to see that Printerpix have taken the payment from my account!!!!!! So they didn’t bother to confirm my order or give me a ref no to pretend they might fulfill the order sometime in the next millenium but they felt it was ok to take the money anyway, isn’t that called theft????? Anyway I’ve been in touch with my bank to report it and their security department will be looking in to the transaction. So if anybody else got as far as the payment screen but no further – CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENT QUICK!

  92. Kari says:

    Here is my complaint…………

    Dear Printer Pix

    I would like to contact you regarding the above order number. Here are the key facts:

    I purchased the album on line and applied a Group On voucher that expires on the 6th Dec which is 79343E9E7A. There were problems with the website and it took ages but I agreed to pay a cost of approximately £12.50 which was for post and packaging and VAT. However today I have received an e-mail saying that a payment of almost £50 has been taken (confirmed by my bank) and the £34.99 discount voucher has NOT been applied.

    I have e-mailed you earlier today but heard nothing back.

    I have telephoned you numerous times today on an 0844 number (which is a ridiculous price per minute). At 17.17 I was on hold for 25 minutes (despite the pre-recorded answer message saying there would be 0 minutes until I was connected). At 15.29 I was on hold for 19 minutes (despite message telling me it would be 9 minutes). The cost of these calls will total £17.60 and I still have not spoken to an advisor! I am going to contact Ofcom regarding the above charges because you falsely advertised the length of time expected to be on hold, giving me false hope. All that time you continued to make money from me being on hold.

    To date I have spent £73.08 on the above album (telephone call being on hold, original Group On voucher and the overpriced album). I purchased the Group On for £8 and expected to be able to redeem it.

    I would like to request that a member of your customer services team contacts me at the earliest opportunity to discuss reimbursing me. I would like to discuss my additional concerns over the fact that I have also purchased many other vouchers for your company but have sincere reservations regarding completing my order.

    I look forward to speaking to a member of your team within the next 48 hours.

    Yours Sincerely

    Kari Anson

  93. Richard says:

    Similar experiences – ordered on 11 Nov, muliple emails, phone calls and written letters later I am no further forward.

    Wanted to make the additional point though that printerpix is referred to as a company throughout this blog. I can find no such company (or printerinks or other combinations) registered at Companies House in the UK. It’s presumably just a back room operation. You’d think Groupon would at least check that sort of thing even if they’re “not liable for 3rd parties” etc. Holding the people involved to account will hopefully be taken up by others. For me, I’m going to seek a refund (not an account credit) from Groupon [for breach of contract under the sale of goods act 1979] and a refund for delivery charges from my credit card company under the consumer credit act 1974. I’d encourage others to do the same or contact Citizens Advice Bureau if you need help with this.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas

  94. Chris says:

    Yep, no sign of my photobook either, and no response yet from printerpix and cant get though on the phone.

    Your Order Number is 4865352
    Your Order Date is 14/11/2011 15:20:30

    Another company that cant cope with the groupon orders i suppose.

  95. Louise says:

    Is anyone else trying to read the clever bird banter blog
    found that it is scrambled when they look at it. the only thing you can see is a printer pix advert???

  96. Ian says:

    Well my experiences with Printerpix have been mixed. As part of the Groupon offer I have ordered 3 books. The first 2 were printed and delivered well within their advertised time scales and look excellent. I was very happy. On the 15th November I ordered the third book. Although I have had confirmation of the order, I have still not received any further contact. I have tried emailing, receiving an automated response in return, and the 0844 number on the website which is out of order.

    I am sure that they are simply trying to cope with huge demand as a result of the Groupon offer but I agree that their customer service could be improved upon. On the off chance that someone on here has received my photobook by mistake it has photos of Poland, Crete and Paris. Has anyone got it?? lol

    • Ceri P says:

      Well mine (finally ordered after website problems on 17th November) has now been dispatched. We shall see now if it has my photo’s in and/or how good it is… Hmmm!

    • Louise says:

      In response to has anyone received a canvas yet. im afraid not.
      After my voucher initially not being recognized I managed to place my order and paid postage but i have nt yet received anything. Not looking good for christmas! :o(

  97. Sam C says:

    Printerpix are a nightmare! I have been waiting for almost 5 weeks for a calendar to arrive following several weeks of even trying to get their website to work to load the pictures.

