Alice in Wonderland Themed Hen Party

First installment of photos from my recent trip home. Had to blog about my special friend’s Hen Party because we had so much fun organising and setting it up (and lots more fun on the night of course!)…Will run you through some of the focal points visually but have left out quite a few of the pics due to their sensitive nature ;)

Firstly – the reason we chose to do this specific theme… Sarah is my oldest friend, I have known her since I was 11 when I first moved to Howick from Johannesburg. We started off at Junior School together, moved on to High School together, then went off to the same Uni and even managed to find ourselves living together in London at one stage. She is a truly amazing person and an incredibly beautiful, loyal and wonderful friend – I miss her every day and wish that we lived in the same place (country even!) so that we could hang out more often!

Anyway, in Std 5, our school put on a production – yup, you guessed it, Alice in Wonderland, and guess who was Alice?! So it was a natural choice to have a party for Sarah with the same theme, especially seeing as I still have video footage of us all in action – played some of it on the night – something special I tell you! (I was the Queen of Hearts and laughed to see that I was actually wearing fake boobs on stage – first and last time they were required in my life I’m sure…)

Back to the party, some pics and comments below – enjoy, and perhaps you will find inspiration to host an Alice themed party of your own <3

“Tea with a twist” – teapots filled with punch and our table of snacks – chocolate coated strawbs, tea sarmies, cupcakes, snack skewers, pretzels, veg + dip cups, marshmallow skewers, cheese pastry pinwheels, cheese and biscuits, rolo-pecan-pretzels (see how to make here), and lots of sweeties!

Party decor included: clocks, bunting, cards, hearts etc and we stuck to a general colour theme of red, white and black… (The White Rabbit was a guest.)

“The Bar” area – drinks, punch and shooters

Consol Jam Jars filled with fruity punch – delish!

Homemade cheese pastry pinwheels, marshies, wafer straws, sweeties and teapots of punch

Veg + dip cups – a healthier alternative to many of the other sugary/fatty snacks: paper cups with a dollop or two of humous or cream cheese based dip at the bottom, filled with sliced carrots, cucumber, celery and red peppers YUM!

Cucumber and cream cheese sarmies + Chicken mayo sarmies

Homemade vanilla cupcakes

We hired a couple of things (bunnies, bird cage, cake stand, bar sigh, table clothes etc) from this awesome shop in Jozi called In Good Company – great for part accessories and decor

A few of our wonderfully dressed-up guests

The obligatory penis – not Alice themed we know, but all good Hen Parties need at least one! Sarah later beat the crap out of this sweet-filled pinata that we ordered from It’s A Date – fun times!

‘Alice’ getting her groove on – this was when things were still civilized!

Casualties from the evening included:
1 x lost cell phone
1 x lost set of car keys
3 x ladies dancing on the bar at club
1 x bridesmaid left at club
1 x bridesmaid in hospital on a drip the following day
1 x sick bride-to-be the day after
Lots of dignity misplaced all around!


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