Today’s Twitter Hilarity: #AskHelenZille

I have not been able to tear myself away from Twitter for the past few hours as the #AskHelenZille jokes keep rolling in! (If you are South African and if you tweet, do check it out…)

The #AskHelenZille topic is currently trending worldwide and we have to give credit to the lady herself (Western Cape Premier and Leader of South Africa’s Official Opposition Party: The Democratic Alliance, Helen Zille) for her cool and calm response. All she has replied so far is: “Can’t you guys make vote@helenzille trend too? Lol” (yup, she really said ‘Lol’) – so we’ll give her props for an apparant sense of humor and for not freaking out like other SA politicians / ‘he who shall not be named’, by calling us “bloody Twitter agents” and threatening to “shut down Twitter” ;)

Just checked again and Helen has made another response: “With a little more effort you can get @Helenzille #askhelenzille trending 1 worldwide” – she’s on board! (Some people reckon it’s been seriously disrespectful, but hey, all exposure is good exposure right?)

It’s actually too funny – and I’m not sure how or why it all started – but basically people all over the show are asking really amusing and mostly unrelated (to anything!) questions to H-Zille, like the following:

Dear @helenzille, are we human or are we dancers? #askhelenzille (@eZulu)

@helenzille Who let the dogs out? #askhelenzille (@simmiareff)

@Helenzille – Every day are you shuffling? #AskHelenZille (@Vodacom)

Dear @helenzille what happened in Vegas? #askhelenzille (@Jay_Maz)

@helenzille Do you see dead people? #askhelenzille (@ZeKaiser69)

Dear @helenzille Are you the stig? #topgear #askhelenzille (@Crass_Tash)

Dear @helenzille Who you gonna call? #askhelenzille (@RobynMcC)

What would Jesus do? #askhelenzille (@littlelisaZA)

Dear @helenzille, What if God was one of us? #askhelenzille (@marcusolang)

Dear Helen, Who the fuck is Alice? #askhelenzille (@Chilled_Oke)

Dear @helenzille, do you, in your personal opinion, believe that toilet spray makes poo smell better or worse? #askhelenzille (@exoticmelonhead)

Ya, some people are trying to be funny, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but these were just a few of the ones that appealed to my humour (obviously there are some totally lame ones too) so check it out for yourself if you are interested.

I couldnt help but jump on the bandwagon myself and some my contributions included:

Dear @helenzille , howcome when I make milkshake, all the boys show up in my yard? #askhelenzille (inspiration for this from my hilarious friend Amy!)

Dear @helenzille , what is it that Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love? #askhelenzille

Dear @helenzille , where IS Wally? #askhelenzille

Dear @helenzille , how do you solve a problem like Maria? #askhelenzille

Dear @helenzille , guess who got it all this morning? #askhelenzille

Dear @helenzille , are you a Belieber? #askhelenzille



4 thoughts on “Today’s Twitter Hilarity: #AskHelenZille

  1. Sandy Langenstrass says:

    Helen..this is not a joke..but a request. Do you remember around 1991/2, we had a PEACE DAY? The entirer country was urged to use the day to make peace with anyone you had held a grudge against in your community.Living in Durban, on that day, a small plane circled over the town and drew a picture in the sky of the peace dove,( in white smoke). I remember the impact that day had on me..and was hoping( you being in the know), might like to get another day planned like that, as I feel our country still (maybe even more so)has BIG issues with the races not getting along.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for the comment Sandy – I’m not sure Helen reads my blog (would be great if she did!) so you might want to address your request to her via Twitter (@helenzille) or you can try the the DA website :)

      Great idea though, definitely worth a mention to her – good luck!

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