    I have contacted them by phone and told that they had a high number of orders (sorry, not my problem!) and that it should be with me the following week – hmmm…. still waiting! I have tried telephoning several times since to be told that there was a 29 minute queue – I don’t have the time or the money to sit in this queue – and now their telephone system seems to have developed a convenient problem – probably the number of people trying to get through to complain has crashed the system!

    I sent them an email today to which i recevied an automated reply and having read this blog I’m not convinced that I’ll receive any other reply.

    Groupon should never allow this company to offer any of their products again. What’s the point in offering a company that cannot fulfil its orders and racks up the number of complaints they have. Groupon – this does not give you a good name either!

    If anyone at Printerpix is remotely interested – my order number is 4857564 and my ticket # is LTK494023394846X.

    I will be sending an email to Sudhir Bhasin and copying it to Groupon, I will also be sending a copy to Ann Robinson at Watchdog – I’m sure she’ll be interested in this story.

    Learn a lesson Printerpix and get your finger out – by the sounds of it a lot of people are not going to receive their orders in time for Christmas – would you be happy if you were receiving this kind of customer service??

  98. Joy G says:

    Feel awful reading these comments now as I was trying to reach Printerpix by email and phone. Ordered two albums and have been anxiously waiting on their arrival since November 19th.
    Ticket# LTK4940233​94195X
    Ticket# LTK4940234​32432X
    Order 4871672
    I really needed my order for this week…
    Group On should really step in here and try to help or at the very least stop selling the vouchers. My friend bought a voucher yesterday and is unable to use it.
    Shocking service.

  99. H B says:

    OMG I am furious having purchased 5 calendars for the price of 1 through groupon on the 5th November, my calendar arrived like my 4 year old had made it, I tried calling for a couple of weeks and when I got put on hold my wait time was 23/25/18 minutes what a joke. Not even a large reputable company keep you waiting that long.
    When I eventually got through the lady couldnt grasp my complaint, not only did I not get what I ordered but what I did get was unacceptable. I couldnt possible give it as a present. She told me to send it back in the envelope she was sending and they would issue me a code and refund my postage cost.
    I sent it back and never got my code just the p&p. I called again for over a week to be told by someone to send the original form in and they will process my refund through accounts. I tried emailing him the attachment but it failed. I have since tried calling and their is a fault on the line . Happy freaking Christmas – Thanks

  100. JN says:

    I DID receive a printed book but some of the photos were so close to the outer edge of the page the border was actually partly cut off, other photos were so close to the inner part of the page they went under the fold.
    The programme gave no indication that I had put the photos too close to the edges and I am used to doing photo books.

    1. I phoned Printerpix and explained the problem
    Can you email us photos to show the problem and we will reprint
    2. Emailed the photos showing the problem, no reply
    3. Emailed again – no reply
    4. Telephoned them a number of times before they answered
    No problem we will reprint the book and the photographs are so good are they yours?
    I replied yes I am a qualified photographer
    5. No book received so telephoned them again numerous times before they answered
    We will reprint the book and you will have it within 10 days
    6. Book not received so back on the phone again
    Sorry about all this I can see the book and it will be printed asap
    7. Book not received so phoned again
    Sorry cant print the book you will have to redo it and then phone us at check out and we
    will give you a code to put in so you dont pay
    8. Phoned repeatedly till I spoke to someone
    I can see your order you dont need a code but the charge is £7.50 to cover postage etc.
    9. Book is not received so emails sent
    Acknowledgement of email and promise book will be sent
    10 Book not received so more emails sent and eventually got them on the phone
    Sorry about this I will have the book printed immediately and you will receive it by the
    end of the week.
    The end of the week was a week last Friday and no signs of the book. I’ve emailed again and not had a reply and tried to phone them repeatedly. After the message once to say waiting time is 20 minutes the call got cut off nearer 30 minutes. Phoned at 9am and message is waiting time is 0 minutes, 15 minutes later call got cut off
    Phoned again but they are not working its a religious day
    Phoned again today but the message says there are technical problems or something to that effect.

    DONT ORDER OFF PRINTERPIX AND DONT WASTE YOUR TIME EMAILING OR PHONING THEM. If you do manage to speak to someone your lucky, but then they will just palm you off hoping you dont ring back again

    I dont care a dam about the book now but I do want my £7.50 back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anna says:

      Hi, I have had the excact same problem and the same excuses and promises, not even messages on twitter helped, I have now contacted watchdog and trading standards because I really dont know how many other people out there its affected and they cant carry on getting away with this. Hope this helps :-)

  101. Heather Middleton says:

    Oh no… I was just emailing Printerpix to chase my photobooks and to ask Groupon if they would chase as phone’s out of order then I came upon this. Nae chance of these books turning up for Christmas then.

