How To: chunky-knit snood

Despite the fact that “snood” doesn’t even sound like a real word, I can assure you that this is a nifty little Winter-Warmer and I can’t wait to make full use of it during the UK’s colder months (i.e. 90% of the year!) ALSO – it’s super easy and relaxing to make in front of the telly, and don’t you just love the ribbed effect? If you wanted, you could leave it as a scarf instead of joining the two ends to make a snood (FYI, a snood is tubular and typically wide enough to cover the head like a hood…)

{By the way, forgive my terrible photography, trying to take self-mirror-shots in bad light is not ideal!}

All you need is:

Chunky Wool in your preferred colour
Big Knitting Needles {I used size 12}
Wool Needle {this will have a wide eye large enough to fit your chunky wool through it}
Time {!}

1. Choose how thick you want the width of your scarf or snood to be and cast-on accordingly – to give you an idea, mine was pretty wide and I cast-on 35 stiches
2. Knit 1 row
3. Purl x 2 rows {HERE is a great video on how to knit the purl stitch}
4. Knit x 2 rows
5. Purl x 2 rows
6. Knit x 2 rows – and so on until the scarf/snood is the desired length. {I used a notebook to keep track of what rows I had done – much easier than trying to remember if your last one what a knit or a purl!}
7. Cast-off. Loose ends.
8. For a scarf, add tassles if you want, otherwise your chunky-knit neck-gear is done!
9. For a snood, make sure you’ve saved some wool to sew up the two ends together to make it tubular. Using your Wool Needle, you can either sew the ends straight up, or you can twist the scarf so that there is a twist in the snood (I actually meant to do this but I got side-tracked and ended up sewing it into a classic tube shape! Wear as is or double-up for extra warmth!


15 thoughts on “How To: chunky-knit snood

  1. Maree Gecks says:

    Great pattern! I’ve just knitted my first ever snood!
    That’s one Christmas present done.
    Thank you so much. Very easy instructions to follow and your blog is great.
    I’m hoping you might be posting another pattern for us to try soon, as I’m getting a bit bored of knit one purl one!
    Soon I’ll be making a knitted range of Marzipants :)
    Maree x

    • Andrea says:

      Have been super busy and have barely had any time for knitting/crafting :( but will def let you know when something comes up (working on a blanket at the mo, hopefully be finished by next Winter!) – would love to see a pic of your snood!

      Happy holidays and thanks for the lovely comment x

    • Andrea says:

      I regret not ‘twisting’ mine (as I’d originally intended but forgot to do when sewing it up!) …

  2. Barbara wehrungBarbarawehrung says:

    I live the chunky blanket but can’t find yarn chunky enough. I live in San Diego. Ca. In the US. Do you know where I can find it? Is there a website to order it from? Thank you

  3. Larri Wright says:

    Barbara, I saw a link to a “Knit Collage” site that supposedly sells big chunky yarn.

  4. Meryl says:

    Thanks so much for this – straightforward, simple and understandable instructions. More like this please!

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