ColourSplash App for iPhone

Latest favouritest iPhone app that I must share – ColourSplash – came across it via someone on Twitter the other day (can’t remember who, sarr!) – it lets you convert your images to black and white while allowing you to choose and keep a chosen detail(s) in colour!


Very easy to use and highly recommended if you have an iPhone or iPad – just download here and GO! It’s not a free app unfortunately but costs very little – if you own an iPhone/iPad it’s likely you will be able to afford it!

LOVE IT! Some of my first few attempts with it below…There will be more, trust me.

Beautiful deep orange roses from hubby slash best friend for our anniversary (2 years this monday!)

The Roman Baths in Bath (thats the REAL LIFE colour of the sky and water, promise!)

This pic is actually a combination of two apps – Hipstamatic and ColourSplash – my eyes DEFINITELY arent that blue in the real world (a girl can dream!)


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