    People who have been refunded by Groupon, I assume you just get back original voucher price and that’s all? Thanks to all who have posted.

  102. veronica says:

    So this is where disgruntled Groupon/PrinterPix victims end up – courtesy of Google! (Misery loves company!). Given that PrinterPix are no longer even pretending to provide customer support by phone it is almost reassuring to discover that they may not have gone out of business completely – and there is some hope my canvasses will turn up in time for Christmas NEXT YEAR. The whole experience is a very sobering lesson in how little redress there is for online fraud. We can but hope that this blog will be seen by someone BEFORE they order from Groupon/PrinterPix.

  103. M says:

    Photobook ordered in October arrived, all good so two more (different) ordered in November and a calendar ordered 2nd December. I too have had the usual email.s……unable to contact by phone. etc etc…..furious that 3 christmas gifts are unlikely to arrive on time and too late to organise similar from somewhere else. Apalling customer service. Have contacted Groupon, no response from them yet either!

  104. Andrea says:

    Lots of people saying they want to contact a consumer watchdog etc – just interested to find out if anybody actually HAS?


    • Anna says:

      I have, and trading standards who have given me advice on a letter which they have advised I sent recorded delivery which I will sending today. I am hoping if enough people do contact both watchdog and trading standards something will have to be done and stop them.

      • Ceri P says:

        Anyone who has received their photobook – I don’t know about you but my “leather” bound book feels more like coated paper, not sure it’s actually come from a cow or ever been alive… Am I alone in this or have other people had this suspicion?!

    • A.S. says:

      I did contact the watchdog. I ordered my photobook on 5th of October and did not receive it by now!!!

  105. Elaine Briers says:

    I ordered a canvas print for my parents with a Groupon Voucher. Ordered on 30th November, it said allow 21days for delivery. Looks like I have got NO hope. Groupon should really be getting involved as people have bought the vouchers in good faith from them.
    Really disappointed, they don’t even answer the phone at all now.
    Order number 4886880

  106. eirian Alford says:

    I am cancelling my order as not only have I not received any reply from
    previous e-mails but I can also not get through on your telephone
    number as it ‘says’ it is not working!
    This is not acceptable when I was expecting them to arrive by the 8th
    of December!
    I have ordered 5 photo-books totalling in value over £55 and so am
    understandably worried by the lack of communication!!
    These will now arrive too late for the purpose they were ordered for.

    I would appreciate a phone call to confirm that this message has been
    received and understood!
    My number is 07921******
    My Order Number is 4876330
    Your Order Date is 22/11/2011 21:38:17

    This is a copy of an e-mail I sent them on 12th of december oly for them to arrive today!!
    They look awful, my 5yr old could have done better!!
    I am going to fight to get the money back as I have spent it with another company to get GOOD books that I can give as gifts!!!!!!

  107. lesley says:

    I bought a Groupon deal and spent ages making my photobook and placed my order. I thenI saw all the bad press so I went and bought a full price book from MyMemory as the book was to be a Christmas present. Low and behold I received my book from Printerpix today. 21 days after ordering and the book is amazing. I appreciated all the comments but they made me panic buy another book, the Printerpix book is better than the MyMemory. I just thought I would give some of you guys some hope

    • Ceri P says:

      You’re very lucky, mine turned up this week and it’s awful. Cropped edged, photo’s are dark and underexposed, colours are unbalanced. I have a couple of my photo’s (identical) in a photobook I did on PhotoBox (of the Grand Canyon) and you would not believe it’s the same image. The PhotoBox book is amazing, the clarity of the images suburb so I’ll stick to them, I’ve burnt my bridges with PrinterP(r)ix!

  108. dournazac says:

    My order for a calendar using a Groupon voucher has still not arrived (ordered on 5th November). All e-mail ignored. Printerpix makes 1.5p per minute from your phone calls from the moment that automated response clicks in so not only are all customers being ripped off with their orders but these ‘Cowboys’ are also raking it in when you try to complain to them about their service. Amazing! They are happy to receive more complaints from you!!!!!!!!!! It pays for them to delay all orders they recveive.
    Do not touch this firm with a barge-pole!

