Innovative Products/Gadgets

To quote a certain ginger mermaid:

“…I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty | I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore | You want thingamabobs? | I’ve got twenty!
| But who cares? | No big deal | I want more…”

OK, I don’t REALLY want all of this stuff (some of it is just too wierd!) but here’s a few interesting products/gadgets I came across on the tinternet, some interesting ideas nonetheless… Enjoy x

Pen caps – dinner at your desk? {image}

Invisible book shelf. Floating books… {image}

Ugh, so clever. But no! {image}

Strawberry slicer – seriously lazy or super useful? {image}

Again? {image}

Make your own clock? Cute. {image}

Moleskin-iPhone combo, yum! Definitely want! {image}

Take a seat…Pretty… {image}

Smart storage, would be fab for a craft room or something {image}

Book rest. Clever but unnecessary {image}

Tap connection. Like. {image}

Never lose your keys (at home) again! {image}


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