Fascinating Julia Dress

Best. Bridesmaid. Dress. EVER!

Imagine ONE DRESS that can be worn in AT LEAST 30 STYLES, if not more? Impossible right? Negative ghostrider – THIS IS IT! (South African brides-to-be, take note!)

The Infinite Wrap dress by Fascinating Julia! I first came across this when I saw a blog post about it on The Pretty Blog (a gorgeous, handy and inspiring blog dedicated to weddings and wedding planning, check it out) – it was the answer to my prayers!


I’d been trying to help my bestie, Sarah, find us bridesmaids dresses to wear for her big day but it was proving difficult (especially as Im based in the UK and the rest of the girls are scattered across SA). Dressing five girls in the same dress is always going to prove tricky when people generally come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This dress is amazing because it comes as one-size-fits-all. Not the usual one-size-fits-all-except-if-you-are-bigger-than-a-size-10, but the real deal! According to the website, it caters for sizes 2-16 which is a pretty impressive range. (I REALLY wish I had known about these when I got married!)

These little numbers, as I’ve already touched on, can be styled in numerous ways by simply changing the position and way of tying the two long thick panels that make up the top/bodice/sleeves part of the dress (basically the dress is the same from the waist down and it’s the top part that is adaptable)…


Sarah went to check the dresses out at Julia’s place in Jozi and reported back positively on the style, flow of the dress (it’s super flowy and feminine) and the material itself (which is non-crease {yup!} but not static or clingy – we don’t like clingy threads, do we ladies?)

Orders were made in navy (there are lots of colours to choose from) and Sarah preferred a longer style which Julia happily accomodated. On the big day, each of us wore our dresses in a different style (instructions on how to wrap them supplied) – they were amazing and I feel like I need to do every bride-to-be a favour by telling them about these phenomenal dresses!

Think I may just need a mid-length black one just to keep in my cupboard in case another special occasion pops up – the ultimate LBD!

More more info on, visit Julia’s website here

Dresses from R650.


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