  109. sian morris says:

    i also have ordered 3 photo calenders back in november have emailed and rang and heard no reply to either, there xmas presents so get a move on printerpix and fufill peoples orders!!

  110. Claire says:

    Printerpix, I am BEYOND frustrated with your company at this stage. My order was placed in early november for two photobooks using GROUPON vouchers. Like others here I have tried emailing you regularly since the day I ordered with a query and you do not have the courtesy to even send me a reply, now after days of being on hold while trying to call you, the number is now uncontactable? It is infuriating that you think it is acceptable to leave people hanging like this without the decancy to even answer our concerns. I am sorry for clogging up someone elses blog with this, but it really does seem to be the only place you are replying to people! This is a very important Christmas present for us to give to someone, and I quite rightly expect to have received it by now as I ordered in early november. I’m inclined to say, oh well, just give up, but I am damned if I am going to let a company like you walk over people.

  111. angrygirl says:

    I am amazed at the number of people who seem to have exactly the same complaint as me. I too ordered through a Groupon voucher at the beginning of November. No calendars have arrived yet. Nobody has responded to me emails (I have sent four of them so far). I cannot get through on the phone – even when I called at 9am sharp in order to be the first in the queue and was told that I had a waiting time of zero minutes, I was made to hold for over 10 minutes and finally had to hang up so I could get on with my life.

    This is outrageous. I have paid for a service that has not been delivered. Printerpix are either a bunch of crooks, or the most disorganised business in the UK. Either way I think they should stop taking people’s money and not coming up with the goods.

  112. A. Hobbins says:

    My voucher expires on the 21st Dec and altough I put in my order for my voucher on the 15th Nov and tried to order on th 14th Dec……..they said my voucher had expired!!!!!!
    They won’t answer any of my emails and my voucher will expire in 2 days :-{ Groupon also have not responded to this query either!! I am getting very angry that in this day and age we the consumers are still getting ripped off by people/company’s like this.!!!!

  113. Steve says:

    can you please ring me reference my order 4887621 on 0781 667 8388 I am discusted that something ordered in November hasnt arrived and your contact is a joke. Emails not answered phone calls that qoute a 28 minute wait………….DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SUPPLIER I HAVE CONTACTED WATCHDOG AND GROUPON TO COMPLIAN AND TONIGHT I WILL BE MAILING ALL THE NATIONAL PAPERS AND WHICH

  114. Heather McDonagh says:

    Hi everyone,

    I just thought I would let you all know that I have just sent an email of complaint to Groupon and got an automated reply. Will keep you all posted if I get an actual response. I am happy to take up the cause as I am so pee’d off with their customer service, even though I did actually get the product I ordered, I was still disgusted with the way they have treated me and everyone else on here. Power to the people!

    From the Groupon customer service team

    Hi there, and thank you for writing to Groupon.

    Sorry for the horrid automated reply, but we just wanted to let you know that we have received your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks again!

    The Groupon Customer Service Team

    Your request is tracked and monitored under the ticket number in the subject line.



    I believe you may already be aware of this problem, but one of the company’s that are currently offering discounts through Groupon are causing upset and distress to many many people.

    Their customer service is the worst I have ever come across. If you email them you get an automated response but no one ever gets back to you about your query. If you phone, you are told there is at least a 20 minute wait time but it is inevitably more. Also, there is no geographical number to call them on, so anybody who chooses to hold on the line for goodness knows how long is being charged the national 0870 rate. Calls are very rarely answered.

    I know of many people who are still waiting for the product they have ordered and paid for.

    The fact that Groupon is continuing to work with them and host their offers is a bad reflection on you. I have used Groupon a few times and never had a problem redeeming my vouchers and the companies I have dealt with have been helpful and professional. Not printerpix. They are quite truly awful, and I believe Groupon need to get involved as it is your reputation as well as thier own that they are damaging.

    Please take a look at the blog below which shows the anger and displeasure of Printerpix customers who have purchased through the Groupon scheme.

    A number of customers on the blog have expressed interest in contacting Watchdog and/or trading standards about this awful company.

    I hope someone will actually respond to this and deal with this issue.


    Heather McDonagh

    I’ll keep you all posted!

