Pipii: UK-based party decor and online crafty supplies shop

Must give credit to my friend Sarah for finding this awesome UK-based online party decor shop: Pipii

Boasting “fantastic decoration, earth friendly ec0-tableware, beautiful garlands, scrumptious recipes…just about everything to create a unique festive occasion” – you will be sure to find something here that tickles your fancy, whether it is for a birthday, wedding, Christmas or any other celebration! If you are into crafting, there are some stunning finds on this website for you too!

For her wedding, Sarah ordered some cute retro paper straws, as well as bamboo deli sticks to label the offerings on the after-dinner cheese board. For her hen party I bought some gorgeous red and white twine (in line with the theme) which we used to string up some of the decorations etc, and some brown ‘old school’ gift/luggage tags that we used to tie onto the straws in our jam jar cocktails. I could have gone mad on this website had I not already bought 99.9% of everything else we needed for the day!

Here are some pics of more of the amazing products available at Pipii – please feel free to buy me anything you want :)

Grey ‘With Love’ Paper Tape

Striped Cotton Bunting

Red Wooden Heart Tags

Recycled Brown Paper Christmas Bags

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Decorations

Pink Popcorn or Treat Containers


{images from Pipii website}


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