Pygmalion (The Garrick, LDN)

Rupert Everett spat on me. Not even joking. We made eye contact (swoon!) and I was transported back to the last scene of My Best Friends Wedding where he calls Julia Roberts and says:

“Suddenly, a familiar song. And, you’re off your chair in one, exquisite movement… wondering, searching, sniffing the wind like a dapple deer. Has God heard your little prayer? Will Cinderella dance again? And then, suddenly, the crowds part and there he is: sleek, stylish… radiant with charisma. Bizarrely, he’s on the telephone. But then, so are you. And then he comes towards you… the moves of a jungle cat. Although you quite correctly sense that he is… gay… like most devastatingly handsome single men of his age are, you think… what the hell. Life goes on. Maybe there won’t be marriage… maybe there won’t be sex… but, by God, there’ll be dancing.”

Anyway, back to the real subject of this post!

Tonight I went with Hubby and Billy Goat (my father-in-law, yes I call him that, yes, to his face) to see Pygmalion, a play by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw – the original version of the popular film and Broadway hit, My Fair Lady… We all know the story, ‘rags to riches’, ‘love-hate’, phonetics and so on… Say what!?It was frightening how close were to the action and not only was old Rup’s thpitting everywhere, but everyone else was too! Yes, I know – it’s all about getting their voices loud enough for us all to hear and for pronunciation purposes – I’m not really that perturbed by it in fact – I quite enjoyed our front row seats and being so close to the ever intriguing (but blatantly aging! gasp!) lead actor playing ‘Enry ‘Iggins! No doubt that his co-star is any less well-known (well, to us East Enders fans of course) – the lovely Kara Tointon did a hilariously good job of bringing Eliza Doolittle to life – what a fantastic evening!

The chap playing Eliza’s dad was also very good and there were many laughs (read: guffaws) coming from our section of the theater. The Garrick itself is nice and small so even if you do get ‘seats in the sky’ (a common occurrence for cheap-thrill-theater-goers like myself!), you still don’t feel too far away from what’s happening on stage. Along with the laughs there are the serious allegories as there always are in these sorts of productions, but all in all a light-hearted and EXCELLENT night out – a must see at £20.00 a pop from lastminute.comLondoners, do yourself a favour!


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