  115. Anthony says:

    Hi Everyone, Atleast there is one small comfort I can take out of my Groupon purchase for the Printerpix Picture Book, and that is that I am not the only one that has become so frustrated and disappointed in the whole experience.

    I purchased 5 copies on 16 Nov (order no. 4867939) and have followed this up on the phone initially, however after several 40 minute waits with little response, I finally resorted to e-mail and like you all. I did receive 3 separate e-mails from them advising that my order was being printed and delivered, initially it was to be delivered around 24 Nov, then it was 5 Dec and the last date given was 14 Dec. Shock, Horror, still no books or further advise as to when they will arrive. I am returning to Australia on 28 Dec and I specially ordered these as a chronical of my life in Ireland as Xmas gifts for my family.

    I cannot believe that this company is choosing to ignore their customers in this way and they need to be named and shamed in the media in both the UK and Ireland.

  116. Joanne Bell says:

    God I wish they would reply I have ordered canvas on 21st November, Have tried to call about 30 times all the time I’m getting we are experience system problems. Once it rang and I got cut off. Have emailed 8 times, facebook 14times and not one response.

    I am fed up with this and have reported them.

    I would advise you not to order from this company. I am still waiting and no responses. Please report your complaints to the following: 08454 04 05 06 . and watch dog rogue traders

  117. Steve says:

    reported situation today to trading standards Printer Pix are are disgrace and deserve to be heavily fined if not closed down for the way they trade………….If they are even trading that is. I am wondering if they had a mass promotion only to fold and walk off with our money

    • Kirby Minder says:

      I got a voucher from Groupon, too, but left it until the last minute to use, by which time I had read many disgruntled comments. We therefore did not do anything extra to the £8 offer, and were expecting the worst.

      However, some 10 days later, the album has arrived, and we are very pleased with it. A bit of the “middle” pages has disappeared down the centre, but that is our only near-complaint. The colours are good and the quality fantastic – even when it warned us that certain photos weren’t good enough to use.

      We can only speak as we find.

  118. Kirstie says:

    I placed 3 orders with printerpix for photobooks, and decided to pay the extra for ‘premium’ paper. 2 of my books have arrived, and the quality is shocking! Leather cover?!? More like cheap plastic! Premium paper?!? I wouldn’t even put the pages in my toilet for people to use! And ad for the quality of the biding?!? Well my 2 year old could do a better job, and there would be nounwanted cropping of the inside edges

    • Kirstie says:

      Oops, got cut off accidentally! Anyway, to cut a long story short, only 2 of my 3 books arrived, and they’re s**t!!!!! Never again!

  119. Perdy says:

    Oh i’m so embarrassed! I FINALLY managed to complete my calendar online, and FINALLY managed to get it in the shopping cart, then entered my groupon code showing the 17.99 (for 5 calendars) voucher then paid for delivery (hesitantly) and just as I got the confirmation email I realised that even though it was showing the amount I had paid for 5 calendars, I had to physically adjust the amount box to 5. DOH! Obviously there was NO getting hold of anyone and despite emailing 4 times, I did not receive a response. My calendar was shipped!! YIPEEE?? and I received a very very basic quality calendar which cost 17.99 plus delivery! This makes my family calendar more expensive than Peter Andre AND JLS’s put together! Oh Joy! Maybe I should frame it?

  120. Stacey says:

    Feel a bit bad now as I ordered my canvas on the 30th nov and it arrived on Tues via FEDEX and it’s lovely.

    I still want my postage back though as I was overcharged.

  121. Aarti Sisodia says:

    Printerpix I placed an order last week for a photobook I have already recieved it and it is beautiful I used the groupon voucher, had no issues. I was very lucky after reading all your reviews.

  122. BEB says:

    I’d like to say its the worst customer service i’ve ever experienced – but its actually more like NO customer service. Ordered 4 Photobooks in total and 3 had marks on several pages. Complained to Printerpix who replaced 1. Not heard from them since – written letters/emailed/phoned. No reply. Terrible company.

  123. Kate. says:

    I’m not writing to complain and request help with my order, I’ve given up on that.I have also had issues with printerpix, i ordered a calendar and instead of printing it exactly as I created it, they decided to change what I wrote into foreign characters next to the original characters making the month names and writing totally unreadable.. as if it would not be possible for them to just spend 1 second per order to look to make sure such errors dont happen?! Even looking at them all day im sure doubled up characters would stand out as an obvious error…

    Anyway, what actually annoyed me with printerpix, the errors aside, they could have atleast responded to my emails to say they are sorry, instead they chose to ignore me which annoyed me more than i would be to find out I will not recieve a refund/corrected copy.

    Anyway I hope no one else has these issues.

  124. Brian says:

    I was surprised to read all these comments as i had received a photobook and 2 calenders with absolutely no problems and excellent quality.

    • Angi says:

      Think you’ve been very lucky then, Brian. I was also surprised ….. to find another e-mail from Groupon this morning, STILL offering deals with this company after they’ve been innundated with complaints about them. Groupon must be well aware that dissatisfied customers have referred their issues to Trading Standards and TV’s Watchdog after the goods they’ve ordered have been ridiculously late and/or poor quality or simply haven’t arrived at all.

  125. Lisa Ravens says:

    I SO wish I’d seen this site before I ordered my two books! I was very lucky in that they finally arrived in time for Christmas. Only took six weeks to deliver!! But compared to other fotobooks, the quality isn’t great. They’re passable. However, customer service is non-existant. Not a single one of my increasingly desperate emails received a reply. It took 4 attempts to phone them, even at 9am when I was told I would have a ‘0’ minute wait, it took over 12 minutes for them to bother to pick up. No apologies, no explanations. I would like to thank the person who supplied the free number however, as this has saved me a fortune. Needless to say, I will never put myself through the stress of ordering xmas presents, or indeed anything, from Printerpix again.

    • mary Clear says:

      wow I wish I has done my home work.
      Printerpix are bad beyond words but in my mind i paid my money to LIvingsocial who have responded to my emails in the weirdest bizarre manner as if they have nothing to do with the “merchant” as they refer to printerpix. Both Groupon and Livingsocial know who they are dealing with , but once they have our money they offer no help . I am not going to give up just yet , tho they have called me a liar and suggested I have been writing to another company called KGB deals !! ho ho ho

  126. Jamie says:

    They have to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. Every time you call them there is another excuse. So far I have had stories about the machines not working, it being in a pile to be despatched that day, it is being sent GNDD but nothing arrives. Looking at all the posts above I am not going to hold my breath that the finished article is going to be worth the wait.

    I would not recommend anyone ever use their service unless they are happy to have the end product delivered in a substandard state, late and like be lied to whenever you do actually manage to get through to them.

  127. Lucy savage says:

    Printerpix are complete fraudsters!!!!! I ordered 3 canvas’ on 6th dec 2011. Delivery advised as upto 12 working days. 2 came after 17 working days, too late for Christmas and my other one, order number 4903267 has still not arrived! I’ve sent email
    After email to receive no response. I’ve rang on several occasions and can’t get through. I bought groupons for these and then paid £5.95 postage x3 a total of £17.85 which Is well and truly due back as well as money for the non existent order. Printerpix your a joke!! You rip people off then ignore them when they want answers. You are illegally running your company and stealing peoples money.

  128. Susan Robson says:

    I have had just the same problem. I wish someone would get in touch with me. I placed an order six weeks ago. It has not arrived, not have thu answered any emails and when I call I am on hold for ten minutes then the line goes blank and hangs up. Plus it costs a fortune to call them. I cannot believe the poor service, and the canvas I ordered was and still is meant to be a present. Really dissappointing. Can anyone help? many thanks

  129. Lisa Ravens says:

    On Dec 5th, a Katrina kindly posted the fact that the 0844 number you’re calling is chargeable (of course), and to try this number instead, 0800 292 2452 which is FREE. It was a godsend to me, as it allowed me to put them on speaker and let it ring and ring and ring. The first time I called their chargeable number, I was also hung up on, after 12 minutes. Three attempts later and I finally got someone to pick up after 15 minutes, using this free number. It’s no more a guarantee that they’ll bother to answer you, but at least you can just let it ring and ring for free. Would like to say a HUGE thankyou to Katrina for this, as without it I would never have hung on so long, and got a reply. Once they DID pick up, they told me it would be with me by the end of the week, and indeed they both were. This was the only way I could get hold of the two books I (stupidly) ordered. A six week wait. This seems to be the way forward, as it appeared they didn’t do anything until they picked up the phone. So it’s vital that you keep on and on calling. Good luck!

  130. aliibii says:

    I have ordered a very complex family album which it took me months to put together from Printer Pix – on two separate occasions. They were absolutely fabulous – excellent quality and crystal clear family trees too. They arrived within days both times.
    I actually wrote to them to tell them how pleased I was! And it was a Groupon voucher I used both times too. I’m waiting for the next voucher so that I can get my third edition!

  131. sami says:

    printerpix have’t offered photobook services to finland before, so i checked this topic and had a doubt about buying groupon voucher. i decided to take a chance anyway…
    printerpix estimated that i’d take 3 weeks to ship it to finland. i ordered a book 9th jan. the book was dispatched 14th jan and reached me 23th january (from uk to finland). quality was fine and delivery quicker than expected. everything went smooth. recommended.

  132. vicky wilkins says:

    16 weeks it took for my photo to arrive I was not happy and like you complaints were just not answered. I wouldnt use them again.

  133. Fiona Healey says:

    I have returned from a 3 month holiday to find 8 photo books have been delived, when I only ordered 2. Not only did the original ones arrive to late to give as presents but they have charged my account each time.
    My original complaints about the late delivery and web problems in ordering were never fully addressed nor did the last complaint even receive a response. To find that they have charged me a further 3 times is disgusting.

    The quality is shockingly poor compared to another company I have used called Albelli …who’s customer service was also 24hrs reply and
    exceptionally good.
    Watch this space ….no doubt they’ll go bust and no one will get there money back. I’ll be on to them first thing Monday Morning about the over charge…wish me luck.

  134. Helen Jones says:

    I received an email this morning from Printerpix (see below). I left a comment on their site but it seems to have disappeared. So much for them promising to take any of this seriously. My comment was that despite the ‘heartfelt’ email I still have not been compensated for the time and money this has cost me (and no, I STILL haven’t received the photobook).


    It is with deep and sincere regret I write this email to you, I would like to personally apologise for the way that we have dealt with your concerns over the past few months.

    We failed at delivering your photo product on time. You were expecting to receive your photobook / calendar / canvas from PrinterPix in time for Christmas, and we did not get it to you until long after. We know your order came late. Very late. We know many of you were embarrassed when the photobook gift you were planning to give was not in your hands when it was expected. We are greatly embarrassed, too.

    We failed at providing customer service. Many of our customers who tried to contact our customer service team were either unable to get through or were put in a horribly long queue.

    The Printerpix team and I are sincerely sorry and are ashamed of this level of service. I simply cannot apologise enough for your orders being completed late or being inaccurate.

    We kept you waiting, we kept you guessing and worst of all, we prevented you from being able to give the gifts you wanted, to the ones you care about the most, as a Husband and Father I can understand your frustration. This is unforgivable. The Printerpix team and I take absolute responsibility for its failings and ask for your forgiveness.

    Printerpix is not a heartless company hidden in “the cloud”, with no concept or understanding of what is right. We were formed on strong family values and thus have the upmost concern and care for every customer.

    We certainly did not plan to take more orders than we could fulfil, but that’s what happened. Our offer on Groupon produced an unprecedented response, certainly for us, but also for Groupon. No one, not at PrinterPix or at Groupon, had any inkling that so many Groupon subscribers would want our photo products.

    All of a sudden, we were flooded with orders. We ran our printing presses non-stop day and night, but still we couldn’t get your order out in time. I can only offer my sincerest of apologies and we will always endeavour to rectify any wrong doing that you have received from us.

    We have been facing an uphill struggle in dealing with all the queries we have received, and to combat this issue we have employed new managers, and new agents who are here to bring Printerpix up to the level of service you deserve.

    I would like to end by informing you that we have setup a dedicated blog through which you are able to express your feelings as well as inform us of your incorrect, undelivered or unsatisfactory orders.

    Please post your requirements on Printerpix UK Support Centre.

    We have been deeply affected by your feedback, and by the stories you have told us about how our failure has affected you, and those around you.

    For this reason we will continue to embrace all comments and feedback that we receive in the future.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Murtaza. A
    – Co Founder Printerpix & the entire Printerpix Team.

  135. Nicola says:

    I would also like to urge people not to buy anything from this company. They probably provide the worst service I have ever encountered. I ordered a calander on the 4th November after 3 phone calls and 2 others where I waited for 10 minutes without getting through and 4 emails I heard nothing. The calendar did eventually arrive but not in time for Christmas or indeed the start of the year. There are plenty of other companies offering similar products please what ever you so, to not order for Printerpix.

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